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Supreme Court rejects racino case; Racing Commission expected to address license next month

The New Mexico Supreme Court this week declined to consider an appeal from a developer who planned to build a Raton racino, but lost his state racing license and alleges the state Racing Commission acted improperly in declaring the license expired without acting on a request for revised race dates for what was supposed to be the inaugural season at La Mesa Racetrack and Casino in 2010.

The rejection of the writ of certiorari filed last month with the state’s high court — the writ asks the court to hear the case — is likely the end of the appeal process for Toronto-area developer Michael Moldenhauer, although he has 15 days from when the court’s decision was filed this past Monday to request that the court reconsider.

The Racing Commission at its meeting late next month is expected to discuss, and possibly take action, regarding the process for accepting applications for the license that was the subject of Moldenhauer’s appeals. A number of investment groups representing various locations throughout the state — including a new group eyeing Raton — have expressed interest in the license.

Moldenhauer’s quest to get the license restored to him began shortly after the Racing Commission in early 2011 agreed with a hearing officer that the license had expired at the end of 2010 — the year for which race dates were approved. The commission took no formal action because it decided none was necessary since the license had expired on its own.

Moldenhauer appealed to District Court in Raton and a judge sent the case to the New Mexico Court of Appeals, which was already considering Moldenhauer’s appeal of the revocation of his state gaming license that is also needed for a racino. The Court of Appeals upheld the New Mexico Gaming Control Board’s license-revocation decision and Moldenahuer did not appeal that court ruling, deciding instead to focus on the case involving the racing license, which must be in place before someone can seek a gaming license.

The Court of Appeals in March found that the Racing Commission should have issued a written order regarding the racing license’s expiration, but the court also found that without a written order, the court had nothing on which to hear an appeal. It also ruled that considering Moldenhauer’s claim against the commission for lack of action on his request for amended race dates in 2010 was “moot” and the court could “provide no actual remedy.”

In requesting the Supreme Court hear the case, Moldenhauer’s attorney argued that relief was possible if the court would “turn back the clock on its licenses and order the Commission to follow its own regulations and statues” that call for it to issue written decisions on matters such as the status of a license, as well as to act on requests such as the one for revised race dates. The written arguments submitted with the writ said, “So long as the Commission and Gaming Control Board treated La Mesa fairly and reasonably” from now forward, La Mesa “could move forward with its plans to build and operate a racetrack in Raton.”

The racing license that was awarded to Moldenhauer in late summer of 2008 and formally issued to him in early 2009 is the state’s sixth and final racing license currently available under an agreement the state has with Indian tribes who operate casinos on Indian lands in the state.

Racing Commission Executive Director Vince Mares said this week the commission did not address the issue of the license and the Supreme Court’s decision at the commission’s regular meeting Tuesday because the commission had not yet received documentation regarding the court decision. That was expected to be received soon and Mares said he anticipates the commission will discuss the matter of the final license at its meeting June 27 in Albuquerque.

The commission had been waiting for the court to decide on Moldenhauer’s writ before proceeding with opening an application period for the license. A court injunction had previously been in place prohibiting the commission from accepting and considering applications for the license while Moldenhauer’s appeal was being considered by the Court of Appeals.

A Range request for comment about the Supreme Court’s decision and whether La Mesa would ask the court to reconsider was received by a La Mesa spokesman Wednesday who said he would check with Moldenhauer for a response. The spokesman had not offered any response by the time The Range went to press Thursday afternoon.

The only development at the site of the planned $50 million racino — just south of Hereford Avenue and east of Interstate 25 — was a few years ago in the form of some initial ground and utility work and the erection of a large tent that was to house a temporary casino.

A separate group of investors from Texas and New Mexico has expressed interest in applying for the racing license in order to develop a Raton racino. Other groups have said they would seek the license, as well. Applications are expected from groups who want the license for sites in Tucumcari and Hobbs, although the Hobbs group has said it would use the license simply to expand the number of slot machines it has at its existing racino. Interest in the license has also been expressed by two other parties, one of whom envisions a racino in Lordsburg while the other considers one near Clovis.

