Today’s world is one of instant gratification. We don’t want to wait for anything. Credit cards to buy what we want now rather than waiting to make the money to pay. Email on our phones so we don’t have to wait until we get home. Fast food so we don’t have to wait when we’re hungry. Everything has to be done right now, it has to be easy, and we shouldn’t have to give anything up in the process.

In this ‘right now’ world, things that take time are out of style. People are used to getting everything they want right when they want it. We’re all spoiled by modern technology advances that keep feeding our already-lacking impulse control.

In weight loss, of course, there is no real instant gratification. Losing pounds takes hard work, self-control and time. All qualities that are seemingly disappearing in today’s world.

So, it should be no real surprise that a recent study performed in the United Kingdom on behalf of Good Surgeon revealed that people prefer surgery over diet and exercise to lose weight. More and more people are wondering if CoolSculpting can be used to reduce fat, along with other clinic treatments as well. In fact, 78 percent of women polled would rather undergo a surgery than to cut calories or exercise. A staggering 34 percent of women preferred liposuction for weight loss, followed by gastric bypass at 26 percent and eight percent would choose a tummy tuck. Meanwhile, 14 percent would cut calories, two percent would choose more exercise and six percent of the women would combine diet and exercise.

To further exemplify the instant gratification thought process, the study found that 26 percent of women never exercise, and prefer some kind of weight loss surgery over going to the gym just once a week.

Of the surgery, women chose it for two reasons. First, they said it would have “great results”. Second, they expressed it would “work immediately”.

The study also revealed that while 74 percent of women are concerned with their weight, only 26 percent would be willing to give up favorite foods to lose weight.

This study is an example of why instant gratification can be dangerous. Without changing food habits and getting proper exercise, these individuals will inevitable go back to their previous weight. They learn nothing about good nutritional habits, self-restraint regarding food or health in general. Those that won’t exercise are at an extremely high risk of cardiovascular disease, regardless of whether they lose weight or not.

There are some things that we have to work for in life. While weight loss surgery is a blessing for those who have tried all the other options and have a plan they will enact for a healthier life, it is not a good first-line choice for weight loss. Weight loss surgery is surgery, which is inherently risky. That these women are willing to risk their lives for surgery rather than work off the weight is extremely disturbing on many levels.

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