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Archery Lessons – An Introduction To Archery 

Are you interested in archery? Or do you consider giving this sport a go? If your answers are all yes, you are in the right place. Having a sport or being engaged into a particular one has a lot of benefits. Playing sport provides myriad…

Best Tools For Assisting Seo Experts And Agencies 
Akhil Reed Amar 
Different Body Protectors And How They Help Us Prevent Injuries 

Body protectors are more than just a suit in boxing. These gears are essential in ensuring your safety and protection. Thus, when practicing and training, body protectors give you a lot of ease and comfort to do sparring with your trainers or partners. Body protectors…

The Sad State of Affairs When Charlie Hebdo Represents Western “Freedoms” 
Hochschild dumping more Gold Resource shares 
Things to Do for Spring Break 

Spring break is an enduring trademark of college and high school academic life. Frazzled students welcome the week-long intermission in studies and celebrate its occurrence with travel to warm, tropical locales where sun and fun are both in plentiful supply. Go to Florida Florida is…

Fun Grand Canyon Tours 
Birthday Travel Ideas 
This Will Change Your Lifestyle 

If you are a fan of living an ordinary life then you need to move out and see what the world has to offer. One amazing thing do in your lifetime is to get in a limo and enjoy a nice peaceful ride. A number…

Destination Wedding in Costa Rica 
The Sad State of Affairs When Charlie Hebdo Represents Western “Freedoms” 

Has Western society really been reduced to publishing cartoons in the face of “terror?” The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine is out and, rather predictably, it portrays the prophet Mohammed on its cover: Apparently, Mohammed’s face and that represent a penis and two testicles as do…

Hochschild dumping more Gold Resource shares 
Akhil Reed Amar
Akhil Reed Amar 

I was talking to Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale, and I was about to launch what I thought was a tough question, and I decided to soften him a bit first to make the blow land harder. “Okay,” I said, “You…

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive 
This Will Change Your Lifestyle 

If you are a fan of living an ordinary life then you need to move out and see what the world has to offer. One amazing thing do in your lifetime is to get in a limo and enjoy a nice peaceful ride. A number…

Destination Wedding in Costa Rica 
Fun Grand Canyon Tours 

The Grand Canyon, located on the northern border of Arizona, was designated as a U.S. National Park in 1919. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it receives more than 5 million visitors a year. The Grand Canyon was carved out by…

Birthday Travel Ideas 
Best Tools For Assisting Seo Experts And Agencies 

When it comes to get online success, then the individuals need to be focused on lots of factors. Mainly they are required not to make sure they are following perfect SEO techniques and sources. Only the techniques are not playing an important role. For getting…

Even Though It’s Called B2B, There’s Still A “C” On The Other End 
Marketing Dollars For Non-Profits: Is It Smart To Give To Get Back? 

As many companies and shareholders have squeezed philanthropic budgets, a number of organizations have placed charitable dollars into marketing department budgets. Investing marketing dollars can be a viable option that is favorable to non-profits as well, but marketers need to think long-term about sponsorship opportunities…

Archery Lessons – An Introduction To Archery 

Are you interested in archery? Or do you consider giving this sport a go? If your answers are all yes, you are in the right place. Having a sport or being engaged into a particular one has a lot of benefits. Playing sport provides myriad…

Different Body Protectors And How They Help Us Prevent Injuries 

Body protectors are more than just a suit in boxing. These gears are essential in ensuring your safety and protection. Thus, when practicing and training, body protectors give you a lot of ease and comfort to do sparring with your trainers or partners. Body protectors…


Archery Lessons – An Introduction To Archery

Are you interested in archery? Or do you consider giving this sport a go? If your answers are all yes, you are in the right place. Having a sport or being engaged into a particular one has a lot of benefits. Playing sport provides myriad of health benefits to our body. From having better sleep to a maintaining a strong heart to improving mental health and to improving lung function, certainly playing sport is a good platform to promote health and wellness. Now, in archery, it is important to have an overview first about this sport to arm you with the necessary information about archery. Thus, this article is designed to help you with the introduction of the popular game. Here are some of the basic facts you need to know about archery.

What is Archery?

