Call of Duty: Black Ops was pretty much the most anticipated game of 2010. Within 24 hours of going on sale, it sold more than 7 million copies, 5.6 million in the U.S alone. That ladies and gentlemen are how you break records. It destroyed its predecessor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by more than 2.5 million copies. But enough about why the numbers tell you to go and buy this game. Let me convince you by telling you about the gameplay.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops you assume the role of you guessed it a special ops soldier. Like in its previous versions of the Call of Duty family you have access to an arsenal of weapons enough to start your own private war. In gameplay, you can wield several types of firearms which consist of pistols which can be carried in one or two at a time, various types of Grenades, Claymore, C4, and other types of explosives. A nice addition is a crossbow that can fire explosives tip arrows. And like traditional first-person shooters you have your M-14, M-16, MP4, and a few heavy type machine guns which includes one of my favorites the mini-gun.

During the game, you play as various special ops characters running black ops for your respective unit. The story revolves around a SOG operative named Alex Mason who went MIA during a black ops mission. The game starts with him strapped to a chair in a secret interrogation room with monitors behind him displaying numbers. In 1961 Mason’s unit attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro during the historic Bay of pigs invasion of Cuba. It would seem that Mason’s unit succeeded in the assassination attempt, but that’s when the story gets interesting. You will enjoy the James Bond movie like a script for this game as you will see it will take both perseverance and finesse to get out of certain situations, and the story never really ends as one would expect every level feels like a surprise. This game as some historical value as you can see real footage of President John F. Kennedy. The ending is also enjoyable as President Kennedy becomes a playable character “Oops Spoiler”.

The gameplay speed is pretty good and challenging as bad guys seemed to have gotten smarter. The AI for this game is exceptional. Here is the only bad thing to say about Call of Duty: Black Ops, the multi-player online gameplay crashes. There is a lot of host migration failed messages. I suspect Activision will get this issue resolved in a couple of months.

The replay value is off the charts as you will have enough fun with this game to keep playing over and over.

Here is cast, and what a cast of voice talents.

  • Sam Worthington – Alex Mason
  • Ed Harris – Jason Hudson
  • Gary Oldman – Viktor Reznov
  • James Burns – Frank Woods
  • Ice Cube – Joseph Bowman
  • Gene Farber – Grigori Weaver
  • Eamon Hunt – Nikita Dragovich
  • Andrew Divoff – Lev Kravchenko
  • Robert Picardo – Secretary of Defense McNamara

Also, our friends at Treyarch were nice enough to include a Zombie mode which is available as its own game at any time located in the main menu. Happy Hunting!

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