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Some Of The Facts That One Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

When a person opts for laser hair removal, it is the most crucial decision that one needs to consider, and at the same time, there is a need to do proper research. Without this, one should not take such treatment. One must consider all the…

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Some Of The Facts That One Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

When a person opts for laser hair removal, it is the most crucial decision that one needs to consider, and at the same time, there is a need to do proper research. Without this, one should not take such treatment. One must consider all the…

Lord Mobile- Different Modes That You Should Not Miss 
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CBDistillery Review – Learn About The Brand 

CBDistillery is a particular brand that is offering a variety of products. If you want to buy products of such a fantastic brand, then one should also use the discount so one can easily avail the discount. One can easily get a discount on lots of…

What Is The Process Of Making Cbd Edibles With Concentrates? Grab The Complete Details Here Now! 
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Some Of The Facts That One Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

When a person opts for laser hair removal, it is the most crucial decision that one needs to consider, and at the same time, there is a need to do proper research. Without this, one should not take such treatment. One must consider all the…

10 Ways To Maintaining A Heart Healthy Diet 
Let’s Talk About The Different Healthcare Business Ideas For Passionate Entrepreneurs 
Health & Wellness
Getting Relief With Joint Pain Relief Supplements 

Back when you were in your twenties and were living a very active lifestyle, you might have told yourself that you will never be one of those people who will be dependent on joint pain relief supplements or CBD oil for pain just to be…

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Brow Microblading: Essential Care Tips For Those With Sensitive Skin 

Everyone should know that microblading is not a joke. For those people who are interested in getting this procedure for their brows, it is important that they are informed and aware of the entire process of microblading. There are things that they must carefully consider…

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5 Tips for Installing a Swimming Pool at Home 

Homes don’t always come with pools in the backyard, so homeowners are responsible for installing the swimming pool if they want one. Of course, most people just hire a contractor to do the work. That doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t have some things to consider…

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Lord Mobile- Different Modes That You Should Not Miss 

Plenty of battle role playing games are there, among which lord mobile is popular because of its high resolution graphics. You can play this game right on your mobile phone, which means you can carry it anywhere you want without any issue. If you want…

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As the costs of entertainment rise, my wife and I need to find ways to spend less to keep ourselves entertained. We at least want to make sure that we like what we buy. My wife, son, and I all love to play video games,…

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Gaming Chairs That Will Motivate You To Buy One 
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The healthcare sector is offering lots of profitable business opportunities that you should never ignore. If you are interested in this sector, then there are plenty of medical as well as non-medical jobs available to choose from. People who don’t have an idea to get…

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Embroidery Digitizing – How To Find The Best Service? 

Through the continuous advancement of technology, different activities, whether it is for business, arts, science etc., are being developed and modernized. One of the perfect examples of that is the field of embroidery. Before, embroidery services were highly in demand and they provided products and…

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Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

First I must say before starting this transition to your natural hair, make sure this is something you really want to do because people may not necessarily be rooting for your decision. It may be hard in the beginning but eventually alot of the people who disagreed with your decision will be the same ones in awe of your hair eventually. I know this from experience. This is also the story of alot of other naturals. When your hair grows out to a nice length where you can do many versatile styles you will get many compliments but some negative comments too. So take this into consideration before you decide to transition.

One of the most important things that need to be considered when going natural is styling. It’s important because of the line of demarcation which is where the relaxed hair and natural hair meets. If there is a difference in the two hair textures eventually over a period of time the hair will break at the point where the two textures meet. To avoid this there are many different styles you can do to smooth the texture difference. One is wear braids through your transition. From cornrows, to individuals braids with extensions, to tree braids.

There are two different types of braids people call tree braids.

  1. The first one is where you braid the hair with extensions and to make it look natural you start off by braiding your real hair and slowly add the extension hair throughout the braid. This gives the braids a natural look instead of the obvious knot at the beginning of the braid.
  2. The second is a style where you braid the hair and slowly leave loose pieces of hair out the braid. By the time your done the whole head, it can resemble having a weave done.

Braidouts and twistouts are also good transitioning styles. You just braid or twist the hair. I use aloe vera gel and or shea butter while twisting then four hours later take the braids out. You’ll have nice curls with the twist or waves with the braids.

