No one ever believes it will happen to them. No matter how many articles published or television news items aired, men and women continue to engage in risky behavior that is not well thought out when it comes to altering their faces and bodies using surgery and other invasive modalities.

You would think that people would learn that every cosmetic enhancement doesn’t always result in “pretty” or “younger looking”.

Surgery always carries a degree of risk. Anesthesia allergies, infection, bacterial inflammation, exposure to MRSA, poorly trained physicians, undiagnosed medical conditions and prescribed pain medications are just a few of the potential side effects of every surgical procedure.

Not liking the results is also a risk.

In fact, after surgical recuperation many people do not especially like their results. That’s why “revision” surgery has become so popular – disgruntled patients are willing to redo the procedure in hopes they will like the outcome even better the second or third try. Doing more of what doesn’t work, usually still doesn’t work.

We have probably seen friends and family who have undergone plastic surgery and certainly we have witnessed unrecognizable celebrities who have opted for enhancements. Just recently on one of the celebrity blogs, the video tape was rolling as the photographer was asking, “Is it her? It is her?” He wasn’t certain that the subject he was shooting was indeed the star. Why? Her celebrity face was so bloated with injections that she did not look like herself.

Who wants their calling card, their beautiful face, to be mangled, ridiculed, bungled or maligned? The goal for any enhancement is to look refreshed.

Nightmarish results can occur frequently especially when several procedures are performed, revised and revised again. Once you opt to allow someone wearing a mask and rubber gloves holding a syringe or a scalpel to have their way with your face, you, too, could become disfigured or a statistic.

If you have looked in the mirror and have seen someone old looking back at you, you may be tempted to succumb to plastic surgery procedures to help you look younger. Stop!

Do not be fooled…Mother Nature has a safe, delightfully effective solution.

There are certain physical characteristics that attribute to the look of a face that needs enhancement: droopy eye brows, hooded eyes, a lined forehead, sagging cheeks, jowls, pouches, marionette lines, crow’s feet and a double chin.

Just like muscles in the body respond to exercise, the face responds to exercise, too. In the body muscles reposition, contour and tighten with exercise; the facial muscles also lift, tone, tighten and contour when the principles of resistance and contractions are applied.

Slowly and deliberately an aging face can be greatly improved with a few simple exercise techniques. These techniques are reliable and proven to help the user look ten to fifteen years younger without any risk, harm or danger.

Results are usually seen almost immediately and the lasting results just get better and better as you repeat the routine a few minutes each day. What could be better?

Armed with only the thumbs and fingers in exercise gloves, facial exercise expertly deals with sagging muscles and skin that make us look old and tired. The process is simple and the movements are easy to understand and complete.

Facial muscles differ from body muscles. Our long body muscles attach to bones and joints, bones and joints. Small facial muscles are attached to the bones in our hairline and the other end attaches to either another muscle or directly into the skin. This feature means that in order to execute a contraction with resistance that will lift and tighten the muscles we need to create an artificial anchor. When our thumbs and fingers in exercise gloves anchor these muscles they respond quickly to these exercise movements.

One facet that makes facial exercise so appealing is that it is a natural process that does not involve anesthesia, drugs, electro-stimulation or anything harmful. Your skin will definitely enjoy the benefit of exercise by appearing more radiant as oxygenated blood is increased throughout the tissues in your face and neck.

Another attractive aspect of facial exercise is the cost. For less than the cost of a facial you can purchase an entire system of exercise and once you learn the techniques, these are yours forever. You take control of the aging process with your thumbs and fingers. Your face will look substantially younger as muscle strength increases while your skin appears smooth and lifted.

Exercise increases your confidence because when you look good you feel good.

No spending your life savings, no revision required because you look like you only years younger, no worries, no regrets and best of all, no nightmares.

Tune into to know more about the pros and cons of plastic surgery.