There are several and wide variety of benefits that polyurethane foam insulation provides for both residential and commercial purposes. Polyurethane foam as an insulation has been highly and extensively used across the globe for more than 60 years. When it comes to insulation houses and commercial spaces, this insulating material is considered as the most powerful products compared to other insulations. There are so many positive and unique abilities and characteristics of polyurethane such as no sagging, completely neutral, surfaces bound, no out gassing of any harmful chemicals, will not degrade plumbing or electrical wiring, no formaldehyde used in the formulation, contains high R-value, eco-friendly and so many more. 

Aside from the fact that Polyurethane foam insulation has a greater 3-value, but it also serves as a moisture, air and noise barrier. It also has the ability to alleviate the loss of heath through convection of pressure and air movement through the walls. Polyurethane foam insulation has also some thermal properties that allow heating and cooling air-conditions to cut loss of energy consumption. Generally, insulating your house has been made easier and faster with Polyurethane foam insulation. When it comes to environmental aspect, polyurethane foam is considered to be very friendly. This is because it has recycled plastic component and its base component is made from castor oil.  Technically speaking, castor oil is self-sustained because it can be grown on non-irrigated land. It also produces lesser carbon footprint compared to other insulation products because it doesn’t need further topping up. If you are going to ask some of the experts and engineers, they would certainly agree that when it comes to home and office insulation, polyurethane spray foam insulation is worth looking into. It is somethingtostay that this insulating product delivers quality and effective results. As such, here are some of the major advantages of using polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Effective results in energy saving

Of course, when it comes to insulating your house, you would always choose the best and the one that would provide you great results and effectiveness. In that concern, spray foam insulation is definitely the best choice for you. With its ability to eliminate the need for ridge or softy vents and its ability to reduce the size of HVAC that you need, polyurethane spray foam insulation can ultimately help you in cutting down your energy consumption bills. 

Protects Health

Another amazing benefit of spray foam insulation is that it helps to protect your family’s health. More than anything else, your safety and health is the number one priority. Hence, using insulation products like fiberglass may breakdown some toxic dust.  But with the help of polyurethane spray foam insulation, you no longer have to worry about this issue as spray foam is popular for its high R-value even in weather conditions which means that it will not breakdown toxic dust. Additionally, spray foam insulation is also effective in preventing pollens and allergens to pass through the walls of your house.

Greater Comfort

Spray foam is also known for its ability to absorb sound from inside and outside the building. So if you have a neighbor who likes to part all night long. You no longer have to worry about the inconvenience that they may impose as polyurethane spray foam insulation has the ability to reduce noise. You can also have more privacy through this soundproofing ability of spray foam insulation. Moreover, damp, cold and even drafty spots will be eliminated. This will also result in a more serene, quite indoor setting. 

Soft Foam Advantages

Basically, there are two types of spray foam insulation namely, open cell and closed cell. The open cell is also known as soft foam. This type of spray foam is suitable for insulating indoor spaces for walls and attics. The spraying process of open cell insulation is carried out directly from the inside onto the roof structure. It will only take a few seconds for the foam to expand its volume 12o times. As a result, this will create a layer of warm, flexible and tight thermal. One of the advantages of soft foam is durability. When the spray foam is applied to the surface, it will last for a longer period of time and will not deform or change its shape. 

Hard Foam Advantage

The second type of spray foam insulation is the closed cell or also known as hard foam. This type of spray foam ensures excellent hydro-insulation and thermal insulation of roofs, terraces and foundation. It also serves as a barrier to cold air and moisture. This type of insulation has a minimum of 90% of closed cells in its structure. Other benefits of closed cell insulation include thermal insulation, continuity of coverage, tightness, and resistance to solvents, chemicals and biological influences.

Ultimately, when it comes to insulating a building or house, one of the cheaper and yet effective materials to use is the polyurethane spray foam insulation. With its wide variety benefits, it is fair to say that this insulating product must be highly considered. More than just cooling and heating benefits, polyurethane spray foam insulation is also effective and beneficial in reducing the cost of energy consumption. It also provides other benefits such as noise reduction, allergen reduction, eco-friendly and so many more. So what are you waiting for? Go now and get yourself polyurethane spray foam insulation.