The Sad State of Affairs When Charlie Hebdo Represents Western “Freedoms”

Has Western society really been reduced to publishing cartoons in the face of “terror?” The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine is out and, rather predictably, it portrays the prophet Mohammed on its cover:

Apparently, Mohammed’s face and that represent a penis and two testicles as do his eyes and nose.

17 people in all ended up losing their lives because of a cartoon.

For most Westerners, that’s pretty absurd. It seems we are trained, almost at birth, to not buy it if you don’t like it and not to go and murder the people who created it.

So there was a big protest march in Paris – and 40 world leaders attended – to show “unity” in the face of these murders. However the irony is that in almost any European nation verbally slandering someone (the cartoon, it can be argued is a “visual slander”) could easily result in a fine and even jail time – just not death.

So what were all these people really protesting?

They appeared to be protesting the fact that people were killed. Had they been issued fines and/or sent to jail for 30 days by the Government I seriously doubt we’d have seen the same result.

It strikes me as a tad insincere for European Government officials to march with the people – or for the people to march with their leaders – as they have voluntarily signed away their rights little-by-little since the end of WWII to say – and do – what they please.

Denying the Holocaust might be a vile thing but to punish someone for it?

If the message from the march in Paris is that freedom isn’t free why, then, are certain forms of censorship acceptable while others are not?

It is sad that these issues were not discussed before and it took a silly cartoon to have them brought up.

Here is another Charlie Hebdo cartoon… this time on gay marriage. It shows the Holy Spirit going up to Jesus’ rectum while he is having anal sex with God, his father.

Diamond liquidation in India

Ahead of the festive season in India, consumers have a bounty awaiting them in the form of huge discounts being offered on diamond jewelry. With British lender, Standard Chartered Bank slashing its exposure to the business, coupled with the Antwerp Diamond Bank going in for liquidation, a massive correction in prices of rough and polished diamonds is forecast by traders.

The end result – consumers could end up getting huge discounts, with diamond wholesalers attempting to offload their inventory.

While the Standard Chartered Bank is recalling its loans, aiming to reduce its exposure to the trade in India, it has also lowered its exposure to gold and bullion trade in India after a default by jewelry chain Winsome.

Vipul Shah, chairman of the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, said that the prices of both rough and polished diamonds would soften by around 10% to 20%, as demand was low and with the imminent changes, supply would increase further.

Manikbhai Dharmesh Sodia, another diamond trader said the liquidity crunch by the `biggies’ would force the sector to do away with their stock at a huge discount. “Though this might seem detrimental to Indian diamantaires in the short term, it might actually turn out to be rather beneficial in the long term, since it would filter out fly-by-night operators,” Soria said.

Traders said that ADB’s total global operations were worth around $1.6 billion, and roughly $1.2 billion worth was from Antwerp. The rest were spread across branches in other parts of the world, including Hong Kong and India. Of its total operations, about 60% was being serviced to diamond traders of Indian origin.

In India, ADB is learned to have had direct financing worth $200 million to $230 million through its Indian branch. With the possibility of ADB demanding a short window for repayments, an immediate liquidity crunch among diamond traders, especially those based out of Mumbai and Surat, was being feared.

US market trend

In the midst of all this, there is another problem confronting diamond exporters in India. Retailers said that unlike the past years, global buyers were now opting for ornaments in the mid-lower end of the spectrum, preferring lower purity gold and small diamonds, especially colored gems.

Though signs of an economic recovery in the US had led to hopes of a rebound in India’s gems and jewelry sales in the coming season, exporters have been very cautious. However, the liquidy crunch has now got them entangled in its tentacles. The demand for smaller diamonds was only adding to their woes.