First and foremost, let us define first what archery is. Archery is a skill of using a bow and arrow to shoot the target. Today, archery is considered a competitive sport and also a hobby for other people. The word archery comes from the Latin word Arcus. Historically speaking,. Archery was used for hunting and combat.

Archery as a Hobby

Way back in the 18th century, archery started to become a recreational activity. Today, archery ahs transformed as a platform of entertainment and hobbies. Many people use archery in different ceremonies, events and other celebrations.

Archery as a sport

1840’s was the time when archery had officially become a sport. The Grand National Archery Society is the organization that governs and organizes the sport in the United Kingdom. In 1844, Archery has set its official set of rules and regulations. This is through the the distances nof 60, 80, and 100 yards where players need to shoot the target through arrows. In our modern generation, there are two types of archery: field archery and target archery.

Benefits of Archery

Just like any other sports, Archery has a lot of health benefits to players. It does not only bring challenge and fun to archers but it is also a good platform to strengthen your body – physically and mentally. Some of the health benefits of archery are; upper body strength, weight loss, hand eye coordination, relaxation, focus, and phyiscal fitness. The benefits of archery do not end at the health aspect of the players. Certainly, archery is also a great platform where you can gain friends and connection.

How tos start?

Of course, this will be your first question if you are interested to get into archery. Basically, there are two ways for you to get into archery sport, first is through joining clubs and scond is through enrolling yourself into a beginners course. This will help you decide and know if you really like archery. You can look for some clubs and organization in the Internet that conducts archery lessons and certification such as ArcheryPower. So what are you waiting for? Get started and now is the best time for you to do it!

10 Online Dating Tips For Men

Are you a man looking for your potential match online? That’s great and there are some really popular dating sites to find your soulmate from. Is it your first time in the online dating zone? Well, here is a brief on the tips to follow for safe and effective online dating.

Find a reliable site

First thing will be to sign up with a reliable online dating site. Go for site that has been operating for years and is backed by a long list of happy users. Check out the customer testimonials and see the success rate. It’s great if the site offers a free trial offer. This way you can check beforehand whether or not the site will be suitable for you without investing your hard-earned money.

Add a striking and trustworthy bio

Don’t jam your bio with unclear sepia pictures. Rather put some of your best smiling pictures to create a fantastic impression. Write a crisp bio. Include the necessary details and refrain from providing unnecessary information. Try to add a pinch of humor if possible. As per leading relationship advice portal SHALLON ONLINE, do not ever brag about yourself and never lie in your bio.

Don’t be generic

One of the biggest blunders of online dating is to load your crush’s mailbox with lame generic messages. Women are bored of hearing typical generic compliments like- “Oh you are so cute” or “beautiful eyes” and stuff like that. Instead, check out her bio and see if you can find some insights to talk about. For example, say she has given a picture of her relaxing in a beach where you have already been. So, you may start your conversation in reference to that beach only. The bottom-line is you have to start things on a personalized note to stand out.

Never ask for more pictures

You may ask for her pictures if the given pictures on her bio are hazy and blur. But otherwise, you should not ever ask for more pictures at least on the first day of interaction. Such queries will only trigger unwanted misunderstandings.

Respect her limits

Each person is different and has or her own set limits. Your crush will have her own as well. Never force her to bend them for you at least on the initial phase of dating. You may feel like talking to her over the phone after the first chat. But she may not be interested in handing out her number immediately. If you really like her, give her some time.

Keep the conversation breezy

Maintain a breezy attitude and keep the conversation light. Find out your mutual interests and center your conversation around them.

No personal questions

Do not bother her with questions too personal. Questions on ex or income should not be brought to the fore unless she mentions herself.

Ask permission before calling

Just because she has agreed to give you her number, doesn’t mean that you can make random calls. You should always ask her permission before the initial 2-3 calls.

Humor works

If you can make a woman laugh or grin at least, half the battle is won. Mind it.

Make your move

When you are more or less convinced about your feelings for your crush and she too is showing interest, don’t delay to ask her out on date.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

A lady whose mom to dogs deserves an originele verjaardagscadeau that she can appreciate. There are lots of dog lovers out there who would want to receive a gift that is for the pets no matter what the occasion is. A woman who has a pet is definitely appreciative of gifts that she can use for her pets.

