Social networking has become an essential part of doing business today; even the most established businesses are trying to stay ahead of the curve by logging onto such sites as Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter. Of course, publicity is not always necessarily positive. Individuals looking for work should be especially careful with what they share on these social networking sites.

People often keep their information protected to avoid encounters with people who have sinister intentions, without always thinking about the potential employers who are logged onto these sites looking at their job applicants one-by-one. A simple Facebook search is much easier than making a phone call, so inappropriate comments or pictures floating around attached to your profile can cause you to be passed up for a job interview. The key to using these sites is keeping your profile clean while at the same time enjoying the social networking experience.

When you sign up for an account, keep your information as private as possible. Refrain from posting public pictures, comments, or any identifying info such as address, e-mail, or phone number. You can block your profile from searches on some sites, and on the others, you can simply keep your profile private and allow others to find you either by name or e-mail address. The private information will not be disclosed to the third parties without the consent of the owner. The safety will be provided to buy instagram views to the private information of the person.

However, your social networking profile can actually work in your favor, if the profile is set up appropriately. For example, a profile picture showing you on a mountain-climbing adventure will be much more appropriate than one in which you’re doing a keg stand. Even if you only party on the weekends, a profile picture like the latter can look questionable to potential employers.

Another part of your profile to monitor is your comment wall – if possible, adjust your account settings to allow comment moderation; otherwise, keep an eye on your profile so that you can censor any inappropriate comments. Even if you post nothing in response to the comment, it can be seen negatively as many people’s characters are judged by those with whom they associate.

Finally, keep an eye on tagged pictures – if you are tagged in any questionable photos, make sure to untag yourself so that it is not traced back to you in a simple search. If possible, you might request that the profile owner take the offending picture down.

Unfortunately, this scrutiny sometimes does not end once you’ve secured work. Employers have been known to keep tabs on their employees’ profiles, either out of curiosity or to see whether there is any conflict of interest going on. Some employees have been fired after they called in sick and then turned around to announce on their profiles that they were skipping out of work for unnecessary reasons.

When starting a social networking profile, imagine your audience as the entire world rather than your friends and family, especially if you are looking for work. While these sites are a great way for people across the world to keep in touch, they can also damage people’s job prospects and careers if used inappropriately.

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