Flexi-rods are another good transitioning style. You can do a full weave with no hair left out or straighten your hair. Now as far as straightening your hair it will prevent the hair from breaking at the line of demarcation but if use too often or incorrectly your hair can suffer from heat damage. There are many that use straightening the hair to transition but I think for some it’s better to try to transition without heat.

Never comb your natural hair unless it is wet and soaked in conditioner. This prevents breakage since the hair texture can alot of times be hard to comb. Always be sure to use a wide tooth comb. You can even use your fingers. 

Always deep condition 1-2 times every week. If you don’t have access to your natural hair then spray a leave-in conditioner treatment on your braids everyday. This will help to make your hair more manageable in the long run. Also keeps your hair moisturized and healthy. A good conditioner to use would be Lustra Silk Cholesterol. You can mix it with honey for a good deep conditioner. Leave it in your hair for two hours. Put a plastic bag over your hair with a towel on it. Also use 911 leave in conditioner for braids or your regular hair. It’s a nice price, works good on natural hair and has a lot of great ingredients. Buy and see for yourself. It made my hair very manageable but what works for one won’t work for all. You’ll really get to see that with your natural hair.

Having moisturized hair is very important when you are natural because natural hair is very dry. The natural oils from the scalp can’t get to the hair shaft because of the hair’s curly texture. Unlike straight hair where the oils can easily slide down the hair shaft and keep the hair from being dry. Certainly, you don’t want to be shaved head with beard. Hence, always take good care of your hair.

If you use all these tips you can be on your way to have beautiful, healthy, natural hair. It will take time and patience but it can happen. Good luck on your natural hair journey.

Installing a Curtain Rod: What I Did Wrong

The truth about home improvement is that even the smallest DIY project can gobble up huge chunks of your time, energy, and enthusiasm. In fact, if you’re not careful, it can turn into a comical nightmare of mistakes and miscalculations. I learned this firsthand when I tried to install a new curtain rod in my living room. To spare you the pain of what I went through, I’ve detailed my efforts below:

Measure your window

I started by measuring my window area to figure out where the brackets should go. It was as easy as using the length of my curtains for the height, and the window itself for the width, right? Wrong!

Much later, I realized that I’d forgotten to factor in my curtain ring clips, which add another inch or so to the final height. I also didn’t know that curtains look much better with plenty of breathing room. Always extend and mount your curtain rod at least a few inches past the window on either side.

Buy the perfect curtain rod

After checking a few stores, I bought what I thought was the perfect curtain rod. It was expensive, sure, but finding the right one for my living room window was worth the high price, right? Wrong!

After a few days, I returned my pricey purchase. It had an adjustable width, which creates a tiny bump where the two sections of the rod meet – and no curtain on Earth will slide past that bump without a fight. If you like to open and close your curtains, don’t buy an adjustable-width rod.

Or try making a curtain rod

Determined to make a better, cheaper curtain rod, I went to the hardware store. My plan was to browse the lumber section and pick out the perfect wooden pole. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

After striking out in the lumber section, I wandered all over the store until I found a solution in the plumbing aisle: EMT pipe. It’s solid, lightweight and comes in varying widths. I chose one, had it cut to size, and then spray painted it at home. Remember, the perfect curtain rod may be one you make.

Attach the finials

After my newly painted curtain rod was dry, I used a hot glue gun to attach the decorative finials, or caps, to each end. Then all I had to do was add the curtains and hang the rod, right? Wrong!

I didn’t realize that once the finials were attached, the curtains themselves couldn’t be added because they wouldn’t fit over the larger caps. And, because I used hot glue, removing them wasn’t easy. Avoid this extra labor by adding your curtains to the rod before attaching the finials.

As you can see, installing a new curtain rod isn’t always the quick, easy DIY project that many home improvement experts make it out to be. By sharing my story above, I hope you can learn from my mistakes so that your attempt is a success. Also, I advise that when working on a particular project, it is important that you are using the right tools and equipment. You can visit websites like to help you out.

