Commitment is a big word when it comes to relationships. Any long term relationship requires a certain level of commitment and honesty from all the people involved in the relationship. And it is this very concept that freaks out most people (who behave quite normally otherwise)! Why? Well, only the Holy Almighty, who created such complex dunderheads called human beings and gave them even more complex hearts, can tell…

So, what happens when a woman just hints her man about marriage? Why does she suddenly start resembling Osama Bin Laden to his eyes? Why does she suddenly become nothing more than a blabbering stupid bag of flesh full of weird ideas to him? (Its not a death warrant, is it?)

But seriously, a human mind works in complex ways. Many a times what we want to have is fun and a little enjoyment, but a serious relationship much more than that. It demands sincerity, respect, honesty and most importantly unflinching and devoted true love. And not everybody is ready to offer that. To check the honesty, a Sms tracker can be installed in the partner mobile phone. It will guide about the location of the partner to the person.

But at the same time, nobody wants to be single. No one loves the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day musing about some imaginary invisible valentine or spending New Year’s Eve watching other happy couples kiss. And so, youngsters resort to what we call “Flings”. A fling refers to a special kind of relationship where a couple gets to do whatever a normal couple does (aha! Ha..!) and enjoy all the cute little moments, but there are no strings attached. The moment they start feeling the pressure or things start going downhill, they may easily leave things where they are and move on with their lives.

Frankly speaking, the idea of a fling does not appeal much to the orthodox narrow minded section of the crowd. But, objectively viewing it is an excellent opportunity to have fun and enjoy all the excitement of a relationship, yet there is no pressure, no emotional hassles, and no commitment hassles involved. One may also see flings as a chance to actually come across someone they may want to be with for a long time, and hence find true love.

But it is only nice up to the point where it does not mess with others’ feelings and emotions. A fling, must be made clear, to both the partners in a relationship in the very beginning. Otherwise one may easily land up in an emotional wreckage, and end up hurting someone very badly too. And, it is very rightly said, “Hurt a lover, and you’ll pay the price.” So, as far as fun is concerned, it is all right and acceptable but the limits of the society and relationship norms and etiquettes must not be ignored else the consequences of something so casual and unimportant may be too dire to even imagine.

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