Travel photography tends to be associated with the color, no doubt influenced by the attractive tourist brochures or the colorful hues of most photographs that illustrate the travel publications. But as a photographer, you’ll also get rewards if you choose to explore the world in black and white.

Believe that inexperienced photographers to photograph in color or black and white only be appropriate to place the film or reduce the image to shades of gray on the computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. For black and white photography requires abstraction and imagine the final look. Always watch out for the most popular, Canon T6i 2 lenses bundle before finalising anything.

A red shirt and blue trousers (a combination that easily attract the eyes of a viewer) will be black and white clothes with two similar shades of gray. If you want to give prominence to a person who is hearing the case, wait for a more colorful.

A professional admired for his exceptional mastery of color. “Now I like to do a story on Washington, but see it as a city in black and white … “he said.

Removing the color to get a good black and white picture is a genuine exercise of abstraction, one of the most important tools available to the photographer to enhance the quality of their work. Professionals insist that at the time of the taking is necessary to imagine the picture will look on their final stand.

This mental effort can alter the appearance of an image. A practical example: if an experienced professional perceives that the situation is in front has the potential to be a good home, leave a considerable space at the top of the frame so that the smooth place and is tend to be the head of the publication.

We also endeavor to appear around the main subject areas of uniform color on which to place the topics to be announced. Look at the cover of U.S. and verify the effort of abstraction that made the photographer and designer of the magazine so that the image does not lose its attractiveness and, in turn, show clear information.

In the same way that the red system becomes a point of attraction and captivates the eye of the reader, a poor combination distorts the color content of images.

Colors misapplied unbalance the composition. If you want to reinforce the idea of increasing the warm atmosphere of a room, for example, ensure that the photo does not have a dominant blue. The brain reacts surprised because the interior associated with the warm colors in the same way that most images have a clear technological trend towards the blue or neutral tones.

Pure abstraction

Therefore, since we see life in a lively color and react to its influence, imagine how it will be a black and white photography is an exercise in abstraction that is rewarded.

The absence of color allows the viewer to explore the content, receive the first change of the intention of the photographer, either because they played with the geometry of lines and curves in a landscape or the charm of transmitting a suggestive look better, since there are no colors that distract you.

The travel photographer is in black and white the best working conditions in environmental situations that require a considerable effort if color photographs. One sky, for example, which provides images with saturated colors and less bright, it’s an ideal atmosphere for black and white photographs. In general you will get images more evocative and less descriptive.

Finally, if this other point of view he says something, nearly every spectator attribute of the adjective “artistic” black and white to color. Success is guaranteed and the results are foolproof.


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