Replacing cabinets during a kitchen renovation can be a lengthy and expensive process. Cabinets are one of the most expensive components of a kitchen to replace, as many are custom built and must be measured and installed by professionals. 

Consider searching for cabinets that can be easily installed by the homeowners. These r82 kits are often available at the local home store and could save the homeowner hundreds of dollars in installation costs for the new cabinets.

Sometimes all the cabinets need are a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. New hardware and paint can make a large difference in the look of the cabinets as well as create a dramatic new theme for the kitchen. New hardware for the doors can come as little as three dollars per door pull, and new paint can be purchased for as little as twenty dollars per gallon. This is the perfect makeover for your kitchen, on the cheap!

Instead of replacing the entire cabinet system, many homeowners find it beneficial to give the cabinets a literal face-lift by replacing the faces, or the front of the cabinets. This can be done by replacing the cabinet faces altogether or by creating a new look with paint, texturing, or stripping of color from the cabinets.

As an alternative to the traditional cupboard doors, design trends are showing that open-faced, or glass doors above the sink and in other cupboards are growing in popularity. These glass cabinet doors are a great way to replace the kitchen cabinets for cheap. The glass can be obtained from a glass shop for a fraction of the price, and installed into the cabinets for a custom feel.

There are modern ways to save money while replacing your kitchen cabinets and this is to remove the door completely and finish the frames while leaving the cabinets open. Not only does this give the kitchen modern appeal but it also gives everyone in the household a reason to keep the cupboards tidy.

If the alternative methods are not appealing and you wish to replace the cabinets than homeowners can save thousands of dollars by shopping at design outlet stores, or overstock stores, as well as shopping at stores that specialize in these ideas and have scratch and dent products that can be installed but have minor flaws that do not affect the look of the product.

Many modern homes are opting for curtains on curtain wires rather than the traditional cabinet doors. This is perfect for the bottom cabinets in the kitchen, and if designed properly creates warmth within the space. These should be avoided by the cooking area, or if they are used, ensure that they are easily removed in case they become soiled.

There are many things that you can do to change the look of your cabinets. Consider purchasing a program, or download a program for your personal computer that lets the homeowner simulate these changes, such as color and placement before actually making the purchase, this way, it can be foretold which ideas will work, and which ideas will not.