There are a variety of gifts that you can give to a Dog Mom for every occasion. Spoiling their dogs is definitely one of the things that they love so if ever you want to give them personal gifts, it will be better to get another gift for their dogs or give them something that reminds them of their dogs.

Below are 10 gift ideas to give your Dog Mom friend:

  1. Custom pet pillow – this will give the dog comfort in sleeping. There are lots of pet pillows that is colorful and pleasing to the dog’s eyes. You can also put their pictures in the pillow. Pillows can also be in the shape of the dog with their image in it. You can add this in their bed or couch.
  2. Canvass pet tote – comes in simple designs. These pet totes will allow the owner to bring their dogs along anywhere they go. This gives them convenience in carrying then around.
  3. Custom doggy t-shirt – you can have the shirt printed with the image of the dog or simply opt for a statement shirt regarding the dog.
  4. Custom clone plush pet – it will be amazing for the dog to see their look alike. They might want to play with this too. This is such a cute idea.
  5. Automatic ball launcher – it will be convenient for the owner to have this whenever she’s tired of throwing balls. The dog will enjoy playing with this.
  6. Personalized pet tag– this is extra helpful for dog moms and this will remind them of their love for their dogs. For sure, their dogs will never be lost.
  7. Dog phone case – you can have the name and face or image of the dog in the phone case. Surely, the dog mom will love this. Very useful for them plus, they can always smile whenever they see their phone case.
  8. Dog tepee – this can also serve as a decoration in the house. Dog mom will surely treasure this as she can see that the dog will have a comfy place where it can rest and sleep.
  9. Weighted dog blanket – this is a great gift idea for both dogs and dog moms. it is said that the weighted dog blanket can help lower the dog’s anxiety plus helps them to be more comfortable whenever its cold.
  10. Heated pet bed – a very useful gift for a dog mom. This ensured that the pet will stay warm especially if they sleep in the outside kennel. This will surely be a great gift for dog moms because won’t have to worry about the temperature whenever it’s cold.

How Online Youtube To MP3 Conversion Services Are Helpful?

The internet is a network of the network, which helps in communication and information sharing. This information could be in any form like video, images, animation, and data.

The development of the internet was done during a wartime emergency. This invention completely changed the concept of communication. Initially, it was only used in the defense department. As time passes things tend to change, the same was observed in internet technology.

How did internet change with time?

Computer science is running very fast but whenever you look at it you will see it is still evolving. Initially, the computer was mainly seen in government offices, then it reached railway stations, hospitals, and airports. Now it available everywhere your mind can go. In olden days website creation was a bit difficult task but now there are several services which will help you in the creation of a website on the internet. Using search engines at that time was not like today, as now whatever you search definitely will get some results but at that time it was not necessary.

The emergence of mobile phones

If I say there was a mobile phone which weighed about 1 kilogram. Maybe you won’t believe but yes it is absolutely true. The first mobile was very heavy, it took around 10 hours for changing and talk time was only 30 minutes. These mobile phones were designed for businessmen and corporate companies. Back then some companies created records for best selling electronic gadgets by selling a huge number of mobile phones.

At that time mobile sets were available in very few designs with certain characteristics:

  • Limited color options were available.
  • Very few games like snake, logic, and memory were available.
  • They contain currency converter, calculator, calendar and clock.
  • They work as a pager, profile setting was available.
  • Some sets were clamshell.
  • After some time LCD display and QWERTY keyboard were introduced.


Smartphones are multitasking phones which do not only help in communication but are a form of palmtop. Different features present in it are making people completely dependent on them. The best feature of a smartphone is that provides a personal digital assistant.

  • They are a small form of personal computer.
  • They help in complete management of your contacts, emails and other important personal details.

The  advent of applications

This is the time for a digital revolution and every government department to the private organizations are moving towards it as it is reducing the manpower, gives quick and easy results, moreover, the chances of error are less. For this they are launching their own applications in common parlance it is termed as an app. Now every task is just a touch away from you be it filling the admission form of your kids, payment of their school fees, buying study material for them or making them understand the complex science reactions. Even these apps have made learning fun for kids. Kids nowadays are using a number of apps to improve their learning not only this there are a number of health-related apps. these apps are helpful in keeping a watch on your health like they check your sugar level, cholesterol, how much you are walking in a day everything gets the record in such kind of apps and at the end, you can check them, this will help you in analyzing your diet and exercises you are performing. Besides educational and health apps there are apps for every activity of daily life. In daily life, the most important activity is entertainment as it keeps you stress-free and provides you relaxation. Among several forms of entertainment music and watching videos is very helpful in many ways, there is an app which supports both and the app we are talking about is youtube.