“This year, we are receiving bulk orders from the US in the lower to a mid-end category, against higher-end in the previous years. While the actual growth in orders will be known only after a few weeks, we are hopeful this season will be better than last year,” said the Council’s Shah on an optimistic note.

The global festive season, stretching till the second week of February accounts for about 40% of global jewelry sales. As the US is the world’s largest gems and jewelry consumer (accounting for 38% of global annual demand), it is the most important market for global diamond ornament manufacturers and retailers.

While the US is on a recovery path, the European Union is showing signs of a slump. The US Federal Reserve has decided to phase out its quantitative programme by this year-end, raising the prospects of a rise in interest rates.

De Beers, the world’s largest rough diamond miner, has said that it expects global jewelry demand to rise in the long term. In 2013, global demand for diamond jewelry stood at a record $79 billion, according to the inaugural Diamond Insight Report, published by the De Beers Group.

Akhil Reed Amar

Akhil Reed Amar

I was talking to Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale, and I was about to launch what I thought was a tough question, and I decided to soften him a bit first to make the blow land harder. “Okay,” I said, “You know every word and punctuation mark of the Constitution like you wrote it yourself…”

“Why thank you!” he said, lighting up. “I’m delighted to hear you say that.”

And he was, too, but then again, I found out in a long and fruitful day in his company that there isn’t much that doesn’t delight him. He was delighted to meet me, and my colleagues on the documentary on the Constitution for PBS, he was delighted to have us in our office and join us for a picnic in the Yale Law School courtyard, he was delighted to bring us to his (remarkable) home and introduce us to his (charming) family, but mostly and most importantly he is delighted by the Constitution: its text, its history, its legacy, its poetry, its meaning, its authors, for all I know – we didn’t actually get to that – he’s delighted by the very parchment its written on.Akhil Reed Amar

Akhil is not one of those guys who speaks in whole paragraphs; he speaks in chapters. I’d ask a question, and he’d say, “Okay, there are three good responses to that,” and then, yes, indeed, he would list and explain those three responses, and they will indeed be excellent ones. The standing joke around the crew – although it’s not really a joke – is that Akhil will be to this documentary what Shelby Foote was to Ken Burns’ “The Civil War:” the guy who knows the history so well, is so personally involved with it, that he seems to have been there when it happened.

Akhil has a number of interesting, extremely well-informed ideas about the Constitution. He refers to the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 as the great “hinge of history,” in that it was the first time that any people anywhere were allowed to vote on their own form of government for themselves, in such great numbers and across such a vast expanse of land. The ratification, he says, as much or perhaps more than the document itself, marked the end of the long age of despotism and tyranny in human civilization, and launched humanity’s second era of democracy and self-government.

And, he says, we should consider the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the Reconstruction Amendments, as a Second Framing, and we should venerate the drafters of those amendments as much as we do the Founding Fathers. The Reconstruction Amendments both corrected the deep flaw embedded in the original Constitution – its tolerance of slavery – and for the first time, via the 14th Amendment, the Constitution empowered the Federal Government to actually protect and defend civil rights, rather than merely refrain from “infringing” them.

Akhil Reed Amar

(If you want a fuller accounting of Akhil’s ideas, consult his excellent book, America’s Constitution: a Biography.)

Akhil is a great talker, naturally enough for a man who seems to know everything about everything, but there was one moment, toward the very end of a long day, when he fell silent for a moment. Our executive producer, Steve Ives, asked him, simply, how he feels about the constitution. And he stared past my shoulder, for what seemed a long time, and then he said, “My relationship to this thing begins the day I was born. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My parents were not US Citizens, they came over to go to medical school, and they were supposed to go back. But because of this document, the day I was born – I’m a US citizen! I’m protected by this! I have a right to stay! So my relationship with this is really intimate. This is the document that makes me an American. That’s amazing. That’s a great gift.”

