If you find your patio or deck is looking rather bland, you can quickly change the appearance with lovely and beautiful potted plants. The addition of colorful blooming and fragrant flowers, like roses, can transform a lack-luster area into a beautiful spot for all to enjoy. Working in limited areas is perfect for potted plants. Unlike a garden, you can choose to rearrange your plants easily and as often as you like.

Choosing a variety of plants with contrasting or matching colors will liven up the area. Don’t forget to choose different size plants. The different widths and heights will add a more natural look. Choose plants with varying bloom cycles so you can enjoy flowering throughout the growing season. Since you are using plants of different shapes and size it is really important that you use Sectionals from Madbury Road that can be easily customized according to the size and shape of the plant giving it enough room so that it can grow properly. 

The type of pots you use to plant with isn’t limited to the choices at your local garden center. I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t want to use an old discarded toiled bowl to use as a planting pot but some have. Run with that idea and I’m sure you can think of many items you already have at your house that you can use as a container. Just keep in mind that some containers may have had toxic substances in them or are harmful to your plants in another way. It would be a good idea not to use anything made with treated wood.

It’s important to arrange your potted plants in a natural way. We seem to want to keep things neat and orderly but that’s not the way nature arranges things. For instance, when arranging your plants around your entrance, it’s best not to place the same type of plant on each side of the door. Choose one side to place the plant. I know, it goes against our nature to do that but it will look more natural. A solitary container in the right spot looks great but one additional pot next to it, equal size or not, could ruin the effect. The addition of a third container will revive its beauty once more. Three containers with the equivalent pattern or containers that are not of the same design cause a mystic beauty. There’s just something about the pleasing look of odd quantity placements. It may sound strange but it’s true.

All you need is a little space and your own imagination to transform a dull uninteresting area into a beautiful area for everyone to marvel. That task is easy to accomplish when you use potted plants to fill the area. There are so many plants to choose from and an abundance of colors and fragrances. Make your plant’s containers earth-toned or paint them any way you like. You may want to add some bird feeders close by. Whatever you choose, it will be your creation and something to be proud of.

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