GTA 5 is one of the most amazing games ever released. It was launched back in 2013, debuting for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Improved graphics make the fan go crazy for this game. But, we all know about the history of modders and how they are capable of bringing surprises to the open-world crime video game. Some early concerns made the developer lock down a few GTA 5 data files. But, now the mods are starting to come out and all thanks to the effort made by the community.

There is no issue for playing a modded GTA five game in the single-player mode for fun. But, it is illegal to sell the mod, and your account may get banned when you play the GTA 5 mod online. You don’t have to worry when it comes to enjoying the gameplay offline. Here, in the guide, we will let you know about the top ways of finding the right mod for GTA 5. It helps you to download and install the game with ease. Let us discuss these tips below.

  • Where you can find the mod

Many websites are there who let you download the mods, but it does not make any sense that all of them have the virus-free mod. The reason is that the internet is full of malware, and if you download something from the un-trusted website, then there are higher chances of welcoming malware with the files. So, before you search them on the web, there are some steps that you must follow.

  • Always make sure to create a different folder named as a mod on the pc. The location does not matter, and it all depends on you to choose the right path where you can have access to it easily.
  • When you search on the web for GTA 5 mod menu Xbox one or pc, then there are some results that will be shown to you.
  • Before visiting a website, make sure to check the properties on the top left corner. If it says all the data can be trusted, then you are allowed to get the mod with ease.
  • There is one more thing that you can do is to have the best antivirus program installed on the pc or laptop. It will assure that no malware or other viruses enter the pc without your permission.

  • Downloading and installing steps

You can also get a GTA 5 mod menu Xbox one, and keep in mind that there are some mods that require additional downloads of the files. But, there is nothing more when it comes to GTA 5. Two files will be there named GTAV LUA Plug-in, and Script Hook V. These two allow the mods to completely encode for the single-player mode.

After the two Plug-in takes place, then the download will begin. There is a need to understand one thing, and it is that these methods might not work in the case of any change in the policy of the game.

To sum up, these are the top steps that you need to follow to get the right mods for GTA 5. Always ensure to read the installation instructions before beginning downloading and installation. Don’t ever sell the mod game as it is illegal.

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