The Braun bodycruZer is an interesting tool for both grooming and shaving but it does have its drawbacks as well as its high points. The bodycruZer is more for grooming and shaving of the body and not a face shaver but also works well for certain situations on the head like beards and even head hair removal.

The bodycruZer comes with the grooming tool, the base charger, three height guides for the trimmer, two removable Gillette Fusion razor heads, a shower caddy, a carry pouch, a cleaning brush and a manual. The height guides work well for a good variety of trimming heights and the charger base does charge using induction so there are no contacts. The height of the razors should be good for the shaving of the hairs near the chin and neck. The cost of the barttrimmer should be paid after making a visit at online sites of the razor.

Using the charger is as simple as placing the bodycruZer in the stand and plugging the stand into a wall outlet or adapter and then wall outlet. The Braun bodycruZer is a 220 volt grooming tool that has a common European plug that is easy to use with an adapter to use in the United States.

The set does not include the power adapter but they are available for only a few dollars from the internet and local stores like Wal-Mart and Target. The power adapter needed converts the two prong round plug of the bodycruZer to the three prong plug common to the United States.

So first off you can simply use the adapter and convert the plug for use in the United States and by taking off the adapter you have the common European plug for use overseas. The charger works just as well whether it uses 110 volts or 220 volts and charges the bodycruZer in about the same amount of time.

The bodycruZer has the two methods for hair removal with the trimmer as well as the Fusion razor for an even closer shave using the Gillette Fusion razor heads. The design of the bodycruZer makes it possible to shave and groom or trim at the same time but this is not exactly a good idea.


The razor part of the bodycruZer is on a slide that pushes the razor head toward the trimmer end so you can have the razor and trimmer in line for shaving right after the trimmer head trims the hair. Due to the two cutting areas being in line and not being able to angle the razor much the razor does not have a good way to contour to your bodies surface so shaving is not good for curvy surfaces like your face.

On other parts of larger areas the razor and trimmer work well such as legs but for the curve of a chin or other parts of your face trimming and shaving in one stroke is not good. The trimmer works great by itself and I can attest that it does a great job for trimming a beard and shaving those side areas for a well groomed beard and clean shaved cheeks.

My beard has the whiskers and longest parts only about a 1/4 inch long so the one shaving guide works great for keeping my beard as short as I like. The razor comes in handy for me mostly as a quick shaver for those areas I don’t want any hair on my cheeks.

The Fusion razor is an expensive shaver head but it works very well for shaving to get a really close smooth shave so having this on the end of the bodycruZer is a welcome addition. The Fusion razor on its own when its pushed out fully on the bodycruZer works well for a quick shave and works great on body parts after the trimmer over flat areas of the body.

Using both at the same time does not allow the razor part to move easily to follow the contour of your body so using both on curved parts of your body may mean the razor may pull hairs instead of shaving them. I found using either razor head or trimmer on its own okay but to use both at the same time the razor tended to pull hairs instead of shave them when trimming and shaving my face.

To try and shave my cheeks and trim the hair at the same time only pulled many of the hairs instead of shaving them after it did its job of trimming. I tried a spot on my leg and it worked fine over flat areas but for shaving and trimming curvy parts I would recommend doing things separately. The bodycruZer works well for body trimming and shaving and I think it is more for this type of work, shaving and trimming body hair that it was designed for.

The bodycruZer would work really well for swimmers, body builders or women who want a quick and easy way to shave and trim body hair, I’ll only hint as to what body parts they would want this for. Head shaving, partial beards like mine, swimmers, body builders, anyone needing both a shave and a trim quickly without having to reach for another tool makes the bodycruZer a worthwhile purchase.

The bodycruZer would also make for a nice handy travel shaver and groomer with its all in one feature so you can have the best of shaving and trimming while away from home. The bodycruZer has its uses and is a good device for body trimming and shaving but for the common everyday shaving for a full face it would not work very well.

This is more of a specialty grooming tool and not an everyday one for shaving but for those that would use it like swimmers I can see the bodycruZer would be a great tool. I think the bodycruZer has its uses such as a great all in one grooming and shaving device that does work well, the Braun bodycruZer makes a great grooming tool for certain situations.

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