Decorating the Outside of Your Apartment

The balcony, patio, and the area directly outside of your apartment is an extension of your home, and you can make it truly your own by decorating those areas in ways that convey your personal style. Some of the best rated investment properties in Singapore are replete with features such as this one. Although the space outside your apartment is probably limited, you can significantly decorate with potted plants, concrete statues, hanging baskets, wind chimes, and more. Those who live in apartments can enjoy decorating outside in much the same way as those who own their homes.

Container Gardening

Most apartment complexes allow residents to fill containers with plants and flowers and sit them outside their front door. Consider decorating the outside of your apartment by filling attractive planters with beautiful hardy flowers such as geraniums, petunias, marigolds, or other plants that will thrive in the conditions and climate of your particular location. Surround flowers with trailing vines, baby’s breath, or other fillers to complete the look you want to achieve.

You might also consider decorating with eye-catching hanging baskets. You’ll find beautiful ready-made hanging baskets containing a variety of flowers, or you can save a little money and put them together yourself. Purchase flowers such as wave petunias, moss roses, or any other flowering plant that grows well in hanging baskets. Add vines for added interest and texture, and hang your baskets outside your apartment windows or doors.


Concrete and resin statues come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, and they are fantastic for adding a touch of individuality when decorating the outside of an apartment. Concrete is the best option since it will last indefinitely, but it’s usually more expensive than plastic or resin, and depending on the size it can be quite heavy. Quality resin statues cost less, they’re durable, and they’re heavy enough to stay in place but light enough to move with very little effort. Check your local discount stores and garden centers, and visit concrete statue retailers to discover the many options for decorating the outside of your apartment.

Beautiful Chimes

The soft sound of chimes is a nice addition to outdoor space, and decorating with beautiful wind chimes is an option for those living in an apartment. You might be concerned that the sound of chimes will annoy the neighbors, but not all chimes are loud and annoying. Many barely make a sound as the wind lightly caresses their hanging appendages, and they’re available in a variety of unique themes, colors, prices, and styles.

Landscaping Your Backyard Space

Many apartment complexes allow residents to individualize their backyard space, and if you have a private area in which to do as you please, begin decorating the grounds to make your own private outdoor area to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Find out what you are allowed to do before getting started, and if restrictions aren’t a problem, consider making a garden area or flowerbed surrounded by decorative blocks or landscape timbers. If you plan on staying in your apartment home for an extended length of time, fill it with perennial foliage and flowers. Otherwise, plant a garden filled with vegetables that grow well in tighter locations, and surround it with attractive annual flowers. Decorating the outside of your apartment can be functional as well as beautiful.

Want To Know Everything About Painting Kits? Check The Impressive Details Here!

If you want to be a pro painter, then you need to take a lot of things into consideration. As you know, it is not easy to paint your thoughts or dreams on paper. In this case, you should learn some effective tips to improve your artistic skills. Many options can be found on the internet that can help you to create your own masterpiece in no time. With the help of this, you can ease up your task and also get assistance to be a pro painter. 

Well, many companies and brands are out there, which are offering different types of painting kits for beginners as well as pro painters. You can also buy these painting kits in order to paint whatever you want. It can also help you to create a fantastic piece of art that will get compliments from everyone.  

Painting kits 

When it comes to painting kits, you will be provided with all the stuff that you actually want to complete a masterpiece.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time to outline and then fill up colors. You just need to paint by numbers. Check the numbers and then fill up the colors accordingly to get the excellent results. It is also a perfect method for beginners to do practice for improving their skills. With the help of visiting, you can buy the best paint kits as per your desire. 

These kits provide everything that you really want to get started. You can get all the required colors and brushes in this kit to complete your artwork. You don’t need to find brushes or the right shades of paint anymore. Get the best paint kit and start your journey in the world of art and craft. 

Paint by numbers 

The popularity of paint by numbers is increasing rapidly among countless adults. Even kids also love this idea, and they consider it to enhance their skills. All they need to do is to get a painting kit and then use the brushes to paint as per the numbers. With the help of this, they can create a perfect masterpiece in no time. Well, it is also beneficial for those who want to be a pro painter. If you are new to the art and craft world, then you should also get help from the idea of paint by numbers. In addition to this, you can also try out this activity to get relief from daily life stress. 

