Body protectors are more than just a suit in boxing. These gears are essential in ensuring your safety and protection. Thus, when practicing and training, body protectors give you a lot of ease and comfort to do sparring with your trainers or partners. Body protectors allow you and your trainer to have quality training in boxing. With these body protectors you’ll be able to punch your trainer in his body without him being too much hurt or damaged. This is because body protectors absorb you’re the impact of strikes and punches from the opponent. Hence, you’ll be able to deliver quality, strong and real punches to your trainers without the fear of the heavy impacts it may have caused to him. But just like any other safety gears in boxing, body protectors come in different types as well. So, if you are looking for the perfect body protector for your training and boxing purposes, you are in the right place, This article will give you exactly what you are looking for. Here are the top boxing body protector.


Fairtex chest shield is not only the best choice for boxing but it is also the most used body protectors in other combat sports like muay thai, MMA, and kickboxing. Thus, if you are looking for a body protector that can strongly absorb punches, hooks, jabs, elbows, knees and other forms of strikes, you should go for fairtex chest shield. It has a large striking surface that cover your entire upper body, which means it provides larger protection as well. This type of body protector is made up of synthetic leather so you are assured that this is a really quality protector.

RDX TKD Boxing Chest Guard

If you are looking for the most affordable body protector available in the market and yet can provide you a strong and decent protection, RDX TKD boxing chest guard is the best deal for you. However, this body protector has some downsides. Since this is the cheapest one, it is not made from so quality materials. But honesty, it can still absorb high intensity strikes for your opponents. This is the best choice if you are on a strict budget.


Looking for body protectors with excellent quality that can provide ease and benefits to both the wearer and the one doing striking, Ringside Gel Shock body protector is the best option. This body protector is made and designed from synthetic leather and it’s going to last for a longer period of time. Thus, if you would like to really invest in body protectors, you should go for ringside gel shock body protectors.


Just like any other body protectors, this type is made from synthetic leather and it has thick padding making it ideal for MMA, boxing and Muay Thai. Contender body protectors provide ease and comfort to users as its buckles are very easy to fasten and unfasten. Also, since it has a thick padding, it can absorb strong and extreme punches from the opponent.


This is one of the least favorite type of body protectors. It doesn’t provide full coverage to the users since the lower parts are only covered and not the upper part of you body. But the good thing is, the lower part that is protected is very much safe as this body protector is also made from quality materials. It has padding that tightly hold up against the shock of punches from the one delivering the strikes. Hence, if you are training with hard hitters, Title classic is the best choice for you.

Thanks to these body protectors, you can now experience a safe and worries free training and boxing. With a lot of options available in the market, it is your job to carefully assess and determine which type best fits your needs. Truly, these body protectors help us to prevent injury and extreme damage. Their main purpose is to absorb extreme impacts and strikes from your opponent. Lastly, body protectors allow the training proper to be real setting and making it more actual because of the real punches being delivered. Bit with these protectors, the damage and injury will be lessen and prevented.

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