Try finding a hotel for under $200 per night in southern Florida during high season (Nov-April). Go ahead. Try. Especially with no reservations. It can happen, but it’s difficult. Luckily, I’m here to tell you exactly where to find one. The Days Inn Airport South is just such a place. We paid $139 per night there, with part of that being added on for a room with both a microwave and a fridge. It’s really a much better room than we though it would be.

Our room had two double beds. These are actually fairly comfortable mattresses and neither of us had any trouble sleeping on them for the week we stayed at Days Inn at all. I could do with a better quality spread than the polyester thing, but that’s minor, innit?

The TV is the standard RCA 19 inch with the full boat of cable channels available. It sits in a blonde wood bookcase thingy above the 3 dresser drawers and sided by the shelves holding the micro, dorm fridge, and 4-cup coffee maker. About coffee makers in room… well, more so the stuff they leave with them: Why oh why in bloody hell do they use those pre-packed sets of cream, sugar, stir stick, fake sugar? That is such a waste! I use tons of cream and sugar. I do not use fake sugar. So all that fake sugar goes into the trash when the maid cleans. Would it not be more cost-effective to just leave out individuals of everything so we can pick and choose what we want without having to toss the extras? Yeesh.

Anyways… There is a bench for suitcases with enough room underneath for several pairs of shoes, a full-length mirror (YES!), and a small sink area for doing my make up while he’s in the bathroom. That’s a plus in my book.

The bathroom has a decent sized tub/shower combo with nice adjustable pressure. The hot water is plentiful, but does tend to fluctuate temperature occasionally. The toilet is too high off the floor though. Really. I felt like a little kid in there! I’m 5’2″ and my feet did not touch the floor when I sat on it. Very odd, that.

There is a cheap desk against the window with free high-speed Internet access, which works like a charm. This is accessible both via wire connection or wireless. It’s a nice clean signal.

There is an indoor pool and an exercise room, but I did not use either. I did use the laundry room on the 5th floor at a buck per machine. They are older machines but worked well enough. There are 2 washers and 2 dryers.

Gym savvy individuals who cannot workout in gyms for the time being can utilize this opportunity perfectly and then enjoy a nice few hours in the pool after sweating it out to make it a good day’s work, especially since the Seattle airport hours are quite grueling and hectic that are sure to have given a jet lag to people who are not used to long flights.

Now to the real thing I liked here: Lots of places offer a free continental breakfast, and Days Inn is no different. Imagine my surprise though when I wandered down the first morning to find not only the usual baked goods, but also biscuits  amp; gravy! Yeah Baby! That is absolutely the way to this reviewer’s heart. I do not eat breakfast as a rule, but put that wonderful nectar of the Gods in front of me and you own me, man. I got my sorry butt up every morning that week to go partake of this southern hick delicacy. Good stuff, that.

Location-wise, well… This Days Inn is not so ideal. It is very handy to Lauderdale Airport, and there is a shopping center across the highway (I-95). There is also a Denny’s in the parking lot. Now, I like that shopping center. There’s a Dave-n-Busters, Red Lobster, Home Depot, lots of little boutiques and what have you… but trying to walk to get there is not happening due to that freeway in the middle of the road. You must have a car if you stay here.

If you do have a car with you, the Dania Beach Hurricane is just one exit away. That’s not a bad old wooden coaster at all. The beach is within 5 miles of the hotel.

So. I’m going with 4 out of 5 stars for this Days Inn. The location for vacationers could be a bit better, but for business travellers it is perfect. The rooms are clean and nice, and the staff is terrific. If you’re looking for an affordable room, and don’t mind driving to attractions, go ahead and check in to this Days Inn.

2601 N. 29th Avenue Hollywood, FL 33020

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