Mind mapping has been an effective method in creating layout for your ideas, drawing connections, and organizing your plan of actions. This process has been very helpful in the overall successes of several projects of businesses. This method is also commonly used by a lot of professionals or teams working on a certain project. Simple enough, you can easily do mind mapping by drawing or sketching everything on a piece of paper. But putting everything on a digital scheme will make your life easier and more efficient. Big thanks to the creation of several mind mapping tools, it is now possible for us to layout our ideas and draw relationships among them in a more convenient and quick manner. But with several products available in the market, looking for the right platform can be daunting and challenging. To help you out, this article will provide you some of the best Mind map tools that you may want to consider for your project.


One of the most popular mind map tools online is Coggle. Once you log in to this platform, you’ll observe the central node of a new mind map together with its amazing plus sign for you to start working and to add new nodes and ideas. Every time you click on the plus sign to make a new child node, the software will automatically select the right direction and placement of the new nodes. Moreover, Coggle provides shortcut keyboard for users so the work and the process will be much easier.


Another great mind mapping tool that you may want to consider is Mindly. This tool works best on mobile devices so wherever you are and anytime, you can easily access your work. Since it is a mobile phone, you can easily sync your mobile mind maps with the desktop version of Mindly. Hence, you can freely switch from the on the go ideation to the formal setting of mind mapping activity at your desk. It also offers templates like puzzle piece template printable.


If you are looking for a different mind mapping tool compared to other tools in the market, then MindMeister is the best choice for you. It is considered as a robust tool that entails all the things you need from fast shortcut of keyboards to the feature of embed live videos inside your nodes. This tool is also considered as one of the best tools that work best for a collaborative team. It has extensive collaboration features where you can freely add team members to your mind map, downvote and upvote ideas.


Unlike traditional mind mapping tools that require you to start with a central node and branching outwards from a single point to several points as you expand your ideas, Scapple provides more flexibility when it comes to the direction of your visual mind map leads. This platform also offers simplicity to users so you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to use this tool.


Last on our list but definitely not the least is Stormboard. This tool puts a twist in conventional mind mapping through the use of sticky notes rather than branches and nodes. This allows you to easily record your ideas. All you have to do is to group your notes on different areas of your screen to represent connection on your ideas. This tool is also easy to use with its simple interface. Lastly, Stormboard also comes in a free setting so you’ll have more time to try this amazing tool without any cost.

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