Let’s wrap it up 

Many people are excited about expressing their artistic side so they can also consider the option of diamond painting. If you don’t know what exactly it is, then you should get started with paint by numbers. Once you have painted the pre-printed design, you should replace the color with diamond-like beads. In this way, you can create a masterpiece with a sparkling effect that will grab the attention of everyone who visits your home.

Exploring Internet Marketing Basics

SEO San Diego will provide knowledge about the basics of Internet Marketing to the person. The experience of the business person and customers will be enhanced through the basics. 

A – Anchor Text

Good anchor text (the text that’s used for a link) is very important.

B – Blogs

Blogs are great marketing vehicles. (As opposed to Splogs – spam blogs – which are NOT great marketing vehicles…) Know the difference.

C – Conversion

Having a Bajillion visitors a day won’t help if they’re not converting. Basically, this is shown as a percentage – i.e. how many people out of 100 made a purchase on your site. A 1% conversion rate is common online.

D – Deep-linking

This refers to getting links to pages *inside* your site (a variety of them.) Deep-links are important. How best to do this? Create good content that gets linked to without having to ask people to link to it. Give people a genuine reason to link to your site, and the deep-links will come rolling in, helping your site’s reputation online.

E – Email

Respond to it ASAP. Don’t SPAM. Create opt-in subscription lists.

F – Forums

Forums are your friend. On them you can find most of the stuff you see for sale in e-books, although it may take time to find it. Forums can also be your enemy, though, sucking up too much of your time. Learn how not to get lost or distracted when you wander into a forum to gather information.

G – Guerrilla Marketing

(You thought I was gonna say Google, didn’t you? ; ) Guerrilla marketing (also sometimes called gonzo marketing) is using creative, unique (often low cost ways) to market a website or brand online.


Learn it. It’s always good to be able to make small changes to your website on your own. It’s not very difficult.

I – Inbound links

You want lots of these, but only from (for the most part) related sites. That is, other websites that have the same niche or topic as your website. You don’t want to get inbounds ‘unnaturally’ – i.e. receiving lots of links in a short time period from “bad neighborhoods”. Speaking of bad neighborhoods, stay away from FFA links, most link exchanges, link schemes, etc.

J – Jericho

Remember the Jericho TV Show? Remember it was canceled? Well, because of great marketing on the Internet, the show was saved. Fans used the Internet to spread a message – send peanuts to the TV Network until they promised to bring the show back. It worked. Go study this case from a marketing angle.

K – kpaul! ; )

L – Link bait (Linkbait)

Find something to write about or create some type of Flash animation that people *can’t help* linking to. One type of link bait technique is to write an overblown headline about something. (Although there’s a fine line here you don’t won’t to cross. Trolls reside on the other side.) The goal is to get the blogosphere abuzz and linking to you (whether they agree with you or disagree with you.)

M – Meta tags

It seems the meta description tag is playing a larger role recently when it comes to Supplemental results at Google. Try to make sure your meta description tags are unique as this is what Google (usually) uses to display as your snipped in the SERPs (search engine result pages). If you have duplicate meta description tags, it can cause havoc with how your site ranks in Google and other search engines. (Google “google supplemental results…”)

N – No get rich quick schemes

Think about it. If the get rich quick schemes were legit, everyone would be rich by now. Making money online is hard work, but it can be done. If an online offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

O – Opt-in

The best way to go – permission marketing. Always give Opt-out methods, though.

P – Pageviews (not HITS)

Pageviews is the term you should use to describe traffic to your site. (Along with ‘Unique visitors’…) The metrics used to track the value of your site to an advertiser is likely to change over the coming years. Recent topics have said number of pageviews per visitor and time spent on site per visitor are more important. Stay as up to date on web analytics as you can.

Q – Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Internet is a vast resource full of many great people who might be willing to help you out if only you asked.

R – Reciprocal Links

This refers to the practice of ‘trading links’ with other webmasters. While this is ok, generally, if the sites have a similar niche (even a broad one like ‘entertainment’), NON-recip links are generally worth more. (Stay away from the so called three way link exchanges, IMHO…) Again, build good content or unique content and people will link to it.

S – Stickiness

This refers how long people ‘stick around’ on your site. One of the better ways to have a sticky site is to encourage participation on the site in some way – user submitted content, comments, voting, etc.

