Bonding time is important for the family, especially if your kids are still pretty young. Having a picnic is an excellent an idea but do you know one thing that would make things a lot better? That was if you could find a way to set a family project where you can create the best kids picnic table. The process is always pretty easy as long as you take the time to create a blueprint. It is pretty much the brainstorming of ideas that sets everybody back. With that, we decided to give you an extra hand. We just listed down some pretty good ideas for a picnic table that you can create with your kids. Check out some of them below.

  1. Collapsible Picnic Table With Glass Holder

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your kids to be drinking wine at their age but just look at that picnic table. It’s pretty cute, isn’t it? Besides, while your kids wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wine, you and your husband will surely have a pretty good time.

Just because the children can’t dig in does not mean that you can’t as well.

It’s just the perfect picnic table to build with your kids. It’s small and uncomplicated. If you buy wood that are already in the right sizes, you would be setting up a new family project that is safe for the young ones.

  1. Basic Picnic Table

This one is just the right size of a real picnic table. Don’t be fooled by the size. Just because it is a bit bigger than the first project that we proposed does not mean that it cannot be done by kids.

Of course, as a parent, you need to be there to accompany them still. You can do the sawing part. The older kids can do the drilling. The younger children can be in charge of painting the wood as well as attaching the parts together. It is going to be loads of fun. It’s always a good idea to make the children feel that they are part of the bonding activity. We are not just talking about eating and playing around at the picnic. We are talking about the process of actually building something adult-like such as a picnic table. You know how children how to think of themselves as adults. This project will surely make them happy this weekend.

  1. Picnic Table For Kids

This table will only cost you about $22 to build.

Picnics don’t always have to be for the entire family. There are times when the kids ask for a picnic and just when you are at the verge of taking the kids to the park or other places of nature, you realize that your schedule is packed.

Right then, you decide that it would probably be a better idea to just let the kids have their own picnic in your backyard. However, you still want everything to feel like a picnic. You know how kids are. They get excited. In that case, you set up a little picnic table project for them to get them all hyped up.

The table is relatively easy to make and is perfect for kids. The best part is that it can’t be used in several occasions. It can serve as a tea party table or even just an outdoor decoration. The point is this picnic table is surely going to serve as a childhood memory for your kids in the years to come.

  1. Colorful Picnic Table

This picnic table is relatively smaller than regular ones. The reason is that this is not really for a real picnic that you might be picturing in your head.

It is intended for make-do picnics in your backyard. It is pretty easy to make. It is just the perfect level for a project to be done with children. You can do the difficult parts and then you can assign your kids to the painting part. They will surely love coloring the wood with all their favorite hues.

Do not forget to vary the sizes of the opposite seats. One seating area needs to be larger because this is where the adults are going to sit by. The opposite side is expected to be smaller. It should just be the right size for kids.

  1. Hexagonal Picnic Table

We have to admit that if you are going to give this picnic table a go then you are going to have to set the project date a bit earlier. Just look at this picnic table.

It will surely take a lot longer to build compared to the other ones that we have discussed in this article. It is a lot more complicated. This also means that you need to do a better job on the blueprint. You need to be able to properly disseminate the tasks so that the project is finished in due time.

This table is a great project for large families. People usually don’t like sitting on the dirt. With that, they would appreciate if there was a table that can accommodate larger groups of people.

we recommend this project to people who are not new to DIY ventures. However, if you are a beginner with quite an adventurous side then we are not going to stop you from doing it anyway. After all, if teamwork is present in all the family members, the project might turn out to be a lot of fun. it might even take less time than was first anticipated.

How Can One Make The Most Of A Picnic?

First of all, you need to prepare the items that you need to bring ahead of time. It can be quite a pity to put in all the effort in building a picnic table if the next day you realize that you left out some stuff at home. That is one thing to prioritize. Another thing would be to get plenty of sleep. It can be pretty exciting to have a picnic with the family but the only way to really have fun is to be full of energy on the day itself.


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