The Grand Canyon, located on the northern border of Arizona, was designated as a U.S. National Park in 1919. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it receives more than 5 million visitors a year. The Grand Canyon was carved out by the Colorado River running along the base. The millions of years of erosion gave us the magnificent sight we have today. If you have never visited this unique national park, there are many fun tours available to provide you with an exciting time while you explore the wonders of the majestic Grand Canyon.

Fun Grand Canyon ToursGrand Canyon Helicopter Explorer

See the Grand Canyon from the air with Grand Canyon Helicopter Explorer tours. This fun and adventurous tour will take off from Boulder City, Nevada, just south of Las Vegas, and provide you with rare views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead while you travel to the western side of the Grand Canyon. When you get to the western rim of the canyon, your helicopter pilot will take you below the rim and give you a close-up view of the rock formations and geology of this unique landscape. You will also get a chance to see El Dorado Canyon, where your helicopter will set down and allow you to get out and explore the canyon for a little while before heading back to your point of origin.
Grand Canyon Helicopter tours provides transportation to and from your hotel to the Boulder City flight terminal.

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Fun Grand Canyon ToursGrand Canyon Mule Rides

Travel to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mule when you take a Grand Canyon mule ride. This popular seven-hour tour starts at the top of Bright Angel Trail and follows the trail down to the bottom of the canyon 1,300 feet below. You can also choose a two-day tour where you camp out overnight in the canyon and go back up the trail the next day. The Grand Canyon Mule Ride gives you the opportunity to see the real beauty of the canyon at a slow pace and up close. The mule rides are a preferred method of touring the canyon by many people, and reservations are required for the tour.

Grand Canyon Mule Rides
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Fun Grand Canyon ToursGrand Canyon River Rafting Tours

Experience the thrill of rafting down the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners and see it from a vantage point that can’t be found with other tours. This fun and exciting tour will take you over white-water rapids and provide a unique experience for you to remember. You will be assisted by expert guides who will provide information on points of interest and places to watch for while they keep you out of danger along the river. Multiple day trips are available to give you the experience of camping out at night on the canyon floor and experiencing the feeling of the rugged outdoors. Food and everything you need for the trip is provided for you, and souvenirs of your adventure are also available from the Arizona River Runners.

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