There are so many women in the world today who are not happy with their breast size. I was one of these women. For years I looked for alternative results, rather than getting breast augmentation surgery. It is not that I was afraid to have the surgery; I thought, why not save the money and try a natural remedy first.
Let’s face it you are either born with good breast tissue or you are not. I do not mean having big breasts from being overweight. Once the weight goes so the size of the breasts. There are some fortunate thin women who were blessed with healthy breast tissue. But for many of us it is not the case. It may sound vain, but I am a firm believer if you are not happy with god gave you change it!

In the 1990’s I decide to try an all natural breast enhancing cream. I started to see a slight improvement in about 1 week. There was on problem, I had a tenderness in my breasts all the time. I felt this product must be working, I was wrong. These products do not tell you that they contain hormone estrogen in them. There also do not warn women that they can cause long-term hormonal imbalance. This can not be healthy for any woman. When I stopped using this product, my breasts no longer hurt, and they were back to normal size. There was such a small change in my size it was not even worth the money.

There are so many creams and pills on the market today. Names like Ravissent, Breast Success and even a brand called Zoft gum. Statistical studies show that herbal remedies, and breast creams simply do not work. Experts do not recommend any creams containing hormones, and you will not experience any significant long lasting changes anyhow.

If you really are serious about enlarging your breasts, augmentation is the only way to achieve this. Do your homework first. Find a reputable plastic surgeon who has had many success stories. The Long Island Plastic Surgical group, is where I had my breast enlargement surgery. My doctor specializes in this type of surgery, and I could not have been happier with the results.

Incisions were made under the breast and there is literally no scarring, just a thin pencil line that is barely noticeable. (They fade with time). He used saline implants and were inserted under the breast muscle. You would never know they are implants. He did a fabulous job.

Although they are quite expensive, you do get what you pay for. If you look for the cheapest plastic surgeon, you will most likely be getting a chop job. Do not get surgery performed in another country because of the price, it can be very dangerous. It is so important to research the doctors credentials. Be very selective with a doctor you decide to choose. (A hint: a good plastic surgeon should offer free consultations). If you have to pay for the first consult, it most likely means he is going to make money off you, (the consultation fee) should you decide not to use him. Recommendations through other women who have had successful breast augmentation surgery is also a good idea.

Every woman deserves to feel good about their bodies, and breast size is a big issue with many women. Breast Augmentation surgery will make your confidence levels skyrocket, and you will feel more feminine and attractive. The results can be life changing.

When it comes to the best, I would recommend the breast augmentation in Michigan as it boasts of a 100% success rate.

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