More about Youtube

Youtube is a video sharing platform which offers multiple services which help many to earn money. It gives you the opportunity to make your own channel and share videos made by you and it is totally free.

As now many online conversion services are available you should know about the advantages Online YouTube to MP3 Conversion Services. The best advantage is that they do not require any free youtube downloader, all these conversions are completely free. They do not coast a penny to you so you can avail all these services completely free.

This Will Change Your Lifestyle

If you are a fan of living an ordinary life then you need to move out and see what the world has to offer. One amazing thing do in your lifetime is to get in a limo and enjoy a nice peaceful ride. A number of people these days are enjoying a ride in the Limo and they are able to get to places in peace. If you want to hire the best limo hire cheshire then all you need to do is check online and you will be able to find the best service in town. Always check reviews from previous customers so that you know which of these services deliver on their promises. If you are not too sure about how you can hire a Limo rental service then you need to just contact the number that you find online and you will be assisted in your booking.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a Limo is you will be able to make sure that you travel comfortably. The problem with radio cab services is that the drivers usually refuse services to long distance travels. This is because these routes fall out of the way and they are not able to get back home on time. However with a Limo rental service you will not face such a problem because the drivers are told in advance regarding the route. If one particular driver cannot take you then another driver will be assigned without wasting any of your time.

You will not even know that the driver has been switched and you will just reach your destination on time without any problems. The last thing you want when you book a cab is for the cab to go ahead and cancel at the last minute. This is the reason you need to do your research on the rental service to ensure that the service delivers on time and they are dependable each and every time. Even though the Limo ride may be for leisure you need to make sure that the ride reaches you on time. If you have just been waiting for hours and there has been no limo at your doorstep then your time and your money would go to waste.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind with a limo rental service is the convenience. You no longer need to go anywhere in order to book a Limo. All you need to do is click on the link that has been provided to you and you will be able to make your booking online itself. In today’s digital world everything is moving online and there is no reason Limo rental services would not be online. You can specify all your preferences and not worry about whether or not they have been captured. You will even get a confirmation email stating your ride, the timing as well as your preferences that you have mentioned. This way there is no scope for ambiguity.

Different Body Protectors And How They Help Us Prevent Injuries

Body protectors are more than just a suit in boxing. These gears are essential in ensuring your safety and protection. Thus, when practicing and training, body protectors give you a lot of ease and comfort to do sparring with your trainers or partners. Body protectors allow you and your trainer to have quality training in boxing. With these body protectors you’ll be able to punch your trainer in his body without him being too much hurt or damaged. This is because body protectors absorb you’re the impact of strikes and punches from the opponent. Hence, you’ll be able to deliver quality, strong and real punches to your trainers without the fear of the heavy impacts it may have caused to him. But just like any other safety gears in boxing, body protectors come in different types as well. So, if you are looking for the perfect body protector for your training and boxing purposes, you are in the right place, This article will give you exactly what you are looking for. Here are the top boxing body protectors.


Fairtex chest shield is not only the best choice for boxing but it is also the most used body protectors in other combat sports like muay thai, MMA, and kickboxing. Thus, if you are looking for a body protector that can strongly absorb punches, hooks, jabs, elbows, knees and other forms of strikes, you should go for fairtex chest shield. It has a large striking surface that cover your entire upper body, which means it provides larger protection as well. This type of body protector is made up of synthetic leather so you are assured that this is a really quality protector.

RDX TKD Boxing Chest Guard

If you are looking for the most affordable body protector available in the market and yet can provide you a strong and decent protection, RDX TKD boxing chest guard is the best deal for you. However, this body protector has some downsides. Since this is the cheapest one, it is not made from so quality materials. But honesty, it can still absorb high intensity strikes for your opponents. This is the best choice if you are on a strict budget.


