Amazon FireStick is the new revolution in the field of online streaming services. From movies to TV shows, sports and live TV, the FireStick ensures you access to thousands of entertainment hours. Moreover, the extreme ease through which ‘Alexa’, Amazon’s inbuilt virtual assistant keeps track of playing, pausing, recording and searching for everything and anything, adds to this revolutionizing and surreal experience. You get an option to choose from a never-ending library, provided to you by countless applications.

However, since no one usually uses more than a few apps at one given time, with innumerable streaming services at your disposable through the Amazon FireStick, it can often become a daunting task to decide which apps are worth using. So here we narrow down a few apps from the prospective hundreds of them, that can make your movie streaming experience a delight.

Moreover, it is highly advised to use a VPN (viewer private network) service while downloading any free content streaming services on your FireStick. Your online streaming is visible to governmental agencies and establishing a private network is a more efficient way to consume content. It also breaks the geographical barriers, and you can easily view content banned or unavailable in your region by simply changing your location.


A free streaming service that can be downloaded to your FireStick, Kodi has a sophisticated user interface and thousands of movies from multiple genres, making it a prime choice for apps you’d want on your FireStick.

Alongside movies, Kodi also provides various TV shows and pre-made music playlists to cater to your needs. To add to thousands of movies, different kinds of TV shows, live sports and music options, downloading a PVR add-on is a benefit as it lets you record your favourite movies.

Kodi can be downloaded directly from the website using any downloading app that lets you install android apps. However, it is advised to use a VPN service to ensure privacy while surfing through Kodi’s database to maintain viewer privacy.

CyberFlix TV

Another amazing streaming service that comes to you free of cost is CyberFlix TV. It lets you browse through a wide range of movies, but it doesn’t stop there. You can access TV shows and live TV as well. Looking a lot of the ancestral Terrarium TV, CyberFlix works just as well, if not better.

Free apps like these are not available for download on Amazon, but  CyberFlix TV APK download online via a downloading app by installing the CyberFlix TV apk.


Mobdro has been a sensation among avid movie lovers for quite some time. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of movies, TV series, podcasts, video recordings etc. to choose from. This video streaming application has an ever growing collection and that updates frequently to provide its users with the very best of everything.

It installs and works smoothly on all android devices and will give you fantastic results on your Amazon FireStick or Amazon TV.

Cinema APK

Another free app to grace this platform, Cinema APK is a mainstream application which opens a database for a remarkable movie viewing experience. It’s loaded with hundreds of hours worth of content that gets updated continuously to ensure you never run out of movies and TV shows, that encompass a variety of genres.

Cinema APK fetches content from different platforms without creating any original content;however it is a great base to consume streamable content from various websites. The app is installable and works in sync with your FireStick.

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ may not be unique in its entirety of free and varied movies and TV series (though it has that as well) but in its unique listings of all upcoming broadcasts. Be it a new episode or a new TV series or an upcoming movie, you’ll find it listed in Freeflix. It also caters to all viewers via its wide choice of genres, ranging from anime to wrestling, which is also available for download.

Freeflix has an ARM version available which works in sync with the Amazon FireStick, making it a worthy experience.

Popcorn Time

Another well known name in free movies and TV sphere, Popcorn Time is an important addition to the list. With more movies available then you’d ever be able to watch, this streaming service provided a simple and elegant interface which is efficient to use on the FireStick.

However, it is important to keep your activity private through a VPN service as Popcorn Time is an active free contestant to paid services Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu.


A new addition to a list of veterans, CatMouse is now a popular app for movie and TV viewing. With innumerable high-quality videos, you won’t run out of content to browse and binge-watch. It is downloadable on your Amazon FireStick after allowing download from unknown sources.

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