Williamsburg, Brooklyn has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Where there was once a waterfront with dilapidated buildings, there are now ultra modern condominium complexes, with one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline that anyone can imagine exists. You can get a view of multiple penrose homes and exotic structures that were once hard to comprehend. They co exist with the historic brownstone homes, which have been restored to their former glory, making for a unique and beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood.

Williamsburg has a nightlife of its own, with great music clubs. It is a short drive down Grand Street to Metropolitan Avenue and right into the heart of Queens. As for getting to Manhattan, the Williamsburg Bridge to the Lower East Side is right here and it is a short drive to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. and the Midtown Tunnel in one direction and Long Island in the other. And with fiver different subway lines, there will be one to take you to where ever you want to go in Manhattan, or the other way to Queens.

Take some time to visit Williamsburg and get a first hand look at the neighborhood. Stop in at the restaurants, visit the stores and be sure to visit the waterfront and see what has happened. If you are familiar with the old Williamsburg, you will be in for a big surprise.

If Williamsburg is the neighborhood that makes you feel like home, then it is time to look at the real estate. Take a close look at the samples below. The higher priced ones are on the waterfront with the great views. Compare the prices of the condos and co ops. You can get a larger co op for the same as you would pay for a smaller condo, basically because with a condo you actually own the apartment and can make renovations, while with a co op, you do not own the unit, you own shares in the corporation. This is where you have to decide what is important to you. And of course a lot depends on your budget. If you need more room, but the condos in your price range are small, then the co op is the right choice for you. If space is not an issue, the condo would be the best choice, based on the re sale value. Of course, you also have to consider your personal taste. It does sound complicated, but when you walk into the one place that is meant to be your next home, you will know it. Just be sure to look at as much of what is available in your price range as possible.

A studio Condo for $414,000

A studio Condo for $710,000

A one Bedroom Condo $369,990

A one Bedroom 2 Bath Condo $1,200,000

A Two-Bedroom Condo $415,000

A Two-Bedroom 2.5 Bath Condo $1,860,990

A Three-Bedroom 1 Bath Condo $785,000 three Bedrooms

A Three-Bedroom 2.5 Bath Condo $1,860,990

A Four-Bedroom 4 Bath Condo $725,000

A Four-Bedroom 3.5 Bath Condo $1,050,000

A studio Co-op $445,000

A studio Co-op $1,196,000

A two Bedroom Co-op $279,000

A Two-Bedroom 2 Bath Co-op $995,000

A Three-Bedroom 2 Bath Co-op $1,850,000

A Four-Bedroom 3.5 Bath Co-op $1,050,000


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