Looking for body protectors with excellent quality that can provide ease and benefits to both the wearer and the one doing striking, Ringside Gel Shock body protector is the best option. This body protector is made and designed from synthetic leather and it’s going to last for a longer period of time. Thus, if you would like to really invest in body protectors, you should go for ringside gel shock body protectors.


Just like any other body protectors, this type is made from synthetic leather and it has thick padding making it ideal for MMA, boxing and Muay Thai. Contender body protectors provide ease and comfort to users as its buckles are very easy to fasten and unfasten. Also, since it has a thick padding, it can absorb strong and extreme punches from the opponent.


This is one of the least favorite type of body protectors. It doesn’t provide full coverage to the users since the lower parts are only covered and not the upper part of you body. But the good thing is, the lower part that is protected is very much safe as this body protector is also made from quality materials. It has padding that tightly hold up against the shock of punches from the one delivering the strikes. Hence, if you are training with hard hitters, Title classic is the best choice for you.

Thanks to these body protectors, you can now experience a safe and worries free training and boxing. With a lot of options available in the market, it is your job to carefully assess and determine which type best fits your needs. Truly, these body protectors help us to prevent injury and extreme damage. Their main purpose is to absorb extreme impacts and strikes from your opponent. Lastly, body protectors allow the training proper to be real setting and making it more actual because of the real punches being delivered. Bit with these protectors, the damage and injury will be lessen and prevented.

Find Different Connectivity Options For Led Tv

Technology is getting highly advanced with time. Firstly, people use to watch few channels to get entertained, but today there are countless streaming ways are available due to having the advanced technologies to enjoy. In the earlier times, people use only TV to view the few contents of a few channels, but as the time is changing with advanced features, television also needs to be evolved. It is also catching up the advanced technologies which make the experience better for people.

There are many people nowadays who are having other devices for streaming, for watching movies and other TV shows. But on the other side, there are some people who are not having anything; just TV is enough for them for the purpose of their enjoyment. One can easily know about how do I get links to play in project free tv? with the help of internet. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will break out some things which one can consider in their device to bring the best use of it.


The USB allows an individual to connect the pen drive, mobile phone, hard drives, and other devices with the television to view all the data which is present on the drive. With the help of the big screen, one can enjoy the same data present in their device on the big screen. It is the easiest and budget friendly connectivity option which can be used by everyone easily. There is no need to learn about how to use it or not. It is very simple, and while using it, one can easily understand the usage of it.


HDMI is known as a high definition media interface. The technology used in the HDMI allows the clear digital video, multi channel audios, and advanced data to transfer on the television with the help of the single cable. This advanced technology helps to connect the play stations also with the television. One can use the television as a monitor with the CPU to use it is the PC.


It is the wireless connectivity option which is extremely convenient for its usage. One can connect the television with the WI-FI easily with the help of internet. The WI-FI TV has the applications which are already installed and makes the users host of various types. Even though, one can access numerous contents in the television with the help of having WI-FI such as accessing the social media applications too.


There are some televisions in the market which are having the feature of inbuilt Bluetooth also. This will allow the users to play music and watch movies on the television by creating a connection with different gadget’s Bluetooth support.

As technology is becoming advanced, televisions also got very much changed according to the advanced technologies. If one wants to bring out the best usage of their television, then it is a must for them to stay updated with the changes in the device. This will make it easy for them to buy the one which is best in its working.

How Can You Cut Your Hair With Hair Clippers?

Well, the hair that grows on our bodies keep the delicate skin warm and also protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. But that hair can get annoying at times and you cannot always go to the salon to get quick hair removal due to various reasons. So here are a few benefits of using the best cordless hair clippers. Let us see what it has to offer to all of us out there.

  • Helps in saving money

traditionally shaving will require some water, gel and other related items which might be expensive for many people out there. So in comparison to that opting for cordless hair clippers can be a money saving option as it is like an investment that tends to last for a longer period of time.

  • Helps in reducing the cutting experience that might occur on the skin

when you use the old method of shaving, there is a tendency that you will get cut on your skin, it is usually the case with most of the people out there. But with a cordless hair clipper, there is more comfort.

  • User-friendly

the cordless hair clippers are user-friendly and they are also great in the long run. For the convenience of their customer’s many companies have different types of hair clippers for various purposes, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

How to make the most out of your hair clipper?

