If you spend more than an hour a day vacuuming your home then having a lightweight vacuum at home can make vacuuming more bearable. If you’re still looking for a good lightweight vac to buy you should consider the Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo canister vac. Here are some of the pros and cons from this vacuum cleaner.


Assembling this unit is really easy. Just put the hose, wand, the cleaning head and you’re good to go.

On tile and wood floors the cleaning performance is excellent. The machine can suck in any pet hair, dust and dirt easily. Attaching the revolving turbo floor is easy and they stay connected firmly while you’re doing the cleaning. If you use the carpet attachment cleaning low-pile carpets also yield good result. You can adjust the suction power using the controls on the handle instead of going back to the canister.

This machine is both lightweight and compact. You can easily maneuver it all over the place. It is quiet too. Because of its slim design it can go very low to easily reach under the bed and furniture. The hose is very flexible and durable.

After you finish vacuuming you can empty the dirt container in two easy steps. Press the release button and pull the container out, press another button and dump the content into the sink.

Another nice feature is the automatic power cord rewinding. Just press a button and the cord goes back in a jiffy.


On full power the vacuum gives a high-pitched noise. It won’t break your eardrums but it’s not a pleasant sound nevertheless.

When a bagless vacuum has a powerful suction it usually means you have to empty the dirt canister often. This machine is no exception. And since the dirt container is rather small you have to empty it after each use. You also need to clean the carpet attachment often. It gets dirty after a single run through your carpet. The most powerful car vacuum cleaner will clean the carpet spread at the car. The dirt and dust will be cleared with safety to the appliances of the car. 

The 20-foot long cord is annoying when you want to clean a large area in one go. The hose is also too short. When cleaning the stairs you can’t leave the canister on the bottom of the stairs and you have to lug the canister with you.

The final grief is the on-board tools. When not in use you’re suppose to hang them on the wand but they won’t stay “on-board”. They keep falling off.


If your home is mostly bare floors with some low-pile carpets Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo canister vacuum cleaner is a good choice. It does has some weaknesses, but if cleaning performance is what matter most to you then buying this canister vac is a sound choice.

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