Who has not needed to remove ink stains before? From clothing to carpet to leather, most of us have experienced at least slight panic over how to remove ink stains. Since having three kids, each one responsible for some ink stain at some point in their lives so far, I have learned a lot about how to remove ink stains.

To remove ink stains from leather and vinyl, put rubbing alcohol on a washcloth and blot the ink stain. The alcohol will need to sit on the ink stain for thirty minutes or so in order to dissolve the stain. After the alcohol has done its magic to remove the ink stain, blot the remaining ink stain with a clean wash cloth. If the stain is not removed on the first try-try, try again. To avoid any damage or drying out of the leather or vinyl, rinse the area with a solution of one quart of cool water mixed with a quarter cup of vinegar. Give a final rinse with plain water.

To remove ink stains from leather if the alcohol trick does not work, try foam (not gel!) shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream and let it sit on the stain for about fifteen minutes. Follow the blotting and rinsing steps from the paragraph above. Be sure to reapply leather conditioner if the ink stain was on leather no matter what method was used to remove ink stains.

To remove ink stains from fabrics, the steps are much like those needed to remove ink stains from leather. Blot alcohol on the ink stain. Never rub the alcohol on. Work from the outside of the stain to the inside or the ink stain might spread. After using the alcohol ink removal trick, wash the fabric in cold water as required (machine wash, dry clean, hand wash, etc). Always allow the fabric to air dry after washing it. If the stain is not completely removed putting the fabric in the dryer may set the ink stain and seriously reduce the chance that it can be removed at all. Once the fabric has been air dried it is easy to tell if the stain has been completely removed. If the ink stain remains, follow the steps again to remove ink stains.

To remove ink stains from polyester, hydrogen peroxide may be a better tool than alcohol. First rinse the ink stained fabric in cold water. Then apply the hydrogen peroxide to the ink stain. The hydrogen peroxide will bleach the ink stain but not the fabric.

To remove ink stains from carpet, follow the same steps as for leather. To remove ink stains from carpet, a little more work is necessary. Rub the carpet in a clockwise twisting motion with paper towels or a wash cloth. Rinse with the same water and vinegar solution as used on the stained leather.

There is no need to panic when an ink stain happens. Follow the steps above to remove ink stains and keep leather, vinyl, clothing and carpet looking new. Lastly, you can also hire commercial carpet cleaning near me to help you remove any stains. With the tools and equipment they have, you can ensure that they can provide quality service.

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