When remodeling a bathroom or just doing some simple upgrades, choosing a new faucet for the sink can totally change the decor of the bathroom itself. With so many types and designs available, you could build a bathroom around a faucet. For that, you can take help from glacier bay faucet reviews and choose the faucets that are best suited for your bathroom.

There are three things to keep in mind when shopping for a new faucet, finish, ease of installation, and warranty of the new faucet. Just as there are many designs of faucets, there are also many choices of finish. Some examples include; chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, satin nickel, weathered copper, French bronze and the list goes on. When deciding on the best finish, you may want to take your time at your local building supply store and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a sales associate. Most faucets are relatively easy to install with very few tools needed for the job. The most difficult part is getting into a position to do the work under the sink. It’s almost easier to arm wrestle an alligator inside a cereal box. Using some patience, though, almost anyone can install a new bathroom faucet. The other consideration is the warranty offered with your new faucet. The more expensive faucets offered include a lifetime warranty, but all of them usually offer a warranty of one kind or another. Read the packaging and compare the coverage while you’re shopping to get the most for your money.

Before you go to the builder supply store, you need to know what application of faucet you’re looking for. There are four main designs for application and they have to do with the holes that are drilled in the sink to mount the new faucet, the first being just a single hole. Faucets of this type have just one handle that adjusts the temperature of the water.

The next is a four inch center set. There will be three holes in the sink with the two outer holes being four inches apart. The handles and the spout are attached to a metal base and the entire fixture is mounted at the same time.

Similar to this is the four inch mini spread where each handle and the spout are mounted to one of the three holes in the sink separately which gives the appearance of a widespread design.

The actual widespread design has holes eight inches apart with each piece mounting separately. This design is usually used for larger sinks and can actually go up to a sixteen inch spread. These can also be used for vessel style sinks where the faucet is attached to the counter top.

Some other considerations to make are the spout height and style of the faucet. A taller spout height allows for more room when washing hands where a lower spout prevents splashing water all over your counter top. And traditional, modern and old world charm are some of the styles to choose from.

There being so many different choices of style, design and finishes, you could really start with the bathroom faucet and remodel around it. Your only limitation is the design of the existing sink and what faucets are offered for that particular sink. Browse the many different products at the building supply store and choose the one that’s right for you. But you may want to eat before you go. It could be an extended shopping trip with so many to choose from.