Sisters who are close in age often have an overlap of interests, friends and yes, even young men they are romantically interested in. If your sister ended a relationship with someone and you find yourself in the position where you are thinking about starting a relationship with him yourself, there are several important points to consider before doing so, and before you do some efforts such as trying to discover the best Love Quotes For Him. This article will help you decide whether pursuing a relationship with your sister’s ex boyfriend is a wise idea.

The Relationship Ended Amicably. If your sister and her boyfriend ended things on a positive note and still remain friends with no hard feelings, then it may not be problem for the two of you to start dating. This is especially true if the relationship was very short and your sister has already entered into a relationship with someone new. She may have absolutely no issue with you dating someone she was only briefly and casually involved with.

Your Sister Still Has Feelings For Him. If your sister still has unresolved feelings for her ex boyfriend and is having a difficult time moving on, then it is extremely inappropriate to start a relationship with him no matter how strong your own feelings are. Boyfriends come and go, but the sister relationship is one that will sustain. It is simply not worth hurting your sister to enter into a romantic relationship with someone that could end after a very short time.

Is It Just A Crush Or Something More? Before deciding whether to begin a relationship with your sister’s ex boyfriend, you must first honestly evaluate your feelings. Is it simply a crush or a physical attraction? Do you think that you may be falling in love with him and possibly have a real future together? By being honest with yourself and the feelings you have for this person, you can better determine whether entering into a relationship with him is a worth the complications.

Don’t Sneak Around. If you have decided to date your sister’s ex boyfriend, do not hide the relationship. Sneaking around is extremely disrespectful to the relationship you have with your sister and will make her feel humiliated and betrayed if the truth is revealed from an outside party. Be honest and upfront at the very beginning, before you even go on your first date together.

Have A Heart To Heart Talk With Your Sister. State your feelings for your sister’s ex boyfriend honestly, but with the utmost concern for your sister’s feelings. Be sure that she knows that you would not intentionally hurt her for anything in the world and that your decision to pursue a relationship with him was very difficult for you.

Expect Complications. No matter how your sister feels about this person, it may take quite a bit of time for her to come around to the fact that you are now dating him. Be patient and sensitive to her feelings and let her work out her own emotions in her own way. Expect that there will be family members and friends who disapprove of the relationship right from the beginning and have a difficult time accepting the two of you as a couple. Even if you and your sister have worked out the situation between the two of you, there will still be people who believe you committed a terrible injustice towards your sister and look at you in a very negative way.

Dating your sister’s ex boyfriend is fraught with complications and the potential to hurt your sister in a very deep way. You must determine whether your feelings for this person are strong enough to weather the storm and risk causing damage to the relationship you have with your sister and other people close to you.

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