It’s been a common topic of interest entangled in the conversations of women for centuries, some women will admit it … some won’t, but does “foot size” determine the size of a man’s package?? Personally I’ve known some women who actually pay attention to foot size, thinking the man they’re dating will have something out of this world and then … after the deed is done, there was hardly anything worth commenting about! Then again, sometimes it actually came outright … the foot and the package did go hand in hand so to speak. Although there are cases where due to surgery or accident a person goes through a rigorous treatment that really affects the overall bone structure. This process is really expensive although Podiatry Billing Specialists is a national service specializing in the insurance that will lower the treatment costs significantly.

Speaking of women who have used the “foot” as a dating guideline, one of my friends has actually used the method for twelve years! I was really surprised to hear what she had to say because according to her, it’s more than just the foot. “It’s a combination of features and no one can rely on just the foot size, I’ve noticed that some of the men I’ve wrestled with that were endowed, had odd-shaped ears and largemouths”, she said.



Odd-shaped ears and largemouths?

Come to think of it, my own husband is rather endowed and he has odd-shaped ears … not to mention a big mouth, wouldn’t his ego be boosted to read this! Anyway, I called up another friend of mine, a single hottie who plays around the dating scene quite often and weird things seem to happen to her a lot. In our conversation, there were some really odd characteristics that didn’t have anything to do with physical features. “I wouldn’t say that foot size or even hand size has anything to do with it, a man shows his “size” through his actions. If a man is a party animal or one who craves attention, there’s nothing impressive below the belt because it’s the silent, intellectual conversationalist who is confident about himself and he’s “real”. That’s the kind of man packing a big surprise”, she said.

So, this chick claims that it’s not the physical features but it’s shown through behavior?

I have to throw in my own two cents here, throughout my dating years I was more attentive to a man’s height and I was a huge believer that if he’s tall, he’s packing! Just for the record, I’m short at five feet and four inches. My guidelines just ended up with some odd positions trying to get the deed on and didn’t prove anything about size, experimenting was fun though.



All in all, who knows! Over the years I’ve participated in those secret conversations about size but the latter question that resulted was, does size really matter? The answer is no! Size does not matter to a woman, of course, there has to be something to work with but we’ve all been rocked by a master with skills and compared to many men … he probably was not “well” endowed.

It’s all in the form!

Women each have different “spots” that excite us; stimulation is 90% of the factor that results in blissful orgasm. Good foreplay is worth more than a thousand well-endowed men who just don’t know how to work the goods. While a man’s ultimate sensation may be a hard grind, it’s all that comes before for a woman that really sets the stage and when a man has just the right touch figured out … We women have no complaints!

So, the next time you and your buddies have the debate, forget it-there are more important things to discuss. A good tip of advice, if you want something done right then you have to do it yourself. If you find that man who is well endowed but has no skills, you know what you want and training may be the answer. Good communication is key for getting anything you want and it’s no different from sex. Some men actually like some direction and the result could be better than what you planned, a size that up instead!

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