Choose an appropriate attachment for your clipper:

all the clippers will come with attachments that can be used for cutting your hair in different sizes. Well, but there are some clippers that have more attachments in comparison to the others out there. Remember, you should select bigger sizes that are available.

Move slowly:

if you are a first time user, you do not need to panic and hurry with the hair removal process, you need to make sure you do it slowly. This will keep you away from being injured on the scalp. If you go about with the process slowly then you can see the changes that occur in your hair level and this also will be able to get a smooth haircut.

Keep your hair clipper clean:

once you are done with the cutting and the edges being lined, you can switch off the hair clipper and take it off from its power source. Take off all the hair that is stuck to the clipper and you can make use of the clipper brush which will ensure that there is no more hair left behind on the hair clipper.

Also, after every use, you need to make sure that the hair clipper is being disinfected from bacteria and the best disinfectant that can actually be used here is alcohol. It will neutralize and kill all the bacteria. Even if you are the only one who uses the hair clipper you still need to ensure to keep it clean and you can make use of alcohol for this.

Best Tools For Assisting Seo Experts And Agencies

When it comes to get online success, then the individuals need to be focused on lots of factors. Mainly they are required not to make sure they are following perfect SEO techniques and sources. Only the techniques are not playing an important role. For getting better results, the individuals need to be focused on sources and some tools.

If you are thinking that how to find out the best source for all these things then the online sources can assist you in getting companies locations. You can track the location and visit the company for further process and gathering complete details related to the services.

A good SEO agency or service provider is considering the way of different types of tools for perfection. There are various tools available for such a task with lots of features. In the upcoming details, I’m going to mention some information about all these factors.

  • Siteliner

The individuals all over the world are writing and publishing numerous articles or blogs. Everyone is trying to get better ranking to their blogs. The ranking is becoming useful in targeting the maximum traffic and availing lots of benefits.

It can be possible if you are adding well optimized and impressive content. With all these things, the individuals need to be focused on the efforts and quality of content. For creating the issues and quality content, you need to make it free from plagiarism.

In order to eliminate plagiarism related issues, individuals can choose the way of siteliner. The tool is becoming useful in inspecting the content and complete website. If there is any kind of issue, then you will get information about it. You should make it issue free before publishing it.

  • Bright local

By checking the companies locations, you are able to know which is providing SEO services near. It can be possible by choosing the way of maps and some other online sources. With all these things, the SEO companies are taking help from various tools for providing better services.

Bright Local appears as the best option when it comes to access the services. The use of this particular tool can help you in saving lots of time. By saving time, you are able to focus on other sectors and get success. Mainly it works by providing accurate and fast SEO reporting services.

  • SEO Quake

When anyone is availing the SEO services, then he/she needs to be focused on various elements. Mainly these elements are becoming useful in making the way of getting better SEO results easier. SEO Quake is providing lots of assistance in all these things.

It is a specific tool which can be considered for accessing external and internal links and best for on-page site audits. These factors are becoming useful in improving the performance of the website and creating a comparison with competitors.

Mainly the way of comparison can help you in figuring out that on which sector you need to work for getting success.

  • Web page test

For the ranking of a website, speed is becoming the most important factor. A visitor is spending lots of time on a website if they are getting responses on time. In case the speed of website responses is slower then it will lead to lots of issues. The services of web page test can help you in inspecting all factors or options. You should consider its way for following services.

  • Competitor speed tests
  • Website full load time
  • Waterfall speed tests
  • Start render time
  • DOM elements

Web page test is one of the best SEO tools for getting the required actions or availing beneficial services.

  • Spyfu

There are different types of SEO tools available on the internet. Mainly these tools are becoming useful in several ways such as – checking the SEO progress of website and so on. Spyfu is one of the best tools. It can help you in analyzing the performance of competitors and performing activities in an effective manner.

With the help of these details, you can get information about the use and importance of SEO tools. You should try to check out companies locations and services that are considering the way of these tools. Mainly the use of a tool is providing perfection in operations and better results.

The Sad State of Affairs When Charlie Hebdo Represents Western “Freedoms”

Has Western society really been reduced to publishing cartoons in the face of “terror?” The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine is out and, rather predictably, it portrays the prophet Mohammed on its cover:

Apparently, Mohammed’s face and that represent a penis and two testicles as do his eyes and nose.

