Phone directories are helpful for personal or business purposes.  It helps you connect with people and establishments easily, especially when you don’t know their contact details. Thing is, hard copies or traditional white pages don’t come cheap. That’s why you want to find free but reliable options such as the Page Blanche today.

All you should know in Finding Free White Pages to Trust

Even today, telephone directories or white pages offer big help for you. It allows you to get in touch with relatives, friends or businesses easily. And if you have access to reverse white pages, it would help you in discovering the identity of an anonymous number as well.

But traditional phone directories come in book or booklet forms. You need to subscribe to a publisher so they’d send you a copy annually. Yes, online white pages are available today too, but they usually come with payment upon sign-up or in using certain features.

And there are instances when you need to find free white pages for your purpose.

Choose among White Pages Services Properly

For starters, you should pick the right white pages regardless of it being free or paid, such as the Page Blanche. This would help finding real details of a contact you need.  You don’t want to waste time using a directory, only to end up making a wrong call to somebody you don’t know.

Here are few important characteristics of white pages you should trust:

Contains Real Information

Any phone directory should carry real and accurate contact information of real persons or businesses. Yes, there are white pages which display fake or wrong details, leading users to make wrong calls. You wouldn’t want that. So, be sure to consider these tips in identifying trustworthy white pages:

Check the publisher of white pages in hard copies. Be sure it’s made by reputable phone directory publishers, and not by a company you haven’t heard about. Big publishers don’t want to ruin their brand by putting fake details in their copies.

If you opt using online white pages, try checking out reviews of its users. Some sites have reviews on their homepage. But it’s better to look for reliable reviews about a certain white pages platform on other third-party websites.

Either form of white pages you plan to use, you can check some of its contacts you already know. For example, try searching a close friend whose phone number is saved in your phonebook.  See if it match the details in the phone directory.

Type of Information it contains

Use a phone directory that features the type of contact you’re looking for. Remember that there are few types of phone directories,   with white and yellow pages being the most prominent.  White pages usually refer to phone directories in general, or to its part which carries contact details of people. Whereas yellow pages carries contact details of businesses, services or companies.

And if you’d use an online phone directory, you’d get a chance to encounter gray pages or reverse white pages. With Page Blanche being a good example. This type of directory shows contact numbers before the names of each entry. And that’s helpful if you want to look-up an anonymous number to possibly uncover the identity of its owner.

Amount of Information it carries

The more information a phone directory contains, the better chance of it having the contact you need. That’s helpful especially if you need the details of an individual who is not that popular. Or somebody who doesn’t have a business.

But finding the contact info you need is quite confusing if a directory has thousands or millions of contents. The next characteristic would help you.

Convenient to Use

Pick an easy-to-use white pages to avoid hassles in finding a contact detail. A hard copy phone directory, for example, features literally white and yellow papers for personal and business contact details respectively. They also indicate the city, zip code or state they cover, so you don’t have to pick one that features different areas.

Online white pages are much easier to use. You only need to type the name of a person or business, add some restrictions to your search, and check the results that would appear. You can even choose between websites or downloadable apps, depending on which suits your needs.

Where to Find Reliable but Free White Pages

Now, you know some characteristics of white pages to trust. You can simply visit Page Blanche for a free option today. But here are two of the best places for you to spot free yet reliable phone directories easily:


You want to find a book? Surely, the library can help you. Note that telephone directories are in book form, so you’d certainly find one in a library near you. And remember that libraries always make sure they offer accurate and reliable info to readers, which means they display trusty white pages. Simply read through, and find the contact you need.

Thing is, you can’t bring such book home permanently. Yes, you can borrow it, but you should return it in few days or weeks. Also, it’s quite inconvenient to stray away from your daily path to visit a library.

The Internet

If you don’t want to bother about the disadvantages of reading free white pages in the library, go online instead. Today, there are numerous free online white pages which offer white, yellow and gray pages services.

Be sure, however, to carefully choose through different websites or apps available. Take note of the reminders mentioned earlier. This includes finding one with real and accurate details, more contact entries, availability of phone directory type you need, and easy-to-use interface. Also, be careful because some platforms use deceiving schemes to get cash from you. So, if you want free to use white pages, be careful in dropping cash during signing-up, using any features or for flashy offers.

Use the White Pages you need for Free!

These are the essential notes you should keep in finding free white pages today. Don’t simply hop on any options because it’s free. Be sure it’s reliable as a phone directory as well. And to avoid all the hassles in searching one, visit Page Blanche directly now!