The balcony, patio, and the area directly outside of your apartment is an extension of your home, and you can make it truly your own by decorating those areas in ways that convey your personal style. Some of the best rated investment properties in Singapore are replete with features such as this one. Although the space outside your apartment is probably limited, you can significantly decorate with potted plants, concrete statues, hanging baskets, wind chimes, and more. Those who live in apartments can enjoy decorating outside in much the same way as those who own their homes.

Container Gardening

Most apartment complexes allow residents to fill containers with plants and flowers and sit them outside their front door. Consider decorating the outside of your apartment by filling attractive planters with beautiful hardy flowers such as geraniums, petunias, marigolds, or other plants that will thrive in the conditions and climate of your particular location. Surround flowers with trailing vines, baby’s breath, or other fillers to complete the look you want to achieve.

You might also consider decorating with eye-catching hanging baskets. You’ll find beautiful ready-made hanging baskets containing a variety of flowers, or you can save a little money and put them together yourself. Purchase flowers such as wave petunias, moss roses, or any other flowering plant that grows well in hanging baskets. Add vines for added interest and texture, and hang your baskets outside your apartment windows or doors.


Concrete and resin statues come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, and they are fantastic for adding a touch of individuality when decorating the outside of an apartment. Concrete is the best option since it will last indefinitely, but it’s usually more expensive than plastic or resin, and depending on the size it can be quite heavy. Quality resin statues cost less, they’re durable, and they’re heavy enough to stay in place but light enough to move with very little effort. Check your local discount stores and garden centers, and visit concrete statue retailers to discover the many options for decorating the outside of your apartment.

Beautiful Chimes

The soft sound of chimes is a nice addition to outdoor space, and decorating with beautiful wind chimes is an option for those living in an apartment. You might be concerned that the sound of chimes will annoy the neighbors, but not all chimes are loud and annoying. Many barely make a sound as the wind lightly caresses their hanging appendages, and they’re available in a variety of unique themes, colors, prices, and styles.

Landscaping Your Backyard Space

Many apartment complexes allow residents to individualize their backyard space, and if you have a private area in which to do as you please, begin decorating the grounds to make your own private outdoor area to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Find out what you are allowed to do before getting started, and if restrictions aren’t a problem, consider making a garden area or flowerbed surrounded by decorative blocks or landscape timbers. If you plan on staying in your apartment home for an extended length of time, fill it with perennial foliage and flowers. Otherwise, plant a garden filled with vegetables that grow well in tighter locations, and surround it with attractive annual flowers. Decorating the outside of your apartment can be functional as well as beautiful.

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