There is a reason why women go berserk over a really great handbag. Aside from serving as status symbols for the fashionably forward, these little accessories have the capability of creating a multitude of different looks. Additionally, you will find that these amazing bags are inexpensive and come in different designs so that they can work with different dresses. With online platforms like luxurytastic, you get great deals on these bags. If you have any doubts such as is luxurytastic legit? Then click here to know all about this amazing online shopping platform. 

You may not think so, but you would be amazed by how drastically one particular style of handbag can change the way a simple outfit appears. To prove this theory, let’s engage in a little experiment. Envision a simple, yet crisp, button-down white shirt, and match it up with a pair of straight-legged jeans. This outfit, while incredibly simple, can be significantly transformed with the right type of handbag. Observe…

Hippie Chic: “The Hobo Bag”

The staunch appearance of a white button-down shirt and jeans is magically updated to an even more carefree weekend look with a hobo bag. These bags typically have slouchy handles/straps and a fairly large crescent-shaped bottom. They have been made popular by various celebrities, and are excellent for creating a relaxed vibe, even when the attire itself is a bit more conservative. The overall effect of pairing this with a white shirt and jeans would be that of a bohemian-type look.

City Chic: “The Little Clutch”

Clutch bags are known for being paired with formal attire, typically evening gowns, and even pantsuits. But recently, fashion-forward celebs have started donning these items with more casual outfits. Consider carrying this bag, which comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with the white shirt and jeans, and the casual look has just been stepped up a notch. Make it a metallic clutch, pair it with some killer heels, and your look has gone from daytime shopping to an evening out.

Casual Chic: “The Messenger Bag”

The running of weekend errands has never looked more polished as when they are performed in a crisp white shirt, a pair of great-fitting jeans, and a smart-looking messenger bag. The long strap on these bags is meant to be worn across the chest, with the bag itself having a flat body. Though once worn strictly for functional purposes (i.e. bike “messengers”), these trendy pieces are made in virtually all sorts of shapes and textures. Try a weathered leather version with the shirt and jeans for a completely “citified” update. Or go for a completely casual result by sporting a pair of sneakers with a nylon messenger style.

Uppercrust Chic: “The Luxury Tote”

Kim Cattrall’s “Sex and the City” character helped to put the Hermes Birkin bag on the fashion map. But this incredibly exclusive (and pricey) tote bag was originally designed to facilitate quick weekend jaunts—but has quickly evolved into something more hip. There is a huge assortment of almost pillowy, luxe-looking totes on the market, with many being sold at mainstream department stores, and even lower-end stores like Target or Wal-Mart. The effect, however, when paired with a simple jean ensemble like this is incredibly sophisticated. This is the one type of bag that carries this effect no matter what kind of shoe is worn.

Rustic Chic: “The Saddle Bag”

No, this isn’t a sly reference to the effects of having too much Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The original saddlebag is used when riding horses and is draped either in front of, or behind the horserider’s saddle. However, this style has emerged on the fashion scene, with designers taking cues from its original function. Paring down its extreme nature, you can find versions of the saddlebag with distressed leather, softened straps, and all sorts of interesting detailing. These shoulder bags have a way of transforming a pair of jeans and a white shirt into something effortlessly rugged. Slip-on a pair of leather boots (and maybe even some ethnic jewelry) for a classy, yet rustic effect.

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