Did you know that insurance email marketing provides the highest ROI amongst all types of marketing strategies? In fact, many insurance agents or professionals claim that email marketing is the driving force behind getting new customers and better retention. This is precisely the reason why you need click-worthy and compelling email subject lines is crucial to business success.

The insurance industry is all about providing a lifejacket to people experiencing tough or difficult times. One of the best ways to engage your clients and be persuasive is to reach out to your target audience and your clients even before they would need insurance services. You are trying to be provocative without really selling with an engaging email and a well-thought subject line.

Many insurance agents would spend hours on email content and miss the point of creating a powerful subject line. Your main intention with your email isn’t to sell, but rather, to help out your current clients and also new prospects. Providing your target market a sincere, thought-provoking, and value-based email is what will help your business stand out against competition.

What Do Insurance Agencies Get from Email Marketing?

Reaching out to your target market or current clients is easy peasy nowadays with the help of email marketing. It’s a classic and traditional marketing method that boosts your brand reputation while also establishing trust, transparency, and consistency in comminications which is a crucial component in the insurance industry.

This also helps build or even repair stained reputation as caused by some illegitimate insurance companies. A good email would help you connect with your clients in a more personalized and genuine way which cements trustworthy relationships between insurance agents and clients.

Opens Up Communication Lines

Transparency and open communications is important for insurace agencies and policy holders alike. Email marketing helps you connect with your clients and also reach out to potential customers by sending up-to-date information regarding changes in insurance policies or welcome campaigns. This also allows your existing policyholders to ask questions or even make recommendatiuons to the company.

Provide Personalized Content

It’s not just putting your client’s or receiver’s name at the beginning of an email or the subject line but providing relevant and useful information that your client needs or wants based on their profiles or data.

With the help of list segmentation, your marketing message may now be customized according to the insurance needs of a particular group. This allows you to provide relevant content or bits of information to an interested or engaged audience

Measurable and Quantifiable KPI

As mentioned, email marketing plays a pivotal role in return on investments or ROI in the insurance sector. This allows you to accurately monitor key performace indicators and to compare the results based on industy benchmarks. More so, this helps you test and track how well your email marketing performance is performing with your clients or target audience.

Expert Insurance Agency Emarketing Subject Line Ideas

Spare your audience the fluff and lull of boring and generic email campaigns with a more personalized and clickable emails. The planning and design process can be complicated but it will definitely pay off in the end. Here’s how you do it.

Wow Your Audience with a Compelling Subject Line

Your email may be rich in value but your poorly crafted or worded subject line could derail your chances of doing business with a potential client. Yes, believe it or not, a subject line can make or break your email marketing campaign. The first goal then is to create a clickable or captivating subject line that will get your reader to open your email and not dump it into the trash bin.

Here’s how you can create click-worthy subject lines:

  • Make it short and sweet. Don’t bore or frustrate your readers with long and pointless subject lines. Be concise and specific with your intention and keep it short to optimize for mobile use.

  • Provide value. Why should they open your emails? You have to give them the punch right then and there on the subject line so they would have the reason to click and open your emails. State the benefits and promote value right at your subject line so they would want to open you emails and get more information. This immediately piques the interest of your audience.

  • Personalize. This is one of the classic yet effective ways to get the attention of your target audience. Putting the recipient’s name in the subject line increases open rates because you are calling out to a specific person and not just for general or public viewing. This somehow creates that instant recognition and rapport between you and the policy holder. In the same way, your name or agency name

Focus NOT on Sales But Providing HELP

The best way to capture the attention and generate leads is to focus on providing your audience real value rather than just attempting to close a sale. As an insurance agency, your main thrust should be adding value to your clients or providing immediate help and attention to their needs before you go further with the sales pitch.

You should not hurry up to make a sale. This would immediately make a bad first impression. Your first goal should be to add value to an individual or a business. Know and understand their needs and goals so you can match insurance products to their diverse needs and financial goals. To do this, you can send your audience a free guide or ebook download or perhaps newsletters regarding insurance policies to make touch points where it matters.

Segment Your Email List

The list is very important for any email marketer. Segmenting your list allows you to design a personalized email and specialized insurance it deserves that is created for a particular group or profile according to demographics, profession, as well as their interest in insurance policies. You have to look at your list as an opportunity to make a meaningful touchpoint with your clients and allow you to match a carrier or an insurance product to an interested client.

Remember that your subject line serves as the lead of your entire email. You have to create an interesting and relevant content for your target clientele and existing clients which should be there at the subject line.

However, a creative and engaging email will likely be on the trash once you fail to capture the attention of your audience. No doubt, building relationships and rapport with your audience and existing clients starts with a captivating subject line.

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