T – Try new things

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new things. It might not be wise to do this a lot on your biggest money making site, but experimenting and trying new things allows you to find things that market your website(s) better.

U – Usability

Make your site user-friendly. Basically, this means it’s easy to understand and navigate around your site. If it’s easy for humans to read, most likely the search engines will have no trouble reading it. If you try to make a page for the search engines first, though, humans might find the site difficult to use and never come back. (And what’s the point, really, of one-off visitors? This isn’t a sustainable model in the long run, IMHO.)

V – Viral

In online marketing, viral is a good thing. This refers to what happens when one person tells two people about a website (or sends them an email) and those two people tell two people each, etc. This ties back to linkbaiting and creating great content.

W – WORLD Wide Web

Remember, that it is indeed a global playing field now. This can work for or against you. With so many global players, there’s still a lot of room on the ‘regional’ level (think the size of a state or smaller in the United States.) The bigger your target audience, though, the more potential you have for growth, traffic, etc.

X – Xerox

You want your brand to become so popular that it’s picked up as a generic term for something – ie Xerox, Kleenex, Google, etc.

Y – Youth

Study the youth marketing segment. As the young people of today grow up (never having known a world w/out the internet, w/out Google) they will be different than most consumers today.

Z – Zzzzz

Don’t forget to sleep every once in a while!

Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo Canister Vacuum

If you spend more than an hour a day vacuuming your home then having a lightweight vacuum at home can make vacuuming more bearable. If you’re still looking for a good lightweight vac to buy you should consider the Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo canister vac. Here are some of the pros and cons from this vacuum cleaner.


Assembling this unit is really easy. Just put the hose, wand, the cleaning head and you’re good to go.

On tile and wood floors the cleaning performance is excellent. The machine can suck in any pet hair, dust and dirt easily. Attaching the revolving turbo floor is easy and they stay connected firmly while you’re doing the cleaning. If you use the carpet attachment cleaning low-pile carpets also yield good result. You can adjust the suction power using the controls on the handle instead of going back to the canister.

This machine is both lightweight and compact. You can easily maneuver it all over the place. It is quiet too. Because of its slim design it can go very low to easily reach under the bed and furniture. The hose is very flexible and durable.

After you finish vacuuming you can empty the dirt container in two easy steps. Press the release button and pull the container out, press another button and dump the content into the sink.

Another nice feature is the automatic power cord rewinding. Just press a button and the cord goes back in a jiffy.


On full power the vacuum gives a high-pitched noise. It won’t break your eardrums but it’s not a pleasant sound nevertheless.

When a bagless vacuum has a powerful suction it usually means you have to empty the dirt canister often. This machine is no exception. And since the dirt container is rather small you have to empty it after each use. You also need to clean the carpet attachment often. It gets dirty after a single run through your carpet. The most powerful car vacuum cleaner will clean the carpet spread at the car. The dirt and dust will be cleared with safety to the appliances of the car. 

The 20-foot long cord is annoying when you want to clean a large area in one go. The hose is also too short. When cleaning the stairs you can’t leave the canister on the bottom of the stairs and you have to lug the canister with you.

The final grief is the on-board tools. When not in use you’re suppose to hang them on the wand but they won’t stay “on-board”. They keep falling off.


If your home is mostly bare floors with some low-pile carpets Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo canister vacuum cleaner is a good choice. It does has some weaknesses, but if cleaning performance is what matter most to you then buying this canister vac is a sound choice.

10 Ways To Maintaining A Heart Healthy Diet

We all know a couch potato with a cholesterol level most people would kill for. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the lean mean exercise machine not an ounce of fat on their body whose cholesterol levels look like they were pulled out of a cholesterol cauldron. It’s plain and simple; heart disease cannot be determined by your weight or your activity level. It begins with your diet, what you put into your body as fuel. Since February is American Heart Month, take a closer look at your diet and determine if it’s the best diet you have to offer your heart.

