Finding and downloading music in today’s time is not at all expensive and time-consuming as there are amazing numbers of streaming sites. With these streaming sites, you can download free music, which is sometimes legal and sometimes illegal. It is good to look for the sites that are legal to prevent any risk of viruses and violation of the law. Violating law can put you into many formalities and charges. It is better to avoid illegal sites and go for legal ones that provide free music.

There are many artists that choose to distribute their work on different streaming sites. It is good to note that the music is always copyrighted and must not be distributed in any illegal way according to copyright law.

Here in this article, we will look for the places which allow us to find and download free music which is as follows:-

  1. Soundcloud

To discover and download free music according to the genre, Soundcloud is the best place. You can find out the tracks according to your choice, and you will find two main options: buy or download. There are some artists that only allow to buy or to download, and you can choose according to the option. You can easily click here to download mp3

  1. fm

The free download link on this streaming site is at the bottom of the homepage. Once you find the link, you will find a great list of songs from well-known artists. You have to spend time to find the song as in this site, and there is no filter option. You can enjoy free music in MP3 format and find all the new songs on this streaming service.

  1. NoiseTrade

The trade-in NoiseTrade asks you for your email address and ZIP code, which helps the artists to find the fans according to the areas of code. The design of NoiseTrade is quite simple and clear and has a tagging system that allows people to find music and set them as favorites. You can download the music as well as books on a huge range of topics of MOBI and EPUB format.

  1. Bandcamp

This is an amazing platform for independent artists and small labels to find a new audience and get their storefront. This helps the artists to earn money from their work and allow downloading the available tracks. You can narrow down the options of songs by adding filters of genre and location and make a decent selection. You can choose to receive emails from your favorite artists of newly released songs and can download them in MP3 format.

  1. Jamendo Music

This downloading music site is all about connecting fans to their artists and helps them to listen and download new tracks. This site provides artists a platform to reach new audiences every time. You can also download the songs from the toolbar and can also look for the other features.

Enjoy the newest tracks by knowing some of these amazing streaming sites that allow downloading music in MP3 format. You can find music according to your favorite genre and can listen or download anytime. Check out the above-mentioned streaming services and know their features and enjoy listening to new songs by your favorite artists.

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