There are thousands of games are out there that you can play with mates. In order to create a unforgettable moments then you will have to choose best games that is quite important. If you are organizing a house party or any social event then it is your responsibility to opt for the best game.

Majority of the folks are organizing the adult parties where they are using marijuana or weed. Therefore, they are adding some great weed related games. If you want to make the guest feel special then you should consider a genuine game. Make sure that you are choosing best games for the stoners. All you need to choose best games related to the weed and marijuana as well. Here is the list of best party games that you can add in the party.

  • Strip Choker

A lot of best party games are out there and Strip choker is one of them. You will able to play such fantastic game without mild nudity. It is considered as one of the great party game.  The rules of such incredible game are quite simple. Such fantastic game totally depends on the Marijuana and weed as well. You will have to choose a striper in the party who will strip down the underwear. Before playing the game, you should pay close attention on the main rules and regulations that is quite important.

  • Rock band

Internet is associated with a lot of fantastic adult games and Rock band is one of them. Just in case, if you got high then it would be better to add Rock band in the party.

  • Movie Time

If you are looking for the best game then it would be better to choose a best category of the movie. It could be horror, action or romcom as well. After that you will have to choose suitable set of the rules for the game.  If you are choosing a horror movie and someone gets killed then participants need to take the drag. A person should choose the movie as per requirements.  Make sure that you are opting for the best movie.

  • Grand Theft Auto

When it comes to something great game then Grand Theft Auto is first name that comes in our mind. It would be better to play such fantastic game with friends.  Try to start own weed empire in the game.

  • Mario KART 64

Nintendo is continually providing the party friendly games and Mari KART 64 is one of them. Majority of the folks are choosing a fantastic game in the parties.  Just in case, if they are getting hit from the bong so they smoking the marijuana or weed as well. Lastly, if they are getting the higher, the poor they are performing. If you are organizing any part for the adults then you will have to consider best games that will make the party more interesting and entertaining as well.

In addition, these are some highest-grossing game that is making the more interesting and adventurous as well. To be honest, you will have to choose some great games that will surely able to catch the attention of the guests. If possible then you should take the assistance of friends and opt for the best games.

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