I am a cynic by nature, and not inclined to idealism. That gotcha question I asked him – I won’t admit to remembering it – was probably one of my attempts to get him to admit that the Constitution, or at least the government it created, was flawed in some serious way. (Electoral college? Really?) But in face of Akhil Reed Amar’s deeply informed idealism, such cynicism seems undemocratic.

Hochschild dumping more Gold Resource shares

Peru’s Hochschild Mining is selling 4.1 million of its 6,276,874 shares of Gold Resources, leaving Hochschild with a 4% stake or 2,176,874 shares of the small-cap Colorado Springs-based gold and silver miner, according to a prospectus filed Tuesday with the SEC.

In May of this year, Hochschild also unloaded 925,000 Gold Resource shares, earning $3,903,500 in the transaction. Major shareholders who own 10% or more of a company are required to disclose their transactions with the SEC.

In the first quarter of the year, Gold Resources reported production of 23,734 gold equivalent ounces at a total cash cost of $422 per ounce. Production included 9,958 ounces of gold, 878,958 silver ounces, 292 tonnes of copper, 929 tonnes of lead and 2,920 tonnes of zinc.

Gold Resources is focused on Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, operating its flagship El Aguila Project, which includes the Arista underground mine and the El Aguila mill. The company also holds 100% interest in six potential high-grade gold and silver properties in Oaxaca.

In a note published June 19th, The Street upgraded Gold Resources, suggesting the company’s “strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such as its largely solid financial position with reasonable debt levels by most measures, good cash flow from operations and expanding profit margins”.

“However, as a counter to these strengths, we also find weaknesses including deteriorating net income, disappointing return on equity and a generally disappointing performance in the stock itself,” The Street advised.

Color Of Rose Means Different Things

Color Of Rose Means Different Things

The most romantic day of the year is almost here – Valentine’s Day.

The day when we receive chocolates,cards and of course flowers from our loved ones or perhaps some of us receive flowers from secret admirers.

Flowers were always a big part of Valentine’s Day. There is a reason why retailers can double or triple the price of flowers around this time of the year.

Color Of Rose Means Different Things

The top selling flowers during Valentine’s Day are and always will be roses. You must admit there is something about beautiful and fragrant bouquet of long stem roses that gets women hearts beating faster.

Roses are considered the most romantic flowers around the world.

The interesting thing about roses is that unlike other flowers each color means different things.

Beautiful bouquet of roses not only brightens the darkest day it also brings you a little message hidden in it’s color.

I compiled a list to help you figure out what is your bouquet of roses trying to tell you this Valentines Day or what color you should send to the special someone.

Color Of Rose Means Different Things

Red Roses mean:


…ever since the goddess of love Aphrodite rushed to her injured beloved Adonis and scratched herself on a thorn of white rose.The rose was stained with her blood making it bright red.

Yellow Roses mean


Pink Roses mean:


White Roses mean:


Orange Roses mean:


Lavender Roses mean:


Mixed Bouquet of Red & White Roses mean:


10 Migraine Relief Tips

10 Migraine Relief Tips

Are you one of those people who suffers from frequent or occasional migraine headaches?

If you are I feel for you…I myself belong to a long line of migraine sufferers.

Statistics show that at least 25% of women will get a migraine headache at some point in their lives. Isn’t that great?10 Migraine Relief Tips

Half of those women will get the the migraine before they turn 20 years old that’s all they need.

According to Stats Canada only 8% of people suffering from migraines have been diagnosed with migraine by their doctor. The rest goes undiagnosed thinking that they suffer from allergies, sinus problems or other illnesses with similar symptoms.

To live with a migraine headache is not very pleasant.

Some women suffering from migraines are very sensitive to light, sensitive to noises around them. Many women also suffer from nausea as a result of migraine headaches.

Fortunately there is a little light at the end of the painful tunnel….there are ways that can help to relieve migraine pain and maybe even eliminate migraine headache all together.

