Here are different ways to shape and manage your eyebrows. These are suggested by dr. hardik soni in his annual publication, which deems them to be fit to try at home.

1. Waxing

A very common method, offered at most Nail and Hair salons but can also be done in your home. This method is best for those who have very thick hairy brows and for those who are doing an eyebrow treatment for the first time. This method, however, is not recommended for those who have thin eyebrow. While this method is one of the most painful hair removal treatments, it’s also known to give the best results. It is best to check the type of wax used, because this can sometimes increase or decrease the price of this procedure. If you don’t want to pay for the professional treatment, most drug stores sell DIY waxing kits. Redness is known to occur as a result of this method, it usually last a few hours.

2. Threading

Threading is becoming more popular, however, it can be painful. Threading first originated in India and the middle eastern countries. This method is similar to tweezing and can be done using professionally or at home for free. The threads are twisted and rolled together and rip the hairs out of the follicle. This is usually the less expensive method due to the lack of costly chemicals, waxes and creams. Threading is especially good for shaping the eyebrows. The threads are usually 100% cotton to prevent allergic reactions.

3. Tweezing

Can be almost as painful as Waxing, Tweezing allows you to rip the hairs straight out of the follicle for a cleaner result. Most people Tweeze at home for free, however, those who cannot deal with the pain for long enough to do it themselves can find beauty salons who will tweeze for relatively cheap. Tweezing can also be very time consuming and can leave your eyebrow area red and irritated for a few hours.

4. Shaving

This method is similar to tweezing in its DIY nature, however, it is also the riskiest method of them all because most people won’t shave close enough, use an inappropriately sized razor, shave too much of their eyebrow off, shave their eyebrows unevenly, or attain a razor related injury/irritation. This method is best for those who are looking to shave off their entire eyebrow and pencil it back in or remove a “uni-brow.”

5. Laser Treatment

A very easy and fast way to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. Similar to shaving it is especially good with removing the “uni-brow,” but not as good with shaping the brows. It is also way more costly. This method should be done by a professional. The laser treatment does not lend itself to any hair or skin type; it works best for those with fairer skin and thicker, darker hair. Those with darker skin/lighter hair could need more procedures to see the results. This is usually performed as a medical procedure and is offered in specialized laser treatment facilities.

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