It was very exciting when I first discovered this technique. You see if you are serious in making money online you need to start writing articles today. All websites need good content and articles to remain competitive in the search engines. The method I am about to describe is called “Article Marketing” I just submitted over 20 articles over to a article directory and I know I will be generating $1000 per day using Article Marketing.

What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is a method where you write a series of short articles and submit them for distribution to authority sites online. These articles are from 500 – 1500 words long. Article Marketing is still one of the most awesome ways for someone to make money from the internet without a website or any technical skills.

So how do you make $1000 a day from article marketing?

Here is the secret to article marketing. You need to write a series of article everyday which are keyword-targeted and submit them to authority sites for distribution. You monetize these articles with affiliate links.

These authority sites will distribute your articles all around the web and because your articles are keyword targeted they have a better chance of ranking high on the search engines. This will naturally bring in great amount of web traffic to your articles.

The second part of to article marketing is to monetize your articles with affiliate links within them. Each of my articles will have a link which brings me $20 – $50 per sale. The point here worth remembering is to have your link within your article and not in your Author bio box. This will result in better click through rate for your Article Marketing promotion.

The third part to article marketing is to write at least 15 – 20 articles per day. At first this may seem to be too much for most people. They will try it out for a couple of days and then get lazy and abandon the whole article marketing concept.

However if you stick to it, you will be seeing results from article marketing within 24 hours. In the beginning, like most people I found it difficult to write these short articles but the more you do it the easier It gets.

These days I manage to write about 30 articles per day on various topics and every since I started to do this my returns increased 10 fold from what I used to make.

Some More Secrets

Most people won’t or fail to tell you some little things about article marketing. First of all not all article directories sites are the same. The search engines seem to only prefer a few selected article directories compared to the rest. Submitting your article to these sites will be more beneficial to you.

The best article directories for article marketing are EzineArticles, GoArticles and Searchwarp. Submit to all of these three article marketing sites and you will increase you profits.

And second, your articles for article marketing need to target a phrase that has between 1000 to 5000 optimized results. The reason we do this in article marketing is to make sure we get to the first page of the search engines. By deliberately targeting keywords which are less competitive we make sure our articles get rank higher. And since the article marketing way is to write loads of articles, you effectively manage to drive awesome amount of extremely targeted traffic to your affiliate site. This will result in higher conversion and better returns.

The third secret is, the article need to have at least between 3% – 8% keyword density for article marketing. Keyword density means the amount of time your keyword appears in the text compared to the rest of the text. Make sure you don’t go over then 8% because search engines will take it as spamming and instead rank your articles lower.

How to get more clicks with your Affiliate links

You know how to use article marketing to get rank higher in the search engines however if people don’t click through your affiliate links you still wont make any money from article marketing.

One way to make sure you always get higher click through rates with your article marketing articles is to offer the person reading the article a benefit for clicking the link. Most marketers using article marketing will offer a free ebook when a person clicks the link. They will be directed the visitor to a landing page where the visitor is asked for their email address to get the ebook for free.

This method is excellent for article marketing because you as an affiliate marketer get to build your email list. This means that once someone gives their email address to you, you can promote your affiliate site and products whenever and as much as you like.

Another method is to break your articles into parts. Make sure it’s written in the headline like “How Stop Your Dog From Barking Part 1” and then you insert somewhere in your article that part 2 is available on your website. This will make sure people click through if they find the article interesting.

Is it possible to make a living from article marketing alone?

Yes. There are many people who are profiting from article marketing as we speak. The only question remains is weather are you going to work hard and write all those articles and make $1000 a day from article marketing or be lazy and make pennies.

I urge you to do more research on article marketing and test it out. Remember the trick with article marketing is the more keyword targeted articles you write in a day the better your income will be.

Writing articles is the best technique to earn some extra income as it allows you to work as a freelancer in various reputed organizations and enhance your skills further by honing and polishing it with each article. What matters is that you derive satisfaction from writing articles as it is your passion, regardless of how much it pays you, in contrast to a The Global Oncology Marketing Director, who may be earning more as his job is to look into cancer and drugs, but he is always surrounded by sad and depressed people.

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