February being the month of love

and American Heart Month, it couldn’t be a better time to acquire a heart healthy diet. A longer life of making memories together; it’s one of the easiest gifts you can give to those you love. To help you maintain a heart healthy diet, here are ten ways start a heart healthy diet for you and your family. These ten tips have been highly recommended by Nutshell Nutrition, an online platform that provides helpful and reliable information about nutrition and diet. Hence, you can assure that these are really effective and useful.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 1

Throw out vegetable oil and use olive oil and coconut oil for all your cooking needs. Both have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL). In addition, coconut oil is an energy food that can boost your metabolism. It’s one of the healthiest oils in the world, yet one of the least consumed because it typically is deemed bad for you.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 2

Eliminate sugar from your diet. The sugars our bodies need is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. It is NOT the processed, refined, and bleached crystal substance that is highly addictive.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 3

Add Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, especially DHA and EPA found in fish oil. If you aren’t fond of fish, you can purchase fish oil capsules and freeze them. Take as directed on the bottle.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 4

Eliminate or minimize the saturated fats that you eat and cook with. Read the labels. If a label indicates the product has more than 10% saturated fat, don’t eat it. Better yet, don’t buy it!

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 5

Eat plenty of grain products, fruits and vegetables. Fiber is a great tool to bind to cholesterol and remove it from the body.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 6

If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation. You will consume less calories by consuming the “lite” varieties.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 7

For some families that could stand to lose a little weight, try purchasing dishes that are smaller. A smaller plate will hold less food. Less food is less calories and less chance of gaining more weight, which could lead to a host of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 8

Try drinking water at room temperature or warm tea with meals. It’s proven to aid in the digestion process.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 9

Get more exercise. You don’t have to join a gym to add a little activity to your day. There are exercises you can do at your desk and you can take the steps instead of the elevator, or do some stretches or knee bends while you’re folding clothes.

Heart Healthy Diet Tip # 10

Laugh and laugh often. Laughing eliminates stress and stress is a factor for heart disease and is a contributor to any pre-existing condition you may have.

What Are The Health Risks of Kratom?

The use of Kratom has seen a major rise in the last few years around the world. This native tree of the Southeast Asian region is still not an illicit substance and that is why people are using it for many purposes. Apart from the recreational benefits, Kratom also comes with several medicinal benefits on the positive side as well. There are lot of websites which offer Kratom related products. You can visit them to check out the Kratom near me services that are on offer.

However, there’s always a negative side to everything that exists. The same goes for Kratom leaves. In today’s blog we will discuss the same and tell you the side effects and health risks that are involved with the consumption of Kratom.

Risks Associated To Kratom Consumption

Kratom surely has it’s own set of benefits, because of which it gas been widely used for decades in different parts of the world. But, that does not nudges away from the fact that it can also possess a certain set of risk to your health. Kratom, when used in the proper dosage under strict regulations is much safer and better. It must be strictly used in the short term time frame.

Long term risks of Kratom are many, which have come forward over years of research. One of the most common side effects of using Kratom is constipation. Human bowel movement becomes really infrequent which causes difficulty for the wastes to pass through the bowel. Even though it is not a life threatening situation, it leads to inconvenience and difficulties in the long term. Painful defecation accompanies this condition.

Loss of appetite and sudden change in the human body are also some of the risks involved with the consumption of Kratom. It can lead to a serious condition known as anorexia, which restricts the body to avoid any calorie intake and that is why it starts to loose tremendous amount of weight. This can be really extreme and dangerous for the health of any individual or can lead to death also.

Other kind of side effects and risks involved with the use of Kratom is hyperpigmentation, or the loss of skin color in different parts of the body mainly cheeks, hands or neck, and it can also result in the loss of sleep, or insomnia. Both these two side effects have a major effect on the mental and physical state of the person involved. Loss of sleep can really affect their daily lifestyle and schedule in a very drastic or negative way.

Final Words – Intensive research regarding the long term risks and side effects of using Kratom is yet to be made. For now, medical experts have come across these few negative aspects that can affect a person who is consuming Kratom for long. Visit online Kratom vendors and check out the wide range of products that have been made out of Kratom they are offering to the people.

Trapster: How Does it Work?

The concept of Trapster is very simple. It is a social networking technology utilizing mobile phones in which drivers who spot speed traps report them to the central location and other drivers are alerted so that they can make their plans accordingly. If you are extremely effective at reporting, you even get recognized which just like free followers for Instagram that can make you quite popular among your online community.  

When I was much younger I did have a “lead foot.” However, as I have gotten older, I feel much different about speeding and other reckless driving. I currently carry a “Class B” which allows me to drive everything except tractor-trailers.

