Vaping is the process of inhaling aerosolized e-liquid which is atomized through a heating element. Vape pens and similar devices are used for vaping and it is becoming quite the rage these days. Smoking is harmful for health but many people have sworn that vaping has helped them to reduce and even quit smoking completely. 

What is a vape pen/ e-cigarette?

The regular e-cigarette or vape pen has a mouthpiece, a heating element in its chamber, batteries and a chamber where the e-liquid goes. The e-liquid is aerosolized with the help of the heat produced and that smoke in inhaled by the user. The e-liquid may or may not contain nicotine, as chosen by the user and it also comes in various flavours. 

Improvement in technology of vape pens

The first e-cigarette came out in the year 1927. Today, the e-cigarettes and vape pens have undergone a lot of changes and developments. Around the mid 2000’s, e-cigarettes actually started becoming popular. Nowadays, with the help of new technology and better equipment, the experience of vaping has been improved and it also has reduced a lot of toxic chemicals which were being inhaled or exhaled previously. 

Here are some of the top revolutionary vaping technologies that has helped in keeping toxins at bay-

  1. Earlier, the user had to separate out the e-liquid from the cartridge. Now cartomizers have been introduced and that has made things easier. The cartomizer combines the atomizer and the cartridge so you don’t have to do anything manually. The cartomizer and tiny tube which has a filling. This absorbs the e-liquid and keeps it ready to get heated directly. Cartomizers are refillable too. 
  2. Clearomizers have also been introduced as a new technological addition to e-cigarettes. They have a tank that helps the user see how much e-liquid is left in the device. Sometimes people used to vape on an empty tank and that used to burn the filling. It also meant that one is inhaling unwanted burnt substances. Now when you know when your liquid is about to get over, you can stop and refill easily. 
  3. The vaping mod has simplified the battery part of a vape pen. The vaping mod basically delivers the charge needed by the atomizer. The current delivered to the atomizer helps in aerosolizing the -liquid. This mod helps in keeping the source of electricity separate from the e- cigarette. This is replaceable and overall, this helps in increasing the durability and use of your vape pen.
  4. New mouthpieces have also been introduced. These can be customized as well. The advanced mouthpieces help in better deliverance of the vapour and also eliminate possibility of leaving a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. If you invest in a good vape pen, from a reputed company, make sure that you choose a pen with a good, modern mouthpiece. It will radically change your entire experience of the inhalation process.

These are a few of the devices which have been upgraded for better user experience. They also ensure a level of safety in vaping which was not present before. 

If you are purchasing your vape pen online, make sure that you do so from licensed sellers. Check out the equipment they use and the kind of e-liquids they sell. If you are trying out vaping for the first time, you should find a beginner’s kit in most of these sites. For people who are switching to vaping to quit smoking, you need to choose the nicotine content on the basis of the number of cigarettes that you have been smoking. 

Make sure you have enough knowledge before you dive into all this, so always purchase from trusted sources.

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