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Author: Diane


Diamond liquidation in India 

Ahead of the festive season in India, consumers have a bounty awaiting them in the form of huge discounts being offered on diamond jewelry. With British lender, Standard Chartered Bank slashing its exposure to the business, coupled with the Antwerp Diamond Bank going in for…

Akhil Reed Amar

Akhil Reed Amar 

I was talking to Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale, and I was about to launch what I thought was a tough question, and I decided to soften him a bit first to make the blow land harder. “Okay,” I said, “You…


Hochschild dumping more Gold Resource shares 

Peru’s Hochschild Mining is selling 4.1 million of its 6,276,874 shares of Gold Resources, leaving Hochschild with a 4% stake or 2,176,874 shares of the small-cap Colorado Springs-based gold and silver miner, according to a prospectus filed Tuesday with the SEC. In May of this…

10 Migraine Relief Tips
Health & Wellness

10 Migraine Relief Tips 

Are you one of those people who suffers from frequent or occasional migraine headaches? If you are I feel for you…I myself belong to a long line of migraine sufferers. Statistics show that at least 25% of women will get a migraine headache at some…


Things to Do for Spring Break 

Spring break is an enduring trademark of college and high school academic life. Frazzled students welcome the week-long intermission in studies and celebrate its occurrence with travel to warm, tropical locales where sun and fun are both in plentiful supply. Go to Florida Florida is…