Just following simple migraine solutions will help you prevent most migraine attacks or help with their severity.

10 Migraine Relief Tips

10 Simple Tips How To Prevent or Ease Migraines:

  1. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep at night.
  2. Do not watch TV in your bed.
  3. Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime.
  4. Try not to drink anything 2 hours before bedtime.
  5. At the first sign of migraine use cold packs for your forehead.
  6. Make sure you are getting enough Magnesium (known as muscle relaxant).
  7. Relax and take time out to daydream.
  8. Cut down the fat intake in your diet to less then 20g per day.
  9. Try Lavender or Eucalyptus aromatherapy (make a warm compress using few drops of the essential oils, burn scented candles or try soap and/or body wash). Combine this with daydreaming for double migraine solution.
  10. Don’t eat foods that contain amino acid. Amino acids are know to trigger migraine headaches in some people.

10 Migraine Relief Tips

If you are a migraine sufferer like myself I hope these simple migraine prevention tips will help you to get some relief from your migraine pain.

These Migraine relief tips are only suggestions to help with migraine relief and/or reduce migraine frequency and severity.They might not work for everyone.

If your migraine headaches are severe and the pain is preventing you from simple daily tasks contact your doctor.

Things to Do for Spring Break

Things to Do for Spring Break

Spring break is an enduring trademark of college and high school academic life. Frazzled students welcome the week-long intermission in studies and celebrate its occurrence with travel to warm, tropical locales where sun and fun are both in plentiful supply.

Go to Florida

Florida is a perennial favorite for spring breakers, especially those seeking an escape from cold northern climates. Popular locations like Clearwater, Panama City, Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale and Key West welcome spring breakers and time specific events to coincide with the arrival of students from around the country. Daytona Beach, on the eastern shore of the state’s midsection, is billed as “The World’s Most Famous Beach;” the tourist destination offers virtually unlimited fun during the spring break season, and the central Florida temperatures create an ideal environment for round-the-clock beach activity. Regardless of the destination, the Sunshine State offers excellent beaches for sunning and relaxing, and the varied spring break activities (like the wild MTV party on Miami Beach) virtually guarantee some form of excitement.

Things to Do for Spring Break

Go to California

Although Florida is a travel destination for students around the country, West Coast students may prefer the geographically closer beaches of Southern California. With mild temperatures and less humidity than the East Coast beaches, California offers beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people. Visitors to the Los Angeles area may enjoy attractions such as shopping, sporting activities and sightseeing; the increased possibility of running in to a celebrity adds an extra dash of excitement. A little further south, San Diego offers one of the best zoos in the country and top-quality beaches to match.

Go to a Theme Park

Students who already live in a warm environment or who don’t want to travel great distances may find days of fun available in theme parks like Six Flags, King’s Island (in Ohio), Carowinds (in Charlotte, North Carolina) or Wisconsin Dells. Many of these parks offer special student admission rates, and some extend special offers during spring break.

Things to Do for Spring Break

International Travel

Some students prefer more exotic destinations that require travel outside the United States. Nearby countries like Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Belize are popular with spring breakers, though drug wars and seedy reputations may deter some less adventurous travelers. Despite its colder climate, Europe is also a popular destination for well-heeled students.


Some colleges offer an “Alternative Spring Break” experience that allows students to give back to the community. Volunteer opportunities may be carried out in local communities or involve travel to impoverished cities like Detroit. Motivated students may also choose to seek out their own volunteer opportunities at local tourism boards or hospitals and adding this experience to a resume is a nice reward. For volunteer ideas or to associate with volunteer organizations, consider contacting organizations like Volunteer Match or International Stundent Volunteers (ISV). These organizations match community-minded students with popular volunteer opportunities like animal shelters, nursing homes and educational institutions.

Things to Do for Spring Break


With all the excitement surrounding spring break, some students forget to take advantage of the opportunity to just sit back, get school off the mind and relax. For extra harried students, one attractive spring break option may be to simply do nothing at all.

