Any mother, who has a daughter between the ages of three and five, knows of the “Disney Princesses” obsession. These “Disney Princesses” have become the latest craze for young girls. The “Disney Princesses” items have no limits. You can get a shower curtain, a bedspread, or even a doll.

So why not plan your daughter’s next birthday party around her new favorite theme! Imagine how excited she would be, when she celebrated her birthday. You could even theme it out more and make it a wonderful costume ball for your daughter and her friends to enjoy.

Daughters are a gift from god and there is no greater feeling than to keep them happy and what better way than to celebrate their birthday in a grand manner. Of course, the theme should be based on entirely her preference and the party should have all the necessary ingredients like colorful balloons, raining confetti, beautiful hangings, toys and an excellent birthday cake. To make things better, it is better to hire a disco jockey who can play children themed songs for the occasion.

You can make invitations from you favorite Princess Pictures. If you have photo workshops you can customize the invitations completely. I usually scan a picture of the design I want and then go back into the picture through Adobe PhotoShop. Then I would type the information for the party on the picture or below.

I have even used a pre-existing princess invitation and then added the info. You can also have them printed out or just buy them at the store. Regardless of what type of invitation you choose, make sure you tell everyone it is a costume ball!

Make sure you get lots of streamers and balloons for decorations, along with a Disney CD with all the music. These CD’s can be purchased at your local superstore or even the Disney Store. I would recommend that you bring a trunk with a couple extra dress-up clothes in case some children forget or just do not have any.

I would start the party off with a small tea party, where all the children were served their favorite punch or juice. This is where you can serve small snacks such as crackers, pastries, and cookies. I would recommend letting your daughter help in preparing the food. My daughter always feels very proud when she gets to help. She also tells everyone that she helped cook while they are eating.

After the snacks and drinks, I would then have a scavenger hunt. Since the children can vary in age, I would leave pictures as clues versus words. At the end of scavenger hunt, have a big treasure chest with pre-made prize bags filed with makeup and jewelry. This way the children can take turn putting on make-up and jewelry, after they are all completed with the game.

The cake could be pre-made by a store either the Disney Princesses or a castle cake. I would do a cupcake castle. This is a cute idea and really starting to become very popular now. Before the children sing “Happy Birthday” you can let them make princess crowns. Wal-Mart’s craft department has these cute little pink foam crowns already to be decorated. They are inexpensive and already have the elastic on the back to place on their heads after words.

I also recommend setting up a glamorous gift table for the birthday girl! Once the candles are blown out, you can allow all the children to gather around while the birthday princess opens all her gifts. Make sure all the children take their gifts of make-up and jewelry home with them.

These are all suggestions that you can use to make your little princess’s birthday special. You can definitely change it around and add more. You can also add more ideas to incorporate boys too.

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