Plumbing problems are quite common in every household. To resolve these issues almost every year can be a real challenge. However, a plumbing issue can be both an easy fix or something that requires an expert opinion. Sometimes pipework limitations can cause real problems. Other times, however, you might have to deal with running toilets, water backup, clogs, leaks, and even dripping faucets. Necessary solutions can be taken to prevent these plumbing problems from occurring. You can either fix these problems at home or hire the best plumber west london services online.

Common plumbing problems & solutions

Using DIY methods to fix your plumbing issues at home might have adverse effects. This attempt to fix your plumbing system can make the problem even worse. Some of the common plumbing issues, their causes, and the solutions include: 

  • Overflowing toilets/ Clogged toilets

Clogged or overflowing toilets are quite a common plumbing problem. The problem is mainly with the valve that is needed to be fixed. The overflowing can be temporarily stopped if the valve is turned off. A good plunger can be used to get rid of the cloggings. This could fix your issue; however, if not then don’t push it too much.

  • Clogged Drains

Shower drains, and bathtub sinks tend to get clogged quite often. In that case, the drain cover needs to be unscrewed and unclogged to ensure that water flow is at a normal rate. A professional plumber can fix this problem and get the clogged hair and other materials from the drains within minutes. 

  • Running Toilets

Water leakages in the toilet are another most common plumbing problems that need to be fixed. This can lead to a great deal of water loss. To avoid that, contact a nearby plumber who can repair water leakages from toilets. 

  • Dripping Faucets

This is another similar problem to running toilets. It happens almost every time that your faucets from the kitchen or the basin. However, it is an easy problem to fix with the help of a good plumber. The internal washer needs to be replaced or sealed. So, it is a fixable problem. 

  • Malfunction of water heaters

This plumbing issue can only be fixed with the help of a plumber. The most professional plumber knows every part of the water heater better and how each part can be fixed. 

  • Air in water pipes

This is another issue that cannot be fixed with the help of home DIYs. You need a professional to handle this acute plumbing problem. If there is any loud spurting or banging noise while using the faucets, it means that there is air within the pipes. 

  • Blockage of sewer line

Smelly and rusty water from your faucets with low pressure would mean a blockage in the sewer line. Also, whenever you see an indication of sinkholes, it can mean that it is time to clean and refresh the sewer line and continue receiving clean and healthy drinkable water. 

Hire professionals!

These common plumbing issues are easily fixable when you hire the best plumber west london services. So you would not need to procrastinate while opting for a professional plumbing service. They can fix any issue in no given time and save a lot of your energy and time in return. Though some of the solutions to these plumbing problems can be taken care of at home, it is better to get professional help.