We all get used to occasional pains and aches that come with back pain but it is very unpleasant to suffer with severe lower back pain. There are a great many reasons to have this pain come on. You can feel pain if you lift something the wrong way, sleep in the wrong position, do too much at the gym or even if you sit for too long in one position. A bit of over the counter medicine, applying heat and resting can usually take care of these causes or pain. When these methods can not bring relief, you may have severe lower back pain.

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Suffering from sever lower back pain can cause more problems than just a bad back. You may feel depressed that you can not enjoy what you used to. Those with severe lower back pain can be dependent on antidepressants and even be more prone to suicidal tendencies. This source of pain and depression in your life can negatively affect you entire outlook on everything.

There are medical problems that can be the root cause of your severe lower back pain. You can sprain a muscle, have a pinched nerve, a slipped disc, or even muscle spasms that can lead to very intense severe lower back pain. Taking to the bed and swallowing pain pills does not have to be the only way to handle the situation. If you take the initiative to get to the bottom of the medical condition causing your severe lower back pain, then you can seek out effective treatment options.

You first need to distinguish with a medical professional whether you are dealing with a nerve or muscle problem. When a doctor asks you to best describe what you are feeling, they are determining whether it is nerve or muscle in origin. If it is nerve pain, it can feel like a sharp or shooting kind of pain. Muscle pain will be described more like an aching or throbbing feeling. The doctor will take the information in order to perform certain tests and treatment options.

There are a predetermined series of test the doctor may order such as a MRI. This can alert you to a torn muscle. An EMG will alert the doctor to any damage with the other muscles. To find out about any nerve damage or whether there is a pinched nerve, a nerve conduction study or a biopsy of nerves can also be done.

Once you go through the necessary medical steps to identify the root cause of your severe lower back pain can be treated by your doctor. Your doctor will typically prescribe a few rounds of physical therapy and medicine for swelling and pain. Over time, it may be necessary to have surgery. If you and your personal doctor feel your treatment is not fully helping to relieve your severe lower back pain, they will work with you to modify the plan of action. One bright spot for those suffering through severe lower back pain is the hope for effective treatment and cure that will get rid of all of your pain.