The famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, very rightly said, “Man, by nature, is a social animal.” There is no doubt about the fact that solitude is the essence of humankind. However, what we must remember is that extremes of any kind lead to destruction. A balance has to be maintained amongst all sorts of polarized ideologies for leading a happy life. Therefore, while it is true that solitude is necessary for you to maintain your existence, one cannot disagree with the fact that socializing is compulsory for sustenance.

Talking about this idea in the context of residential spaces, we will proceed in this article. Adding to this thought, we will also discuss the community living property in Singapore by the name of Leedon Green.

What is Community Living?

While taking of homes, there are basically two types- one is the house, the other one is a condo. A house is an entirely private property, both the interior as well as the exterior, which also includes added outdoor spaces like the swimming pool or front and back yards. Here, there is almost no chance of socializing with other families or individuals.

A condo, on the other hand, is a house where the exterior is shared with other residents in the particular building. The interior is owned by the owner of the house, whereas the exterior, including the lawns, swimming pool, gym or garage is owned and maintained by the HOA of the building. While using the exterior areas of your residence, you get a chance to interact with your neighbors and get to know them. Therefore, this is an example of community living. Leedon Green is such a residential space.

Benefits of Community Living

It Helps to Understand Diversity

We all grow up in protected spaces under the watchful eye of our parents. Whatever little interaction we have is with our own kind of people. These are people from similar social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. During this, our understanding of humankind is extremely limited. When living with a community, we get an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and age groups. Knowing them and talking to them, we realize how diverse the human race is and yet how all our connected through a common thread of humanity. Leedon Green provides numerous areas like Tree Top Walk, Sky Terrace Bar, Family Cabana, and themed Pavilions, where one can socialize.

It is Shared Responsibility

When living all by yourself in a house, you have to be responsible to take care of the maintenance of all the things in your house. It could be plumbing, drainage, swimming pool, or garden. For an individual, taking all this responsibility might turn out to be hectic. In community living, however, you have to only maintain your immediate interior settings, the rest is managed by the HOA. It will relieve the mental burden of getting things done. Here is where community living benefits. Although you have to pay a maintenance fee to the HOA, it is much less compared to the fee you have to pay for individually maintaining all the areas. Security, too, is not solely your responsibility.

Mental Support

Once you get to know people and interact with them, you always have someone to fall back to. Your friends are there to cheer you up whenever you feel low, and you have someone out there to get back home to. You can always ask them to hang out with you, talk to them about your problems, and keep each other motivated.


For a person who is living alone for the first time, community living is always suggested over living in your own house. This helps you gel in with new surroundings and allows you the time and space to grow up. Living in an isolated house suddenly could render you lonely and helpless. At Leedon Green, every individual is taken care of with incredible zeal for the formation of a home away from home.