Holistic medicine is not new in the human world of medicine. People have practiced holistic medicine since the beginning of time. Holistic medicine means to treat “mind, body and soul.” We know that a healthy, happy person can fight off colds and diseases much better then someone who is depressed or who doesn’t eat healthy. It just makes sense that applying these ideas to our pet care would work too. Apparently, veterinarians are realizing this (including my own), because there are many of them starting to use holistic medicines as an alternative to drug therapies that can have severe side effects.

Holistic Medicine for Pets

My dog and I battled a rare disease for a year and a half before I lost her. The first time I took her to the vet for her bloated belly, I was afraid the vet would scoff at me for the holistic food and supplements I fed her. Instead the vet told me that she was glad to see I fed her the holistic food and the Sea Meal supplements.  

My vet told me that fellow veterinarians had discussed holistic care in a recent board meeting and she wished more vets would use it in their medical practice. We even thought that the holistic food and supplements I used with my dog might have played a part in keeping her so healthy, even though she had a rare disease.

My vet admitted that many drugs cure the symptom, not the actual disease or imbalance. While she did prescribe antibiotics and steroids for my dog, she also worked with my holistic pet supplier to keep up my dog’s overall health. Many other veterinarians are beginning to advance into using both main stream medicine and holistic treatments in their practices.

Holistic Veterinarian Care is a new animal hospital that opened in Oakland Ca in October, 2011. They will provide a wide range of services, including holistic treatment, exercise programs, nutritional advice and rehabilitation therapies. They believe that restoring an animal’s natural balance helps aide the body in its natural healing process. In addition, my vet has effective marketing strategies that’s why the business is successful. So if you own a clinic, get more patients for your practice with our medical practice marketing.

Dr Aleda Cheng is a certified veterinarian acupuncturist. One of her patients is a German Shepherd who was part of the search and rescue for 9/11. The dog suffers from degenerative spinal disease. Dr. Cheng believes it is the acupuncture procedure that allows the dog to continue his duties free of pain.

Veterinarians who practice acupuncture are members of The International Veterinarians Acupuncture Society. By documenting cases like the German Shepherd’s they hope to prove to vets that may scoff at holistic and non traditional treatments that they really do work.

Mixing Traditional and Holistic Vet Care

If you have ever thought about holistic pet care, it is something you need to discuss with your veterinarian. Sometimes you can treat a cold with chicken soup and sometimes you need an antibiotic. Holistic pet care should be approached the same way. My vet performed all of the mainstream procedures she thought were necessary for my dog’s medical care, but she was also open-minded enough to agree to holistic treatments.

If you’d like to know more about the advances of holistic veterinarian medicine, I have provided some sources to get you started. Remember, your pet’s healthcare is something that should be discussed between you and your vet. Who knows, your vet could be open to holistic treatments and interested in learning more. Mine was.