The world has evolved into a bigger and better place to live in as it has achieved numerous milestones in the recent times. Some people may disagree with this point but it is the naked truth that can be proven with valid arguments. 

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the problem is that most opinions today are formed based on subjective preference and liking with little room for objective analysis. 

There are various factors through which you can develop opinion based on emotions about who or what touches your heart the most. What you like about something is what influences your preferences and also in the decisions that you go on to take later on in your life. 

In today’s world, as mentioned above, everyone coexist with harmony, coordination and cooperation and everyone helps out each other in times of need and peril but there is just no time to take care of the desires of your families or even your own. 

While there can be no denying the fact that harmony and intergrity still exists in a man’s psyche, the sad part is that time and circumstances force him to change his stance and outlook on life and he ventures into a direction that is immoral and one that we call the wrong path. 

In a way, it is not his fault either, as competition is fierce and opportunities are few and far between. He has nowhere else to turn to and takes a wrong decision because he has seen and heard enough to distract him from his chosen path and take diversion into a completely different one. 

However, the above point is not meant to justify his actions but to make other people aware of what lies in store for them if they do follow that path. But just that they should be well prepared for the consequences of their action as by the time they go too far and regret their decision, it is far too late to make amends and impossible to return. 

If you ask a youngster, freshly graduated from today about what his plans are and where he sees himself 5 years from now, he will have no answer because it is impossible to say so due to life being so unpredictable. 

Now here, unpredictability does not being life, but rather the fact that he is well aware that there is cut throat competition in the outside world and it is difficult to get a well paid job out of the blue. While companies are aplenty, opportunities are very few and by this time he has seen a lot of struggle and the boiling frustration inside him finally bursts forth, leading him to have a cynical view of life and nothing but negativity festering from the deep wounds with every failure acting as rubbing salt. 

However, there was going to be a tidal wave of change with the advent of the new millennium as everything went online as the digital media watershed proved to be a new breakthrough where the job deprived youngsters found the opportunity that no job or business in the world could give them. 

It came in the form of cryptocurrency with bitcoin being its most popular branch that had the capability of turning paupers into princes  that indeed proved to be quite successful with numerous people sharing their experiences about how their lives changed for the better. 

While we are on the subject of cryptocurrency, it becomes important to mention about blockchain, which is defined as a block of chains that that are linked together with the help of cryptography. 

In accounting terms, it means that all bitcoins or financial data are maintained in records that is similar to ledger format. Yes, this is indeed a revolutionary step as the bitcoin is decentralized in nature due to it being digital so basically, it follows a user to user structure of passing bitcoins where there is no room for intermediaries or middlemen. 

The recorded blockchain can be altered by external influence but it is considered to be secure by default and has a computer system in a distributed format and hence it is said to be decentralized. 

Given below are 10 things that can be tracked with blockchain: 

  1. Food: The global supply chain has ensured that the commodities produced are good and therefore many companies use solutions inspired by blockchain mechanism, 
  1. Art: The world of art has taken to blockchain like fish to water due to its innovative methods of crowdfunding. 
  1. Real Estate: As per coinbase reviewreal estate has adopted to blockchain with  $20 million as a token of security for capital to purchase equity shares 
  1. Land registries: Due to ledger format, it can manage registry of land for countries that are developed or in developing stage. 
  1. Election Technology: It has made a mark in the field of politics as well 
  1. Public investment: It has influenced government process which has increased savings 
  1. Financial aid: It provides to numerous NGOs and organizes charitable functions for the poor 
  1. Cross border issues: It has helped in sorting out border issues and various settlements are in the pipeline 
  1. Daily life disturbance: Blockchain has helped in transparency in global market that were disrupting daily life 
  1. Securities: It has also helped in raising funds through security tokens by adopting to ledger based process. 

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