Planning to create online videos? You must have the right gadgets for it. This is to help you have quality production, which leads to more people watching your videos. Hence, check out, then find these gadgets right away:

Digital camcorder with flash drive

These are great gadgets to use for making a simple online video. Out of all three devices, digital camcorders produce a much better image than other items on this list. If you are concerned about image quality, this will be the best choice when making an online video. Digital camcorders cost around $150 or less. The price will depend on where you purchase it from. This gadget can be connected directly to a computer, allowing users to upload their video on popular media websites.

Pure Digital and Aiptek makes several models of digital cameras with flash drives or USB ports. Digital camcorders are much smaller than average video cameras. These devices fit in your hand and may also include a small LCD flip screen. This will allow you to view what is being recorded without looking through a small window. These small digital camcorders are good for those who want to make online videos without spending a lot of money. They also allow you to create videos much faster.


Many Youtube stars have become popular right from their home. They were able to easily make cool online videos using a webcam. This gadget is inexpensive and will allow you to create videos specifically for the web. Webcams cost around $60 and must be attached to your computer for proper use. This is a great gadget to choose if you are working with a small budget.

However, webcams do not have a lot of reach when it comes to shooting distance. This means that you may only be able to make online videos in a smaller space. Webcams do not provide a lot of options for making videos in different locations. Still, this particular gadget can produce great results if utilized well. If you need assistance, go online and watch some of the videos made with webcams. Some may inspire you to make the next Youtube sensation. Logitech makes lots of webcams that vary in price. Some are even less than $60.

Cell Phone

This device has become a widely acceptable form for creating quick online videos. Cell phones that are enabled with a video capturing device may be all that you need. While these gadgets vary in price, it is best to choose a cell phone based on other features. The video option is merely an extra luxury. You can utilize this additional feature for free since the phone is already paid for.

A cell phone with internet capabilities makes it even easier to create an online video. Content that is made from these gadgets do not produce the high quality images. However, many people do not expect to see a crisp video when it has been captured by a cell phone. Online videos that are made with cell phones should be very short. If you can work within these small limitations, this gadget may be a good choice for making easy online videos.