I’m older so when I was eluding speed traps there was little technology available save for the ‘70s when everybody had a “CB” radio…”Come back, good buddy”. Over-the road-truckers made them science and fad among auto drivers. It was further popularized by a song called “Convoy” and a movie entitled “Smokey and the Bandit.” That was a fad I will never forget. Everybody had a handle or “radio name” that they used for identification.

In using a CB radio, cars and trucks along the highway would talk on a channel reporting to one another what they saw typically coming the other way. During my life, that was about all I have ever had exposure to. Other methodologies for avoiding speed traps were much more mundane.

One method employed was slowing at any small city well in advance and going well below the speed limit. While on the highway one is typically allowed to fudge a bit as long as you “go with traffic flow”, however, sometimes small-town police will set up speed traps at the edge of town knowing that often a vehicle will not have slowed down yet. It is legal and some towns really need the money. By the way, I have a lot of family in small towns and I love them to death so don’t consider this an indictment of small towns. This was just a practice I employed.

Of course, when traffic was moving along the highway, cars coming from the other direction would flash their lights if there was a speed trap on your side of the road.

Another trick I employed was to go between the posted speed limit and someone who was really going extremely fast. If anyone was going to “trip the trap” it would be the speeding car. Further, if someone was getting a ticket on your side of the road, it was usually fairly safe to go a little faster for a while.

So, what about the Trapster? It seems almost surreal that a company uses technology and planning for the purpose of breaking the law.

As I said, over the years my feelings about speeding have changed a lot. I have seen too many friends die and I have seen too many children of friend’s die be able to rejoice about yet another way for a teenager to break the law and you know, of course, that is who will pay the price; that is who wants to speed the most.

At one time the speed limit was unchecked and that was back in the ’50s. There was a reason that speed limits were put in place; people can’t handle too much speed.

When I was young I would have loved to have Trapster but I think today I wouldn’t have any use for it.

How We Lowered Our Water Bill by $20

Even though, overall, I like living in the city, there are some disadvantages. One of those is paying for our water.

While the bill isn’t terrible, we do have a somewhat tight budget most months and the $100 we were being asked to pay every three months was sometimes pretty hard to fit into it. As a result of that, I decided it was time to find ways to reduce that bill so it wouldn’t put as much of a strain on us.

Since part of the bill is a fixed rate for our garbage pickup, I knew I wouldn’t be able to cut it in half or anything like that. However, we were able to reduce it by about $20 on average by making three simple changes.

First, we eliminated the leaks. Our toilet is somewhat older and was leaking a bit from the tank. While it wasn’t a big enough deal to justify the cost of replacing the toilet, it was filling a gallon jug every two or three days. So, I borrowed a do-it-yourself plumbing guide from the library and fixed it.

In addition, the faucet we had outside for the garden hose also leaked. That was a bit harder to repair so I did the next best thing, started closing the shut off valve inside the house whenever the hose isn’t being used. That, alone, reduced my water usage by about four gallons a week.

The second thing we started doing was washing our dishes by hand. We have a dishwasher that is efficient when it comes to both electricity and water usage. However, because of time constraints and the fact the dishwasher does need to be hooked up to our sink (something that is a bit of a chore), we don’t get to do dishes daily and will often have a sink full. If we do them by hand, we can wash them all with one sink’s worth of water instead of using considerably more water loading the dishwasher two or three times. If you have some extra budget and if you think this could be very helpful, you may also consider using water treatment technology offering commercial water solutions. This might be quite expensive but you will save substantial amount of money in the long run.

The last thing we did was put a time limit on showers. My wife and I used to take longer showers (it’s one of the few times we can have some peace and quiet) but we both realized we could cut our water bill by restricting those long showers to just one (each) a week and placing a 10 minute limit on the rest of them.

We also set the same time limit for our oldest daughter and, since she doesn’t take showers yet, we started filling the bath tub a little less full for our youngest daughter. So far, neither of them has complained.

As I said before, the fixed charge for garbage pickup prevented me from reducing the bill by half. But that $20 average savings has made it much easier to fit this utility bill into our budget and we didn’t have to sacrifice too much to do it.


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