With more than a million people registered, MySpace has become the place for people to come together from all over the world and communicate. For those who don’t know what MySpace is, MySpace is an online community in which people connect with other people and they can either have everyone or their friends view their photos, blogs and comments. And with this many people on MySpace, promoting your writing or business can be very easy. And people don’t have to know your real information unless you want them to. If you want your profile to be private, go to edit settings and under the privacy tab click on friends only. If you don’t , just click on everyone.

To Promote your writing

Go to your Manage Blog. Go to post new blog all the way at left-hand bottom of the page under the heading MY CONTROLS. There it will bring you to a screen where you will see Posted Date, Posted Time, Subject, Category, Body, On the Body section is where you write or copy the articles you wrote. Once you are satisfied with what you wrote, you go to the bottom of the page where if you want you can fill out the Tell us what you’re reading, viewing, or listening to, Comments Section, Privacy (which is where you put whether you want only your friends or everyone to see your blog (if you don’t have that many friends making it public would be the better option to maximize your views).

Making the blog public will not make your profile public. To make your profile public if it isn’t, you go to Settings and click on the Privacy tab, here it will tell you whether you want the profile to be viewed by everyone or friends. Once you are done, click on preview  amp; post. It is then going to tell you to confirm the posting of your blog, if you do not need to edit anything, then you click on post blog. If you make a mistake or want to delete your blog, after you post it the entry, just go to MY CONTROLS and click on view blog, and then click on remove and your blog will be erased.

Some writers, especially if starting out, want people to read their work and comment on it without any judgements of who wrote the article than its essential to have a website. Now many of you would as why Web design is important part of your practice? Answer is really simple it will help you to fetch more audience easily. Because sadly enough society still hasn’t fully accepted everyone as equals, even if it seems as if we are getting closer to it everyday. Think of a book and its artwork, how many of you literary judge a book by its cover? Same goes with your profile. You want some information visible though, especially if you want them to contact you for writing jobs or want them to buy something that you may be selling.

For your business, you can write a brief introduction in your blog, kind of like a sales pitch, to attract people to your website. In this introduction you can include what products you sell, or if your website is to promote your writing, some of the writing that you are willing to do. You don’t have to put any pricing information or show pictures of the products because you want them to go to your website. Under this introduction, you can say something like for pricing or more information click here and add the link to your website there.

Or if you haven’t started a website yet, but you sell items and want to attract more customers, use the MySpace page to promote it. You can add pictures of the items you are selling, write a brief introduction of what your company is and who you are under the About Me space. On the Display name and Username you can change it to read the name of your business. You can change these fields by going to Profile and adding information into the About me, and under Name you can change the Display and Username. By putting the name of your business, people will be compelled to click on it just to see what it is, especially if they’ve never heard of it.

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