Its spring time and people are now beginning their spring cleaning. This couldn’t be more important if selling your home is something you are planning to do.

When you walk into a fresh, clean, bright and sparkling home for sale, it makes the home so much nicer. It is very difficult for a potential home buyer to walk into a cluttered and dirty home. It is difficult to study the house. Windows that are dirty or that have items stacked on the window sills block the outside view. There are a few factors to focus on when you begin cleaning prior to potential buyers viewing your home.

Window cleaning is very important because they are a major focus in a home. The windows in the home must be clean. If you have high windows that are too high for you to reach, you should hire a window cleaner. If you think you can handle the job, here are a few insider tricks to very clean windows. Combine ¼ vinegar and cool water together in a spray bottle. Don’t use paper towels because they leave residue from the paper. You can roll up newspapers to wipe the windows. It may sound surprising but the print on the paper will not rub off on the window pane. Professional window washers use a strategic wiping pattern. Begin at the top of the window and wipe from top to bottom. On the sides of each window, rub from right to left. This will allow you to see streaks. When selling your home, it is important for the windows to be crystal clear for potential home buyers. This will allow the natural light to come inside and visibility to beautiful landscaping.

If you have damaged screens on any windows, they should be replaced. Small tears and damaged screens are worth replacing and repairing because home lookers will notice them. A spline roller can repair a screen. Poor screens on the windows make the appearance rundown, which will result in lower offers. You should also verify all air conditioning, heating, and HVAC systems are in good working order. A dirty filter can emit a thick layer of dust inside the home. Although dirt is not permanent, it is not appealing to potential buyers when selling your home. You don’t want people to have a poor impression about your home. Also, a dirty filter causes poor air quality and systems to run poorly also.

If there are any insect nests near your home, get rid of them. This includes bees, wasps, and hornets. Be sure they are professionally eliminated if you cannot. This is not a physical problem with the home but it is something that would make potential buyers uneasy about walking around the outdoors. This also includes pets. You might love your dog but many people do not feel comfortable with them. Put the pets in the backyard or out of the way when people are viewing your home. The Pasir Ris Central price will be paid through the buyer after viewing the furnished residential home. Along with the humans, pet should be comfortable in their homes.

Another thing you need to do when performing a clean up for selling your home is to clean soil. Heavy rain causes soil build up that often seeps beneath the home. This can be a problem. Rain is the reason soil moves, even on a small slope. It may not be visible but it can settle against the foundation of your home. Wash away this soil. Be sure to get rid of weeds around the driveway. If you have an asphalt driveway, look for cracks. Even a tiny hairline crack outdoors can cause a world of trouble. Repair these so they are not visible to the eye.

Homeowner Mary Kelley had a small crack between the home and the pool in the asphalt ground. She noticed a small green blade appearing emerging from the crack and thought it was grass. She later learned it was a palm tree growing up beneath the asphalt. She has had to snip the tree several times to get rid of it and it continues to grow back. Pay attention to the foundation when selling your home.

If you have a wooden fence, is it in good condition? If you have a wobbly fence, it could collapse if someone goes to sit on it. Be sure the fence is sturdy and in great shape. It may not even hurt to put a fresh coat of paint on the fence. Secure loose parts of a fence and replace any parts that are not repairable. Be sure wooden posts are not rotting in the ground. Weeds growing around wooden posts can trap moisture inside, which causes the moisture to penetrate the wood. This is how the wood posts rot. Remove weeds from around posts.

Always take care of spring cleaning items before you try selling your home. Your home should make a good first impression with a potential home buyer.

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