Recently I wrote an article about laser hair removal versus electrolysis. I wrote how I thought laser was a better hair removal treatment, but I wrote that article too soon. I should have waited a few more months to see if the hair grew back. Now that a few months have passed by, a good portion of my hair has grown back. I went for a number of suggested treatments plus a few more. Except for my lip area, most of the hair has grown back. For laser hair removal NJ you can follow the best hair removal institutions. You get the best and affordable hair removal services so that you can avoid such disasters as you go for hair removal.

I had laser hair treatments on my lip, face, arms, and lower back. The hair on my lip grew back a little. If you were to look at the other areas I had done, you would never know that I had gone for those treatments and spent all that money. Each time I went for laser treatments, I spent about $250. I went for a total of about six times so that adds up to a lot of money that was basically just wasted. Although I had heard of unsuccessful stories before with laser hair removal, I still decided to try it. I was having electrolysis treatments for years and I just got tired of the hair growing back and the slow process of creating just one hair at a time. I knew that laser covered a wider area. I was in a doctor’s office and I saw that they performed laser hair removal so I inquired about it. The price seemed pretty reasonable as compared to other places, so that is why I decided to give it a try. I would not have minded paying all that money if it worked, but it did not. I will not spend another dime on laser anymore and I cannot recommend it to anyone either. It may work for some people, but it is a chance that you take.

I think the best hair removal is waxing. That is what I am going to do from now on. Certified electrolysis once told me that waxing slowly weakens the hair root and as you keep on doing it, the hair grows back less and less. The hair stays away for weeks and compared to laser, waxing is a lot cheaper. Even though the laser is considered to be safe, you are still getting some radiation in you. There is nothing dangerous at all about waxing.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of hair, try waxing. I do not recommend laser at all unless you can afford to take the chance of losing money. I spent over $2000 and I lost it all. For me, being a Catholic school teacher, I could not really afford to do that. Again, it was a poor choice that I made especially that I had heard negative reports about it.