Those of us who have heard of Botox might associate it with a way to cure wrinkles. In fact, this anti-aging treatment has other applications. One that might surprise a lot of people is that Botox, or its full name Botulinum Toxin, may help in the fight against baldness. This is good news for the many people desperately searching for any solution to this common problem of hair loss.

I began to notice my own hair disappearing as soon as I reached my thirties; as the gaps on my scalp became bigger and bigger it sent me on a quest to find any solution to this age-old problem. I spent a fortune and wasted a lot of time rubbing different potions onto my balding head but none of these produced any results. Friends told me to just accept it, but that was easy for them to say. After all, they weren’t the ones needing to look in the mirror and see themselves look older than their years. Some of my friends that did understand, the other baldies, suggested that I keep my hair short but it was hard not to miss my previously thick mop of hair. If somebody had mentioned Botox to me then I would have wasted little time before giving it a go. When I got to know about it, I started searching for the best BOTOX treatment in New Jersey.

The use of Botox as a treatment for hair loss was discovered by a cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Simon Ourian. He was attempting to help his own mother whom he was treated as a patient. She was suffering from migraines and he tried to combat this by injecting Botox into her scalp. His mother had also undergone chemotherapy recently and had experienced hair-loss due to this. The physician was surprised to discover that not only did it help her migraine, but the Botox also seemed to speed along her recovery from baldness.

An article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper ( describes how Botox is believed to cure baldness through its vasodilation ability. Botulinum relaxes the blood vessels and this allows blood to reach the hair follicle. Dr. Ourian is convinced that Botox treatment is an effective means to combat baldness.

It may take a bit of time before Botox is fully approved for curing baldness, but tests are being conducted as we speak. Dr. Ourian had been doing his own research, over recent years, and has had no difficulty getting volunteers. The results of this have been very positive.

Any solution to baldness would be welcome by many of us. Hopefully, Botox will indeed prove successful in its trials and will be on the market for us to use soon. Maybe then baldness will be a thing of the past. It may also be the end of many of the quack products that people have been applying to their scalps for a millennium.

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