Ladies, have you ever found yourself aimlessly wandering about a store, when suddenly your eye catches something behind a glamorously lit glass case, and you spot something you know you must have, regardless of the price?

I’m sure this has happened to many women one time or another, and it recently happened to me. Usually though I am pretty good at avoiding spending on items I really could do without, however the moment I saw Isabella Adams,Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet, I knew I was not leaving the store without it. Despite the thin wallet is slim in appearance, it can hold many useful things. The necessary things to the person can be kept in the wallet. The sitting position of the person will be comfortable through the wallets.

At first due to the large size of the wallet, I thought it was actually some sort of fancy business planner, or perhaps a rich girls diary. Seeing that the wallet was being displayed next to high end handbags though, I sort of had a hunch that it was in fact a wallet. The size though, I’ll admit, it threw me off.


Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet is approximately 7.25 inches long, by 4.35 inches wide. At first glance, I was surprised at it’s large size, but the large size only made me want it even more. I imagined it would fit more cards, have more slots, and a slew of other goodies within it’s crystal clasp.

Speaking of the crystal clasp, it is located obviously on the outside of the wallet. One large crystal sits in the middle surrounded by a gorgeous ring of smaller crystals. It’s glamorous, there is no other way to put it. Glamorous, with a touch of business class. It was perfect.

The clasp is not your standard cheap magnetic button clasp either. It is an actual button clasp, with 2 button holes for expansion.

The wallet itself is obviously jet black, but it can be purchased in an array of other colors as well. The wallet is made of leather, and has small circular shaped embossed markings on it, to give it a classy touch of texture.


Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet comes packaged in a nice black cardboard box, with the Isabella Adams logo written on it. Inside you will find your wallet wrapped around a black cloth protector. You can use this black cloth to put your wallet in, if you really want to. I however had no use for it.


Honestly I didn’t even have to look inside for too long before telling the girl behind the counter to ‘ring me up!’ I knew from the first glance that it was mine regardless of what was nestled inside.

However once I did fully inspect the inside of Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet I was surprised to find credit card slots neatly lined up on top of each other. There were approximately 10 slots for cards on the left side, and 10 slots for cards on the right side. Totaling my credit card slots to 20, which is more than enough to tuck in one card per slot. On my old wallet, I had no choice but to cram in 4 or 5 cards into one slot, which results in stretching of the slot. With the Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet, there is no need to cram cards into one slot, when you have 20 of them!

On the right side of the wallet, besides the credit card slots, you have a long slot underneath in order to add your check book. Besides that slot, you have another leather middle slot where you can place receipts, money, or whatever else you feel like tucking in to it. I put my insurance card in it for safe keeping. On the back of that, you have a small zippered section for loose change.

On the left side of the wallet, you of course have 10 credit card slots, and another slot underneath that for tucking away your money. In this mostly hidden slot I place my larger bills.

My dollar bills get tucked into the largest opening on the wallet, which is basically the same length and width as the wallet itself.


Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet is roomy. I was able to place all of my credit cards, my money, a few emergency quarters, my insurance card, and some random receipts. Everything fit with ease. Best of all though I was actually able to shut the wallet! Usually when I buy new wallets I can not for the life of me get the thing to actually close shut after stuffing it with my necessities. The Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet had no problems whatsoever. In fact, if it was too over stuffed, I simply could have used the other button to clasp it shut.


Like I said, this is the most beautiful wallet I have ever come across. It is made of high quality leather, has a classy business look with a little glam thrown into the clasp (the crystal clasp is gorgeous!), and is large enough as to where it will fit everything you need it to.

Pricing and Availability:

I picked up my Isabella Adams, Jet Black Ostrich Embossed Embossed Wallet in the jewelers/handbag section at my local Sam’s Club for $55.00 after taxes.

You can find this wallet on the official Isabella Adams Web site by clicking here. You can probably find this wallet on eBay for a better deal, but honestly, you never know if you are buying real or fake when it comes to eBay, so definitely try and pick it up at Sam’s if possible.

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