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

Our favorite quotes and comments from SXSW 2012 sessions and panels, with some great insights on branding, digital design and social media.

This past weekend Molly Auer and I gunned it to SXSW 2012 for a jam-packed weekend of social and digital learning (and some incredible breakfast tacos). After flying in to San Antonio Friday night, we drove the smallest car available in Texas through a rainstorm to get into Austin. The promise of killer panel discussions and new product launches helped kickstart our brains Saturday morning, and we got to the convention center in time to be among the first 100 registrants of the thousands that eventually swarmed the building.

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

From Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, we crammed in as much as possible. Here’s a sampling of our schedules, which we picked from literally hundreds of choices available each day:

  1. Brands As Patterns
  2. Real-Time Newsjacking and a Cold-Blooded Tweeter
  3. Crowd Sourcing Community Projects Like Tom Sawyer
  4. The Curators and the Curated
  5. Coolhunting and Coolfarming with Social Media
  6. The State of Social Marketing
  7. The Nick Denton Interview: The Failure of Comments
  8. Celebs and Causes: A Thin Line Between #Winning and #Fail
  9. Designing Experiences for Women
  10. HTML5 APIs Will Change the Web: And Your Designs
  11. Designing for Content Management Systems
  12. Interactive Keynote Live Stream – How to Read the World
  13. The Secret Lives of Links
  14. Physical Architecture Meets Interaction Design
  15. Excessive Enhancement: JavaScript’s Dark Side
  16. UX Smackdown! User Testing Techniques in the Ring
  17. High On Line: Applying Psychology to Web Design

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

Instead of re-hashing each session (there are a number of resources for notes/reporting from SXSW including Hackpad, a fun collaborative note source), we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes and comments that we heard from presenters. In no particular order, and highly paraphrased…here we go:

  • Today brands aren’t owned by corporations, they’re shared experiences, and the brand is just the interface – Marc Shillum (Method Inc)
  • A good conversation has conflict…hopefully involving wit and humor – Nick Denton (Gawker Media)
  • If all of the rules I’m following were built in the past, how do I use them to plan for the future? – Robin Lanahan (Microsoft)
  • The upper-left corner…where logos go to die. – Greg Johnson (HP)
  • Successful music is built through the right combination of what is expected and the addition of something new…the same is true for brands. – Walter Werzowa (composer of the Intel jingle among others)
  • Over-organizing kills spontaneity – Dave Olson (Hootsuite)
  • We are no longer designing for design or branding sake…we are designing for meaningful order. “Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order.” (Quoting Victor Papabek) – Jared Ponchot (Lullabot)
  • On badges: We’re not in highschool…if you post a good comment we should publish it, not give you a gold star – Nick Denton (Gawker Media)
  • Don’t rely on technology to solve your social strategy, make it about using good business judgment – Joe Chernov (Eloqua)
  • Sharing content has become a sort of indoor sport (with the prize of notoriety and motivation of vanity) – David Carr (NY Times)
  • RedBull thinks of themselves as a media company that makes money selling drinks instead of ads – Noah Brier (Percolate)
  • If we look at the word university…we can see something of the words unity and diversity, which is important when it comes to a website. We need to have a universal look and feel that allows the visitor to experience the brand, but at the same time house and present a diverse amount of content – Jared Ponchot (Lullabot)
  • On brands reacting to negative feedback: Gap was bullied by a mob that was probably .5% of their base – Nick Denton (Gawker Media)

Even in only a day and a half, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the information and insights we took in. At Star Group we’re always keeping on top of hot trends and discussions in order to always be learning on behalf of our clients.

If you want to hear more about our SXSW 2012 experience, give us a call, shoot us an email, tweet us or link in. We’ll have plenty to talk about until next year’s conference. (And we will also tell you where to find the best combination roadside BBQ pit/gas station in Texas)