17 people in all ended up losing their lives because of a cartoon.

For most Westerners, that’s pretty absurd. It seems we are trained, almost at birth, to not buy it if you don’t like it and not to go and murder the people who created it.

So there was a big protest march in Paris – and 40 world leaders attended – to show “unity” in the face of these murders. However the irony is that in almost any European nation verbally slandering someone (the cartoon, it can be argued is a “visual slander”) could easily result in a fine and even jail time – just not death.

So what were all these people really protesting?

They appeared to be protesting the fact that people were killed. Had they been issued fines and/or sent to jail for 30 days by the Government I seriously doubt we’d have seen the same result.

It strikes me as a tad insincere for European Government officials to march with the people – or for the people to march with their leaders – as they have voluntarily signed away their rights little-by-little since the end of WWII to say – and do – what they please.

Denying the Holocaust might be a vile thing but to punish someone for it?

If the message from the march in Paris is that freedom isn’t free why, then, are certain forms of censorship acceptable while others are not?

It is sad that these issues were not discussed before and it took a silly cartoon to have them brought up.

Here is another Charlie Hebdo cartoon… this time on gay marriage. It shows the Holy Spirit going up to Jesus’ rectum while he is having anal sex with God, his father.

Diamond liquidation in India

Ahead of the festive season in India, consumers have a bounty awaiting them in the form of huge discounts being offered on diamond jewelry. With British lender, Standard Chartered Bank slashing its exposure to the business, coupled with the Antwerp Diamond Bank going in for liquidation, a massive correction in prices of rough and polished diamonds is forecast by traders.

The end result – consumers could end up getting huge discounts, with diamond wholesalers attempting to offload their inventory.

While the Standard Chartered Bank is recalling its loans, aiming to reduce its exposure to the trade in India, it has also lowered its exposure to gold and bullion trade in India after a default by jewelry chain Winsome.

Vipul Shah, chairman of the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, said that the prices of both rough and polished diamonds would soften by around 10% to 20%, as demand was low and with the imminent changes, supply would increase further.

Manikbhai Dharmesh Sodia, another diamond trader said the liquidity crunch by the `biggies’ would force the sector to do away with their stock at a huge discount. “Though this might seem detrimental to Indian diamantaires in the short term, it might actually turn out to be rather beneficial in the long term, since it would filter out fly-by-night operators,” Soria said.

Traders said that ADB’s total global operations were worth around $1.6 billion, and roughly $1.2 billion worth was from Antwerp. The rest were spread across branches in other parts of the world, including Hong Kong and India. Of its total operations, about 60% was being serviced to diamond traders of Indian origin.

In India, ADB is learned to have had direct financing worth $200 million to $230 million through its Indian branch. With the possibility of ADB demanding a short window for repayments, an immediate liquidity crunch among diamond traders, especially those based out of Mumbai and Surat, was being feared.

US market trend

In the midst of all this, there is another problem confronting diamond exporters in India. Retailers said that unlike the past years, global buyers were now opting for ornaments in the mid-lower end of the spectrum, preferring lower purity gold and small diamonds, especially colored gems.

Though signs of an economic recovery in the US had led to hopes of a rebound in India’s gems and jewelry sales in the coming season, exporters have been very cautious. However, the liquidy crunch has now got them entangled in its tentacles. The demand for smaller diamonds was only adding to their woes.

“This year, we are receiving bulk orders from the US in the lower to a mid-end category, against higher-end in the previous years. While the actual growth in orders will be known only after a few weeks, we are hopeful this season will be better than last year,” said the Council’s Shah on an optimistic note.

The global festive season, stretching till the second week of February accounts for about 40% of global jewelry sales. As the US is the world’s largest gems and jewelry consumer (accounting for 38% of global annual demand), it is the most important market for global diamond ornament manufacturers and retailers.

While the US is on a recovery path, the European Union is showing signs of a slump. The US Federal Reserve has decided to phase out its quantitative programme by this year-end, raising the prospects of a rise in interest rates.

De Beers, the world’s largest rough diamond miner, has said that it expects global jewelry demand to rise in the long term. In 2013, global demand for diamond jewelry stood at a record $79 billion, according to the inaugural Diamond Insight Report, published by the De Beers Group.


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