Instagram is one of the most used application these days which means you get more and more number of people to reach out to. With millions using Instagram accounts it has become a prominent platform for businesses to promote their content with Ads and reach out to their target audiences.

As a matter of fact, 96% U.S. marketer plans to continue using Instagram Ads for the next six months and 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses as well. Instagram is one of the most used channel for the marketers as we see how visual media is proven to be far more effective in engaging target audience far more than traditional marketing. As Instagram is owned by Facebook it basically uses the same algorithm for multi-layer audience targeting.

Like all other advertisement campaigns everything might not go as you have planned but it is important to go beyond “Buy this” approach and be more visually creative and create more unique content to promote your business.

There are several tricks and methods which can be used in order to reach out to more audience and the most of your Instagram ads.

  • Bring forth your best content

It’s the most important aspect of your Instagram Ad campaign as it has to be appealing and creative in order to engage the audience. You are required to be more interactive with your Ads as well.

You can get more creative with features like Zoom, slow-motion videos and filters. These features help you get more out of your content and let you be more artistic with your photos and videos.

Several business even repost their already successful post and photos in order to increase the traffic to their account as it is cheaper and is a proven success in terms of advertisement. You can do more with Instagram as it allows multiple photos to be stacked together making it engaging.

  • Improve targeting

Similar to Facebook Instagram helps you in building target audience while taking in factors like age, demographics, interest, behaviors and so on. On one hand, it is really important for you to strictly monitor these parameters as you don’t want so many irrelevant individuals through your brand and on the other you don’t have to be extremely precise about this otherwise it’ll leave you with a tiny batch of audience.

Using hashtags is another important aspect in this as it allows user other than your existing followers to get to you. You can use popular hashtags to do so. You just need to make sure that the hashtag you are using is not too popular so your post doesn’t get lost in the lot.

You can look at this site to know more about popular and latest hashtags.

You are also required to make sure your Ads doesn’t look like boring pale Ads as well. It is important that you make your Ad campaign feel more natural and organic. The users are far more likely to interact with that.

  • Be more active

You are required to be more active as well. This will make sure that your target audience is always seeing your content. Scheduling your Ads is another great way to make it reach out to more people as well. Instagram allows its user to do so as well.

Posting Instagram stories regularly is another way to make to interact as these stories lasts for 24 hours. It may not be directly related to your Ad but it has proven to be an effective tool to increase brand engagement.

Running a content or giveaways is really beneficial for the campaign as well. As you get your followers to tag their friend and this goes on. This dramatically increases the traffic to your account is a great way of increasing your followers as well. Several websites out there also offers a large amount of organic followers as well. You can visit or any such website for more info.

Several editing tools out there can be useful as well, making your photos and videos more interactive is a really effective method to make your Ad look like a master piece.

With all these tips and tricks you can make your Instagram Ad campaign more successful, thus, enabling you to reach out to more users.

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